Fossil Triassic, Middle (247.2 - 237 million years) Fossils

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Fossil - Tooth - Carcharodontosaurus sp. - 8×2×0 cm

Very beautiful carnivorous dinosaur tooth 8 cm long. In good conservation. beautiful colors. Teeth in this condition are rare. This tooth comes from a collection. Shipping to European Union only


Amber - Mortality plate - retinite - 82×27×105 mm

Blue Amber of the Dominican Republic with Anolis (gecko) Fantastic sample with inclusion of vertebrate, a reptile of the Anolis family, very rare, a museum piece or for private collections. Dating: 25-40 million years. Weight:


Nautiloid - Sculpture / statue - Orthoceras sp. - 65×17×8 cm

Introducing a Spectacular Orthoceras Fossil! Prepare to embark on a journey through time as we unveil an incredible piece of Earth's history - the Orthoceras fossil. These remarkable creatures, now extinct, inhabited our oceans over 400 million years ago during the


Three different plates - Fossil mortality plate - Goniatite & Orthoceras - 16 cm - 19 cm

Three fossil pieces cut and polished in the shape of plates and trinket trays. These pieces have, among other things, inclusions of orthoceras and goniatites. These pieces are in good condition; Note: there is a small loss on the edge of the small black plate. The photos are part


Ammonite - Fossilised animal - Aioloceras (Cleoniceras) besairiei (Collignon 1949) - 17.5 cm

Stunning pearlescent ammonite – excellent iridescent shell colors. Excellent Aioloceras ammonites with the mother-of-pearl shell preserved. The iridescent colors are impressive and are hardly preserved. The copy has been prepared by both parties. Top quality copy. Ammonite


Nicely Preserved Large 11,1cm Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth - Cretaceous KemKem Beds - Fossil tooth

Scientific name: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Location: Taouz, South Morocco. Geological Formation: Ifezouane Fm. Age: Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage ( 96 million years) Size (long): 11,1cm. REF.: A37. DESCRIPTION: Outstanding specimen. Awesome enamel color. Incredible sharp


Finest Quality Fossil Crab (Macrophtalmus) - Pliocene Madagascar - Fossil skeleton

Scientific name: Macrophtalmus sp. Fossil Crab. Location: Mahajanga Province, Madagascar. Geological Formation: Mahajanga Pliocene outcrops. Age: Pliocene (5 Million years) Size (long): 15cm. REF.: A41. DESCRIPTION: This is a very aesthetically presented fossil crab


Finest Grade Large 12,9cm Basilosaurus (Whale Ancestor) Incisor Rooted Tooth - Fossil molar

Scientific name: Basilosaurus sp - Probably Pappocetus lugardi, Andrews 1920 (whale ancestor) - Incisor tooth. Location: Dakhla, Western Sahara, South Morocco. Geological Formation: Boujdour Basin, Middle-Late Eocene Phosphate Outcrops. Age: Middle - Late Eocene, Bartonian stage


Dinosaur - Fossil tooth - Spinosaurus aegyptiacus - 10 cm

Beautiful tooth of one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs that ever lived, The Spinosaurus. This tooth has a length of 10 cm. This very large and very impressive Tooth has a beautiful brown color. See photos for condition. The Kem Kem beds are geological layers from the


Baltic Amber - Ephemeroptera - Mayfly w. Mite, Acari & larva - Amber

Baltic Amber - Ephemeroptera 3 tails - Mayfly w. Mite, Acari & larva. (extremely rare offer) Size: 59 x 47 x 32 mm. Includes: 4-10 mm & 4 mm. Weight: 32.6g. If interested, I can send the buyer original JPEG images by email


Tyrannosaur - Fossil tooth - Hill County - Montana - USA !!!

A very beautiful Tyrannosaurus tooth from the. Judith River training. This formation is approximately 74 years old. million years, or about 8 million. years older than Hell training. Creek that produces the T-Rex!!! Family: Tyrannosauridae. Training: Judith River. Location: Hill


fossil conch shell - Nautilus Fossil - Cymatoceras species - 165×140×120 mm

Fossil Nautilus - Cymatoceras species. “Cymatoceras” is a genus of extinct cephalopods, described by Hyatt in 1884. They are known for their coiled shells and are part of the Cymatoceratidae family. These extinct marine organisms lived from the late Jurassic to the late


Fossil - Lycoptera - 14.5×10.2×0.4 cm

A pair of very beautiful fish fossils, Sizes 14.5x10.2x0.5cm and 14.3x9.2x0.5cm. Lycoptera is an extinct genus of fish that lived from the Lower Cretaceous, Barremian to Aptian. in present-day China, North Korea, Mongolia and Siberia. Although there are records of Jurassic


Pterosaur - Fossil tooth - Coloborhynchus sp. - 3.2 cm - 0.8 cm

Fossil. Large, rare tooth of a pterosaur Coloborhynchus. This had a wingspan of about three meters. If. Cretaceous Cenomanian ca. 100 million years. Length fossil approx. 32 mm. Location: Kem-Kem Beds, Morocco. The find comes from a collection liquidation


Ammonite - Fossilised animal - Aioloceras besairiei - 11.7 cm

Species: Aioloceras besairiei. Age: Cretaceous, Albian. Locality: Mahajanga, Madagascar. Measurements: 11.7 cm diameter. Weight: 0.44 kg. A very beautiful Aioloceras ammonite with most of the original nacreous shell layers (mother of pearl) preserved. Both sides have been


Set of 2 Large Spinosaurus Dinosaur Teeth Upper Cretaceous KemKem Beds - Fossil tooth

Scientific name: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Location: Taouz, South Morocco. Geological Formation: Ifezouane Fm. Age: Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage ( 96 million years) Size (The Biggest): 12,7cm Ref: A87. Impressive lot of two large Spinosaurus teeth. They have some glued


Ammonite - Fossilised animal - Desmoceras latidorsatum (MICHELIN, 1838) - 10.2 cm - 8.4 cm

Excellent Desmoceras ammonites with a very marked and showy suture line. This specimen has been polished to show its impressive colors. Selected specimen of superior quality. Ammonite measurements: 102 x 84 x 43 mm. Plastic stand included


pyritized ammonites - Fossilised animal - Amaltheus margaritatus (de Montford, 1808) & Pleuroceras solare (Phillips, 1829) - 85 mm - 75 mm

Excellent ammonites fossilized in pyrite. The ammonite has been prepared in the original matrix. Superior quality specimens. There are two Amaltheus specimens in one of the matrices and a Pleuroceras in the other. Pleuroceras measurements: 36 x 30. Matrix + Pleuroceras


rare and scarce specimen - Fossilised animal - Ectillaenus aff. parabolinus - 7.5 cm

Ectillaenus aff. parabolinus (Novák in Perner, 1918). It belongs to the Upper Ordovician and comes from the Taddrist formation in Aachich n'Ait Azza (Morocco). It has a length of 75 mm. It appears in the scientific book: Moroccan trilobites Ordovician. It is worthy of the best


Awesome Partial Elosuchus Maxillary Cretaceous Crocodile KemKem Beds - Fossil tooth

SPECIES Elosuchus cherifiensis, Lavocat 1955 - Partial maxilla. AGE Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage, (~96 Million Years) LOCATION Taouz, Kem Kem Basin, South Morocco. FORMATION Ifezouane Formation, Red Sandstone Beds. SIZE: 13 cm. REF. A178. The crocodile rests represent a


Fossil tooth - Fully Rooted Huge Sarcosuchus imperator Crocodile Tooth - Lower Cretaceous Elrhaz Fm

Scientific name: Sarcosuchus imperator, (Broin & Taquet, 1966) - Crocodile. Location: Gadoufaoua, Téneré Desert, Niger. Geological Formation: Erlhaz Fm. Age: Lower Cretaceous, Aptian/Albian stage ( 113 million years) Size: 12cm REF.: A179. DESCRIPTION: Here we introduce


Ammonite - Fossilised animal - Harpoceras falciferum - 17 cm

On stand. Name: Harpoceras falciferum (Sowerby) Age: Jurassic, Toarcian. Provenance: Airvault, France. The specimen measures 17 cm. Note the good conservation. The stand will come for free.


Sea Urchin - Fossilised animal - Gymnocidaris koechlini - 18 cm - 14 cm

Excellent fossil sea urchin in life position. The hedgehog and the radiolas have preserved the finest details and have been carefully arranged in a life position. The radiolas preserve the original color patterns. Fossil museum specimen with superior quality. Hedgehog with


Ammonite - Fossilised animal - Lytoceras polyanchomenum (GEMMELLARO, 1872) - 14 cm

Excellent ammonites that preserves part of the shell. The specimen has been prepared by both parties preserving the finest details. Ammonite measurements: 140 x 116 x 47 mm. Jurassic - Late Jurassic, Oxfordian (157.3 – 163.5 million years) - Andangovato, Madagascar


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