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Capsules, entomology study, authentic insects (30) - Transparent resin.

Collection of insects encapsulated in transparent resin, which is made up of thirty insects measuring 7cm.x4cm. in perfect condition, with the mentioned lot we will also deliver some insect collection magazines as a gift to the buyer. Please look at all the photos that are part


Rat Preserved in alcohol or formaldehyde - Rattus - 16×9×9 cm - 1

preserved adult rat, death by natural causes, rat himself is 7 years old and died in 2015. no discolorations. air and leak tight! has not had any illnesses during his life or after death. gender is male (you can also see this) Will be shipped in sturdy packaging so that it


Sea Jasper Round Beads Necklace from Indonesia Silver - Necklace

Sea Jasper Round Beads Necklace from Indonesia. Length - 65 cm. Item will be shipped by registered mail with tracking number.


NO RESERVE PRICE - Skull Art - Authentic hand carved black bull skull - Star Mandala motif - Carved skull - Bos Taurus - 50 cm - 53 cm - 15 cm

THE STORY. A hand-engraved large bull skull, engraved by craftsmen who passed the ancient art of engraving from father to son. The skull has been fully carved by hand with much care. It is an unusual, decorative piece. Engraved into the skull is a Star Mandala motif. Approximate


starfish nautilus cones shellfish - asterias rubens nautilus pompilius - 3×0×26 cm - CITES Appendix II - Annex B in the EU - 6

an asterias rubens starfish diameter 26cm half of a nautilus shell 16 cm and 4 different cones from the Indian Ocean all in perfect condition year 2000


Egg with Bee and Baltic amber - Amber - Succinite - 56 mm - 44 mm

Stunning decorative EGG with baltic amber stones and a honey bee - Symbol of stability, balance and wisdom. Honey bee and genuine amber stones (fossilized pine tree resin from Eocene) cased in the translucent polymeric resin Comes with the stand, as on photos. It is believed


Gemsbok - fine shoulder mount - Oryx gazella - 55×60×145 cm - Non-CITES species

Oryx/Spiesbok. horns 97 cm long. If you win multiple lots from us (provider: Samsshop), from the same auction, we will try to send them in 1 package and credit the excess shipping costs. this after consultation via the Catawiki message center. All our auctioned items are


Large Gemsbok Trophy Skull on Shield - Oryx gazella - 40×24×110 cm - non-CITES species

Oryx skull with horns of 83 cm long. horns are fixed to the skull, shipping is not possible with regular mail. If you win multiple lots from us (provider: Samsshop), from the same auction, we will try to send them in 1 package and credit the excess shipping costs. this after


African bushpig - Potamochoerus larvatus - 35×60×45 cm - Non-CITES species

vintage taxidermy. The photos are part of the description. Will be well packaged and shipped with care. Worldwide shipping


Silver Bracelet with Tourmaline Stone Silver - Bracelet Tourmaline

Material:Silver. Gemstone: Tourmaline. Condition: Excellent. Weight: 14.2 grams. Size: 26.5 cm. Craft Technique: Handcrafted. With Box and safe shipping. Will be well packaged and express courier(2-7days)


Meteorite Campo del Cielo ring / new 925 Sterling silver- 5.68 g - (1)

Ring Meteorite Campo del Cielo / new. 925 Sterling Silver. Campo Del Cielo meteorites are classified as coarse iron octahedrites, type IAB. This meteorite fall occured between 4000 and 6000 years ago. The first record of its discovery was in 1576 by a Spanish Captain named


Lango - 925 Silver - Necklace Coral

Beautiful dark red Mediterranean coral necklace set in 925 silver. Length of the necklace is 45cm. Total weight of the necklace 32 grams. Very good condition! Item will be shipped by registered mail with tracking number.


Butterfly Taxidermy full body mount - Papilio ulysses - 28.5 cm - 23.5 cm - 6 cm - Non-CITES species

frame 23.5 x 28.5 cm. Frames and bell jars are very well packed for shipping, Shipping different lots Belgium same price up to 10 kg. Shipping in the Netherlands up to 10 kg. same price. Shipping up to 3 kg. to Germany-Italy-Austria-Portugal-Spain same price. Shipping up to 10


New Zealand Paua shell ┼ mother of pearl shimmering ┼ Skeleton - Haliotis Iris - 35 mm - 123 mm - 57 mm

Stunning Haliotis Iris (Gmelin, 1791) super multicolored specimen / Paua shell / Mother of pearl shell / New Zealand shell / Abalone. Length 123mm. Depth 87mm. Height 35mm. Very good, flawless condition of this exceptional shell / snail, whose mother-of-pearl layer shimmers


Barnacle colony Sea shell - Balanus sp.

A captivating assembly of barnacles colony artfully presented on a sturdy metal support. This highly decorative piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship. Certain sections of the block and barnacles have been expertly bonded to reinforce the solidity of the ensemble. Perfect for


Sea Urchin Shells Sea shell - Various species

A splendid trio of sea urchins finely mounted on a metal base made especially for these three specimens. Highly decorative. Height on stand is 29.5 cm. Dimensions of the entire composition: 29.5 x 24.5 x 11 cm. Size of singles : 1= 11.5 x 10.8 x 7.7 cm 2= 9.1 x 8.8 x 6.4 cm 3=


Coral White - Acropora latistella - 330×300×150 mm

Coral is considered a true personality booster, it is good against fears and relieves psychological tension. Coral from pink to rust red, but also white and black, has a positive effect on blood formation and protects against infections. Stone: A++ twigs of white coral Acropora


petrified wood - Fossilised wood - diptocarpus

Beautifully handmade, very decorative slab with great colours. made from a Petrified Wood branch from a tree named Diptocarpus, a in the past ,common tree in Indonesia. Petrified wood is also named Stone Wood or Fossil Wood. This piece is carefully sourced and hand polished with


Butterly Display - Taxidermy wall mount - various non-CITES species - 14 cm - 53.5 cm - 2 cm - Non-CITES species - 1

5 butterflies. placed in list. Will be carefully packaged and shipped worldwide


Northern Giraffe neck bone (vertebrae) Bone - Giraffa camelopardalis (with Import Ref.) - 14 cm - 19 cm - 35 cm- CITES Appendix II - Annex B in the EU

giraffe vertebrae neck bone. photos are part of the description. comes with copy cites. If you win several lots from us (supplier: Samsshop), from the same auction, we will try to send them in 1 package and credit the overpaid shipping costs. this after consultation via the


Plains Zebra Skull - Equus quagga - 19 cm - 28 cm - 46 cm- Non-CITES species

Zebra schedel. zie fotos om de kwaliteit te beoordelen! Indien U meerdere kavels van ons (aanbieder: Samsshop), uit dezelfde veiling wint, zullen we trachten deze in 1 pakket te verzenden en de teveel betaalde verzendkosten crediteren. dit na overleg via het catawiki


Hunting trophy

1. Beautiful crow full body specimen mounted on tree branch with wall mount. Beautiful strong colors, no loss of feathers. A very lively preparation. Dimensions. Length. 40cm. Height. 24cm. Width. 15cm. Expert shipping


Apophyllite crystal cluster - Fluorapophyllite - 20×4.7×17.5 cm - 1

An impressive Apophyllite crystal cluster glistens in a delicate shade of mint green. Its numerous, intricately structured crystals create a captivating, shimmering surface that reflects light in gentle hues. This stunning crystal imparts a refreshing and calming ambiance to any


Skeleton Taxidermy full body mount - Magroglossus minimus 2 headed - 27 cm - 27 cm - 6 cm - Non-CITES species

frame 27 x 27 cm. The frames and bell jars will be properly packaged prior to shipping. Shipping Belgium of multiple lots for the same price up to 10 kg. Shipping Netherlands up to 10 kg, same price. Shipping up to 3 kg to Germany-Italy-Austria-Portugal-Spain-same price.


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