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Armand Marseille - antique doll - 1900-1909

Armand Marseille, 370, size 7 / 50 centimeters. Beautiful appearance. She has four inserted upper teeth, open mouth, a goatskin, jointed body filled with sawdust. She has sleepy eyes. Nice details; small red dots in the corners of her eyes, nose and the contours of the tops of


Silvertag - Bear Lola Bear - Unknown

Lovely Collectable silver tag bear


Mattel - Doll Barbie Giorgio Armani - 1990-1999 - France

Exclusive Barbie version Giorgio Armani. Limited edition unique copy. Previously sold for almost €1000


SFBJ Société de jouets er bébés Paris - Doll Poupée 301 - 1920-1930 - France

SFBI doll in wood and miscellaneous. Model: 301 glass paste eyes open and close, articulated hands, arms, feet and knees. Paris. Height 75cm. Weight 2kgs. missing hair, 3 missing phalanges see photos. Relaxed arm fixation elastic. A secure package will be made. The price is


Figurine - Antique Papier-Mache Harlequin Doll - Papier-mache - 1850-1900

Beautiful harlequin doll from the end of 19th century. Hand painted papier-mache head. Body stuffed possible with straws. Fabric with excellent patina and vivid colors. Stand not included. Dimensions : 28 x 11 cm. The lot will be well packed and sent with tracking number.


Qualität Trachten-Puppen - Doll - 1950-1960 - Germany

Collection Qualitäts Trachten-Puppen (8) - Hard plastic, fabrics - Germany - 1950-1959. Nice collection of 8 various so-called German costume dolls from the brand Qualitäts Trachten-Puppen from the 1950s. Some with original label and name tag. Status report: in good condition.


Ma Cousette - Toy Cousette - 1960-1970

Sewing machine toy “My cousette” manufacturer Jean Pallier. 2nd article: “Concorde” portable sewing machine from 1979, manufacturing warranty date O’clock bv hausmann Paris 8


Badpopje in bad, 1860-1880, Duitsland - Doll - 1850-1900 - Germany

Nice and very rare bath doll. Bath doll sits in a bathtub. The whole is in miniature form. It is 6cm wide, 4cm high and 4cm deep. very nice and cute and everyone who has the bath dolls from Nacktfrosch should have this nice and rare doll. I completely forgot I had it and came


Schuco - Motorbike Curvo 1000 - 2000-present - Germany

Tin Schuco Curvo 1000 in perfect condition, opened once to take photos. Limited edition of 2000 pieces with certificate. Includes instructions for use, key to wind.


Buschow en Beck: Minverva jongenspop met teddybeer outfit - Doll - 1920-1930 - Germany

Very special and rare boy doll from the manufacturer Buschow & Beck, who released the Minerva brand. Doll dates from 1920-1930, the era where experiments were often conducted with new doll and toy shapes. Minerva is known as a doll. This is a boy doll with a teddy bear outfit.


Mattel - Barbie doll Skipper/Barbie - 1960-1970 - Korea/Japan

2 beautiful old Skipper/Barbie dolls with original clothes. The doll with dark hair in a blue suit has creaky legs. Body cannot be rotated. Marked: 7 © 1963 Mattel Inc. Under both feet: Japan. Height 23 cm. The doll with blond hair in a green suit has creaking legs and a


Mattel - Barbie doll Oscar de la Renta - 1990-2000

Barbie is still in very good condition. Supplied without box. Including certificate


Mattel - Doll Barbie - SERIE “Grandi sitlisti” - 1990-1999

LOT 4 BARBIE great designers: 1) Barbie Diamond Dazzle by Bob Mackie (1996); Barbie Indingo Obsession by Byron Lars (2000); 3) Barbie Fantasy Goddess Of Asia By Bob Mackie (1998); 4) Fantasy Goddess Of Africa Bob Mackie (1999)


Mattel - Barbie doll 3424 - Country Camper / 2152 - Dining Room - 1970-1980 - Italy

Barbie Country Camper - Caravane by Mattel from 1979. With original box, without figures. The box has normal signs of wear but no serious damage. The car also has signs of wear. The front window is present, but the small pins that hold it in place have broken off, the window


mattel - 1.barbie puppe zum 35 jährigen jubiläum original verpackt - Figure - (1) - Plastic

in original verpackung,nie geöffnet,1. barbie zum 35 jährigen jubiläum,von mattel


Mattel - Barbie doll Barbie as Scarlett O’Hara - China

Starring Barbie as Scarlett O'Hara, Hollywood Legends Collection 12815


Ströbel & Wilcken - Doll - 1900-1909

Large German antique boy doll, 77 cm, from Ströbel & Wilcken. Still in beautiful condition! Bisque head marked: Kroontje S & W 125-10 Made in Germany 10 (next to the 10 a vertical original baking error of 2 cm) Blue, fixed eyes. Open mouth with 4 teeth. Articulated composition


Paris 301 - Doll

Lovely old French doll with antique white dress. On her neck it says Paris 301. Below it 12 (size is 70 cm). Head is made of composite, not porcelain, body is made of pressed papier-mâché. It is a graceful doll with a light tint. Her eyes move, see photos, and are sleepy eyes.


Huge (80cm.) Jumeau - Doll 24 R SFBJ. Paris 14 - 1900-1910 - France

Huge 80cm!! Beautiful Jumeau with brown human hair. Head: 24. R. SFBJ. Paris. 14. Details: - brown human hair. - blue sleepy eyes. - Open mouth, 4 upper teeth. The head is perfect. -unfortunately one finger is missing. The doll is dressed in a beautiful, antique white dress,


Boek Divers - Doll -WACHS PUPPEN - Das Grosse Puppenbuch - Puppen preisführer 1985/86 - 1987/88 - 1850-1900

A lot with 4 used Collectors books about dolls: Das Grosse Puppenbuch - Manfred Bachmann & Claus Hansmann - 1988-209 pages. Wachs Puppen - Mary Hiller - 1987 - 160 pages. Puppen Preisführer - Gisela Wegner -1985/86. Puppen Preisführer - Gisela Wegner -1987/88. Please take a good


Mattel - Barbie doll Pierre Auguste Renoir Reflections Of Light - 1990-2000 - China

Reflections of Light Barbie inspired by the paintings of Pierre Auguste Renoir, Limited Edition 23884


Unbekannter Hersteller - Grocery store, grocery store - 1920-1929 - Germany

The object is an antique merchant's shop from the period 1920 - 1930. Due to its small size (height 24 cm, width 20 cm, depth only 8 cm!) it fits anywhere and is therefore an ideal Christmas gift or a rare one Collectible. The shop is stocked with very rare collector's items


Zuid-Duits; staande Jezus pop, 18e eeuw - Doll - 1750-1800 - Germany

South German Jesus doll, can stand using a stand (not included). Body made of wood and wire. Head out of wax, with implanted hair. The halo is loose. Not attached to the doll's head. The head is mounted on a wooden pin that is inserted into the body. There is an opening at the


HEINRICH HANDWERCK/Simon Halbig 109 - Doll - 1900-1909 - Germany

Very beautiful German doll made by H. Handwerck, head made by Simon Halbig, mold 109. Head without cracks or restoration, sleepy brown eyes, pierced ears, body in articulated composition, some fingers repaired. She is wearing a magnificent old pink silk dress, all embroidered,


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