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Belgium 1861 - Leopold I - Medallion 9 - 1 centimes - with retouches and doubled frame line - OBP 9-V

Wonderful colour and margins. Enthusiast's price. Please see the photos


Belgium 1953 - Stamp booklets Princess Joséphine Charlotte - In both national languages - OBP 914A + 914B

OBP 2024: 320 euros


Belgium 1894/1938 - Series and partial volumes, with Coat of Arms, Caritas, small Montenez,... - OBP/COB tussen 68 en 487

Please view the photos carefully to form your own impression of the content and quality. The first photo shows an overview, the further photos show all stamps that belong to the lot. Mint mint without defects. List value: + €1,000.00. (capital gains not included)


Belgium 1928/1931 - Complete collection of newspaper stamps - OBP/COB JO1/18 + 19/36 + 37/40

The first scan shows the entire lot. The other scans show more details. These 3 series of newspaper stamps were issued in limited editions of 14,800, 10,600 and 9,600 series respectively. List value: €2,115.00 (OBP 2022). Registered shipping.


Belgium 1915/1933 - Selection of stamped stamps from better series including Red Cross, Orval Overprints, Sleeve - ex. OBP 150/163, 266A/K, 272A/K, 258A/266AA, 342/350, 363/374

Material not offered frequently


Belgium - POORTMAN issue from 1936 - 20F Orange Yellowish white gum - COB-OBP 435Aa

POORTMAN issue from 1936 - 20F Orange Yellowish white gum. COB-OBP 435Aa. Very good centering and nice nuance. Odds: €500. View scans to make your own impression


Belgium 2007 - Numbered Railway Block 'The Steam Age' - In original cover - TRV-BL11A

Edition: 700 pieces (delivered in original cover) See pictures


Belgium 1931 - Complete Volume incl. Kepi, Nurse, Corporal - OBP 315/332

Complete Volume. OBP 2024: 767.50 Euro. Lot in accordance with the content of the regular pages of DAVO. - Postage stamps. - Stamp from Block Corporal. See photos for a complete overview, the stamps and blocks depicted form the complete lot


Belgium 1861 - 10c Brown - Elongated medallion without watermark, edged - OBP/COB 10

Please view the photos carefully for your own impression of the quality. 3 wide edges, short on the right side but not incised, frame is intact (see detail scan). List value: €1,400.00


Belgium - Davo luxury album 2000/2006

davo luxe album I transparent crystal 2000 to 2006. either Leaves 170gr. F 235/266---B 63/102---239a---244ab. B 87/102 not crystal, F 255-57-58--4 B--C black. photo. Good condition


Belgium - Lot of 35 Belgium stamps / Type Houyoux Roi Albert / 1921'27

Series of 35 Houyoux / King Albert type stamps. New condition, without hinges


Belgium 2013 - the entire year

This concerns the basic year as provided in the DAVO LX album. MNH. see scans for details. the current Bpost postage value is €220. always registered shipping


Belgium 1937 - the complete volume with block and stamp from block - OBP/COB 446/465 + BL7

the complete volume with the block and stamps from the block. MNH. the first scan is the complete lot, the other in detail


Belgium 2000/2007 - Selection of 63 Mini sheets

See photos, All pieces presented. Shipping with tracking


Belgium 1918 - Issue Albert I and views - "Red Cross" - Complete series MOST FRIS - CERTIFICATE KAISER - OBP 150/163

OBP 2023: 4,000 + 50% = 6,000 EUR. Beautiful centers


Belgium 1864 - Proof Fine Beard - Plate proof adopted design 1fr Green in Block of 4 - Stes 2157

Indice 2: 100-200 EUR per copy (valuation -2009) See pictures


Belgium 1865 - medallion 10c dark brown - perforation 14½ - OBP/COB 14B

Please view the photos carefully for your own impression of the quality. Mint hinged stamp, with good centres. Made from one piece with Kaiser certificate. See indication in the photos. a copy of the certificate is included. List value: €937.50. (incl. centre)


Belgium 1952/1953 - Complete volume 1953 and East Cantons 1952 - OBP/COB 900/937

The first scan shows the lot. The following scans show more details. Catalog value €405.00 (OBP 2024). Registered shipping.


Belgium 1934 - Complete volume with series 'Ridder', Leopold III 'Invaliden' and others. - OBP/COB 384/403

View the scans for your own impression. Catalog value: €837.00 (OBP 2024), with no added value charged for well-centered stamps. Registered shipping.


Belgium 2000 - Luppi catalog for varieties (estimation system included)

Specialized work for the varieties of Belgian stamps in the FR language. In this edition, a stamp valuation system with variety is included! Extremely interesting documentation for specialized collections. Rarely offered for sale, good opportunity to seize! See the


Belgium 1970/1984 - Collection in Davo album III with cassette

Everything is shown in the 71 added images. The retail value of the empty album is more than €150. Registered shipping.


Belgium 1911 - Caritas series with imprint 1911 - OBP/COB 92/99

Please view the photos carefully for your own impression of the quality. Note: OBP/COB 93 with weather stain on gum side. List value: €2,635.00


Belgium 1993 - 2 sheets limited editions BD Natacha Walthéry COB 2528

Lot of 2 superb sheets by Natacha, both in limited edition, rare and superb. A must for fans of Walthéry and Natacha, very rarely offered for sale! See the scans/photos to form your own idea. Secure delivery with tracking


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