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Bose - 321 Serie II Hi-fi set

Hi-Fi set from Bose in new condition, making it a great opportunity. Many connections are possible. This means that any TV can be connected to it, so that the sound will be played over the stereo. The player plays everything without any problems. It is possible to connect a


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SD Systems - LCM 85 MKII - Microphone System for Wind Instruments - Condenser microphone, Microphone preamplifier

SD Systems LCM 85 MkII - Professional Universal condenser microphone for various wind instruments. * For trumpet, trombone, sax, etc. * Cardioid characteristic. * Transmission range 20 - 20,000 Hz. * Impedance 200 Ohm. * Sound pressure 139 dB SPL max. *Incl. corresponding LP


Bang & Olufsen - BeoSound 2500 - BeoLab 2500 - Multiple models - Active Loudspeakers, Hi-Fi set

BeoSound and BeoLabs 2500 active Full set in good condition and equipped with AUX, and serviced by B&O specialist. For sale is an Icon consisting of a CD, tuner and preamplifier, all of this is hidden behind 2 doors that open and are illuminated by 4 lights when you command


Nagra - SN - Portable Tape recorder

In working conditions. comes with instruction manual


Amcron - DC300A Solid state power amplifier

Nice sounding, used output stage, Amcron DC300A (Crown) tk. Collection, can be listened to here. Thing weighs quite a bit, difficult to transport. Comes in 19" rack.


Telefunken - HR800 - Hi-Fi set

The device is in perfect condition, the front is silver, the rest is black. 4 speakers can be connected. There are other connections, see photos. Dimensions 44 cm long, 28 cm wide, 10 cm high. Packaged with tracking and shatterproof. No instruction manual


Sennheiser - EW 112P G4 A-Band - Diverse equipment (see description)

Sennheiser EW 112P G4 A-Band - Professional Audio. Used for just 25h. Wireless omni-directional lavalier for performers, speakers and reporters. Providing the highest flexibility for outdoor shoots and field recordings. In the Box: EK 100 G4 camera receiver. SK 100 G4 bodypack


Erres - KY567M Radio

Beautiful Erres tube radio from 1956 in a maple wooden cabinet with birch wood accent and copper piping. Wave ranges: FM: 101 - 86 MHz KG: 15.5 - 52 m MW: 186 - 580 m LG: 1000 - 2000 m. Dimensions: Width: 558 mm. Height: 365 mm, Depth: 242 mm, Weight: 15 kg. New tuning eye EM80.


Arcam - amplifier, tuner, cd player, speakers - Hi-Fi set

I offer this superb, hi fi system comprising, an Arcam A80 amplifier, Arcam DT 81 digital radio tuner, Arcam CD73 compact disc player, complete with cables, remote handset and manuals. The sound is crystal clear from the beautifully engineered stack. The three units, together


Urei Soundcraft - 1605 Mixing console

Beautiful Soundcraft Urei 1605 mixer. Perfect functioning. In very good condition, a few minor scratches. 19'' rackable, supplied with power cord. 4 fully functional stereo channels. Each has selectable inputs from Mic, Phono and Line connections. Phono inputs are


SABA - Lindau Tube radio

Welcome! A tube radio from SABA Model Lindau is offered. This vintage radio is not only a functional device but also a nostalgic piece that captures the charm of bygone times. -Made in Germany. -Dimensions: height 20cm x width 51cm. -Stock number: LK 012. -in good overall


Grundig - 96 M Tube radio

Welcome! A tube radio from Grundig Model 96 M is offered. This vintage radio is not only a functional device, but also a nostalgic piece that captures the charm of bygone times. -Made in Germany. -Dimensions: height 20cm x width 36cm. -Stock number: LK 013. -in good overall


WURLITZER - 750 - Jukebox - Multi Selector Phonograph Jukebox

Stunning WURLITZER 750 jukebox, restored and working, made in USA. Technical data: - 24 selections. - 78rpm. - Mono sound. - Year of production 1941. - dimensions 81x150x66 cm, weight 155 kg. Splendid and fascinating, restored and recovered in full totality. The amp was redone,


Philips - 510A Tube radio

Welcome! A Philips 510A tube radio is offered: This vintage radio is not only a functional device, but also a nostalgic piece that captures the charm of bygone times. -Made in Germany. -Dimensions: height 27cm x width 37cm. -Stock number: LK 030. -in good overall condition,


Columbia Grafonola - no 100 78 rpm grammophone player

Gramophone Columbia. Columbia graphophone company ltd, London, England. Viva-Tonal Columbia Grafonola Lizzardskin. Model Nº 100. Pat Number: 264263. Rarely offered. Powerful spring and sensitive needle. Box of needles included.


ILSE TONMOBEL - Shaub-lorenz - Dual - Multiple models - Tube radio

ILSE TONMOBEL vintage cabinet with radio, turntable and retractable speakers, radio model goldsuper stereo 40 Type 93254/55 Dual 1011 turntable complete with all original documents, excellent condition


Westinghouse - H-126 Refrigerator or Little Jewel Tube radio

Westinghouse radio model H126 also called refrigerator or little jewel. Radio has six tubes: 12SK7, 12SA7, 12SF7, 12SJ7, 35L6 and 35Z6GT. Operates on 105 to 125 Volts AC!! Radio has traces of use, scratches in the paint. Medium wave only. Device receives noise but no channels,


SONORA - SUPER 7 - F3 Tube radio

Very stately French and fairly rare Art-Deco radio (1932-1933), completely restored and converted for daily use. Cabinet completely varnished, re-stained and finished with clear high-gloss lacquer. Brass parts and buttons are polished and protected with ditto lacquer


Minerva - Cornette 300A Tube radio

Due to illness I am selling some of my radios. In this way I hope to please a number of fellow collectors in their search for special copies. This is a radio from the initial production in 1934: serial number 1120. When switched on, the scale lighting of the radio immediately


SBR - 951A Tube radio

SBR radio manufactured in Brussels, Belgium in 1951. The housing is made of brown bakelite. Radio is in working condition and I sell this radio because I can no longer sustain this hobby unfortunately. Specifications: - Tubes 5: UCH41 or UCH42 UF41 UAF41 UL41 UY41 or UY42. - 6


Cameraphone - Reisgrammofoon 78 rpm grammophone player

Offered is a very nice small travel gramophone from the Cameraphone brand. Made in England around 1925. This collapsible gramophone is suitable for playing 78 rpm records. This Cameraphone has a powerful spring motor and plays an entire record with ease, as you can see in our own


Decca - Koffer Grammofoon 78 rpm grammophone player

Offered is a very nice Decca Suitcase Gramophone. This beautiful suitcase gramophone has a metal chrome horn in the lid. This gramophone was made in England around 1930 and is in very nice condition, it plays fine as you can see and hear on our own You-Tube channel:


Bose - 301 series 4 - Passive PA speakers

Beautiful set of Bose 301 Series IV in a very beautiful rosewood wood motif, very rarely offered and therefore a great opportunity, especially in this beautiful condition. The speakers sound as they should, a beautiful full sound thanks to the 8-inch woofer and the 2


Marantz - MR 2021 - Hi-Fi set

The MR 2021 has not been played for about a year, now with testing everything works, except the CD player sometimes falters. I think because of the long time it hasn't been used. For the connoisseur, I think, just make the guide rails common. The original speakers are included,

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