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Dutch East Indies 1864 - William III, 2 values. - Yvert N. 1

The images provide a clear impression.


Niue 1985 - Niue 1985 - Birds - Retailer selection of 20 Yvert series # 464/468 c/v €600

See photos, Cote yvert (2008) €600. Shipping with tracking


Belgium - Pierre Luppi varieties project

December 2011 premature death of the late Pierre Luppi, the greatest specialist to date in the variety on Belgian stamps, several friends and collaborators inspected thousands of stamps with a view to a new catalog project for the end of 2013 beginning of 2014 it should have been


France 1935 - Menu of the Liner “Normandie” - Inaugural Voyage of June 2, 1935 - Le Havre New York, SUP and RARE

Menu from the SS Normandie liner for Sunday June 2, 1935 in French and English, of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique French Line, Edition Atlantique, on cardboard, in good condition (1935) as in the photos. Open format 42 x 27 mm. Menu designed especially for this trip


Italian Republic 2023 - Aeronautics leaflets

Italian Republic, 2023 Joint Air Force issue N 2 sheets + N 1 sheetlet 6 values Sticker, Italian issue only 3 pieces (the two sheets are slightly folded on the back as shown in the photo), complete detailed photos of what you will receive, the offer you make is based on what is


Netherlands 1923 - Government jubilee Wilhelmina - NVPH 130 + 131

View the photos for your own impression. Catalog value €500 (NVPH 2023) Registered shipping.


France 1903 - Exceptional - n°133 - 30 centimes Lilac - mint without hinge - Yvert et Tellier

Exceptional - n°133 - 30 centimes Lilac - mint without hinge. rating 550 euros


Netherlands 1952/1954 - Nine FDCs/covers - NVPH E7, E8, E11/E16

8 1st day envelopes and Riebeeck cover. Please view all 6 attached photos to get a good impression. Envelopes are sent by registered mail.


Portugal 1947/1957 - 4 complete series - Michel 706/713, 714/719, 725/729, 856/859

MNH with original gum. See the images, including in detail, for a good impression. List value €530.00 (Michel 2015). Registered, well-packaged shipping.


Portugal 1947/1957 - 4 complete series - Michel 714/719, 788/791, 850/853, 856/859

MNH with original gum. See the images, including in detail, for a good impression. Catalog value €450 (Michel 2015). Registered, well-packaged shipping.


Spain 2000/2002 - Selection of complete series and block sheets.

Spain 2000/2002 - Selection of complete series and block sheets. New without seal fixer. The entire lot is photographed, please view the images carefully to form your own impression of what you will receive. Shipping with tracking.


France 1854/1873 - Collection of stamps & on letters called "blue" Type Napoleon, Ceres for studies Varieties, tint - Type & Oblitération (dont belles & rares ) Forte Cote Yvert

CLASSICS 1854-173: Important lot of "BLEU" Type Napoleon & Cérès, for study nuances, Type & cancellations (including beautiful & rare + 16 old letters franked with "blue"). Strong Rating Y&T ++ // All states, TB to Obli & 2nd choice //. See photos for better overview (you get


World 1855/1900 - Very old nice stamps frome Asia

Malay 1900. Straits Settlemans 1866-1899. Siam 1880. Ceylon 1872-1890. Phillips e 1877-1900. India rare stamps 1855-1882 Chamba state. Jind state Rittala state. Gwalior. Bhopal. Labuan. Travangor. For better decision please check the photos ! Stamp frome Asia Very good


Monaco - Full year 2010 of Monaco in NEW ** VF

Good morning, We are offering the complete 2010 Monaco in NEW ** without hinges. Stamps in VF/SUP condition. Sending on a plate.


British Commonwealth 1860/1970 - Large GB & Commonwealth Accumulation. Inc High Values, Mint QV, Sets etc. CV £1200+ 49 Pics.

Useful British & Commonwealth collection ranging from early QV issues (St. Vincent SG42 mint c£110), Mint & used Straits Settlements with values to $5, wide range of early definitives (Mauritius, Grenada, Cayman Islands, Sierra Leone, Leeward Islands, Samoa, India, Various


Spain 1850 - 6 quarts black. Block of 4. - EDIFIL 1

Isabel II, 6 black rooms from 1850, building 1 in a block of four. Types 22, 23, 4 and 5. The type 22 with the Guezala variant no. 20.


Spain 1850 - 6 quarts black. Strip of 3 on fragment. - EDIFIL 1A

Isabel II, 6 black quarters from 1850, edifil 1A in a strip of three, types 29, 30 and 31. About fragment.


Guinea - RARE batch of 21 varieties.

Rare lot of varieties with upside down, doubled, missing cancellations and with off-set or missing perforations.


Comoros 1975 - unissued series, rating €1000. RARE. - Yvert 104A/104B**

Deluxe MNH stamps.


France 1977 - Sabine complete series without phosphorus, Signed Calves price 2000€ RARE. - Yvert N°1962/1979

Series in blocks of 4 leaf edges. All the stamps in the series are signed Calves. Cote, 2021 “Yvert et tTellier”. 2000€


Belgium 1949 - Jacob Jordaens the 2 stamps from the painting "So the old songs, squeak the boy" on maximum card - OBP 793/4

Everything is depicted. Not very common maximum card with a painting by Jordaens that hangs in the Center for Fine Arts in Antwerp. With special stamp during the 1949 medical days in Brussels. Presumably purchased by a doctor who participated in the medical conference.


Belgium 1978 - complete series of complete stamp booklets, imperforate, rare - OBP B 14/15

Please look at the scans for the best impression. The first photo gives the overview, the next the details. Complete imperforate booklets are extremely rare! Cat value: €220 (OBP 2023) and severely undervalued! Registered shipping.


Belgium 1990/2011 - a few fish and a strip of Klussendorf without nominal value, very rare - ATM80 & 131A

Everything is depicted. These vending machine stamps without face value overprint are rather rare. Probably from testing with the new machines or temporary ones. shortages of the printing ink that had to print the chosen value. Registered shipping.


France - 1st CERES issue - 1852 - No. 4b, only on letter, 25 c. blue . Silent Star Stamp. - Yvert 2023

1st CERES issue - 1852 - No. 4b, only on letter, 25 c. blue . Silent Star Stamp. Very beautiful letter, stamp with beautiful margins, very beautiful nuance, very good condition. Signed Del Balzo. Estimated value: €370


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