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Bang & Olufsen - Beogram 2400 Palissander/Teak - Turntable, Turntable cartridge with stylus

Beogram 2400 T5722 Record Player + MMC 20S Needle. Manufactured: 1979-1980. Designer: Jacob Jensen. Colours: Rosewood/Teak wood. The Beogram 2400 has a nice design, with a sloping dust cover, and the control buttons outside this dust cover. The functions are illuminated by a


Fisher - MT-6250 - Turntable

Fisher MT-6250 in very good condition. Everything works as it should. It is equipped with a high-quality element: ADC XLM MK||| Technical data. Type: fully automatic turntable. Motor: 120-pole linear quartz, phase-locked loop. Drive: direct drive. Rocking and fluttering:


Philips - CD850 CD player

Philips CD850 compact Disc Player. It works perfectly. Includes non-original remote control. The device shows some signs of wear and some imperfections visible in the photographs. Disc format: CD. Digital converter: 2 x SAA7321GP, bitstream. CD mechanism: CDM-4/19. Frequency


Thorens - TD 127 - SME 3012 R - Turntable

An exceptional and rare turntable from the Swiss Thorens brand, first hand, produced in very few copies. It runs perfectly with a speed regulated by an electronic stomboscope. The base is mahogany with just two tiny marks on the top. It is equipped with: a rare SME 3012 R


Technics - SL-QL1 - Turntable

Technics, SL-QL1 tangential arm vinyl turntable in excellent condition


Tivoli - Model One Radio

Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM Radio in White/Silver. + Dimensions: 21.3x11.4x13.3 cm. + Weight 1.86kg. + Telescopic antenna. + Power Cord (included) + 12 VDC/800mA: possible. + FM Antenna switch for internal and external reception. + Headphone jack. + Aux connection. +Rec,,


Pioneer - SG 90 Stereo graphic equalizer

If you want to have fun varying the sound of your playback system, this is the right item. This wonderful graphic equalizer from Pioneer, despite its age, is an extremely valid device. I attach the basic characteristics. Specifications: Output Level: 1V. Gain: ±0dB. Frequency


Pioneer - A 60 Solid state integrated amplifier

Pioneer with the A series at the time had redesigned the way of offering the public a pleasant sensation when listening to music. This machine delivers a power of 100 Watts per channel and does not suffer from the load to drive. Specifications: Power output: 100 watts per


Sony - STR-232L Solid state stereo receiver

Sony STR-232L stereo receiver from 1979. Optically in almost new condition, not a scratch or dirt visible. As if it came fresh from the store. The attractive green/yellow scale lighting in combination with the brushed aluminum front with aluminum buttons give this vintage


Philips - 22GA212 Turntable

Philips 212 electronic record player. The Philips 22GA212 turntable, known simply as the Philips 212, is considered one of the best turntables Philips has ever made and has achieved something of a cult status in the eyes of audio enthusiasts and collectors. This is due to the


NAD - C 422 Tuner

The NAD C 422 is an AM/FM stereo tuner known for its high performance and easy operation. With the C 422 you can enjoy crystal clear radio broadcasts with good signal reception. It has a user-friendly design with a clearly readable display and simple buttons to navigate through


Unknown - Philips Replica Transistor radio - Multiple models

Everything is working and intact but at the moment there is no contact. I don't touch it but I think it's a small thing. Measurement: width 27cm x 24cm height and 12.5cm depth. Very good condition. The photos are an integral part of the description. Shipping costs are set in


Onkyo - C-7030 CD player

It is offered, a CD player. the Onkyo manufacturer. Onkyo Corporation is a Japanese company specializing in the production of high-quality audio products. The brand was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1946 and has built a reputation for premium audio equipment over the years.


Marantz - PM230 - SD230 - ST320 - Cassette deck, Integrated amplifier, Tuner

Marantz PM230. Stereo Pre-Main Amplifier. Power Output: 30W into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency Response: 10Hz to 40kHz. Distortion: 0.05% Damping Factor: 50. Speaker Impedance: 4Ω (minimum) Input Sensitivity: 2.5mV (mm), 150mV (line) Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB (mm), 90dB (line) Line


Technics - SL-5 - Direct Drive - Tangentiale - Turntable

Nice compact tangential Direct Drive turntable from Technics from 1982. This record player is in beautiful condition. The hood can always use a cleaning. It is a fully automatic record player: with the push of a button the turntable starts and the arm automatically moves to the


Saba - RCR 354 - 4 Bands Portable radio

Beautiful Saba RCR 354 Portable Radio/Cassette Recorder from 1972. In Black/Chrome-colored PVC (Wood Look) housing. With signs of use. 4 Wavelengths KW/MW/LW and Fm. Good Reception on all Wavelengths. Antenna height 82 cm. Cassette recorder with 2 heads: 1 x Record/Playback, 1 x


Akai - 4000DS Reel to reel deck 18 cm

Beautiful tape recorder from Akai. Type 4000DS. Plays, rewinds and records. In beautiful condition. See photos for the optical condition. The speed van is also included. Comes with the original manual. Specifications. Track system: 4-track, 2-channel, stereo/mono system.


Lenco - L78 serviced and reconditioned Turntable

Classic and legendary L78 idler wheel turntable in all black finish The Lenco L78 was the top of the line Lenco turntable, based on the famous L75 but with automatic shut off function (can be switched back to manual) and an improved decoupling system with four heavy springs


Pioneer - PD-204 CD player

Specifications. Disc format: CD. Digital converter: PD2026B. CD mechanism: PEA1291. Frequency response: 2 Hz to 20 kHz. Dynamic range: 96dB. Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 102dB. Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003% Line output: 2V. Dimensions: 420 x 101 x 267mm. Weight: 3.1kg. The CD


Bose - Studiocraft 200 ST - ML2 (BLK) Speaker set

The iconic Bose Studiocraft 200ST (BLK`0 . Step back in time and embrace nostalgia with the legendary Bose Studiocraft 200ST - from 1980, available in a black finish. This vintage beauty not only brings back memories, but also delivers an audio experience that has stood the test


Rega - Planar 2 - Turntable

Brand new white Rega Planar 2 turntable. Used only for an hour, as I checked that everything works. Comes with original box and manuals. #ExclusiveAudiophile


Marantz - SD-255 Audio-cassette deck

Very good sounding Marantz! All functions tested, spins, plays and records good. Heads cleaned and demagnetized. Speeds are tested fine also. Front is excellent, but on top are scratches. Type: double compact cassette deck. Track System: 4-track, 2-channel stereo. Tape Speed:


Technics - SL-1310 MK II - Turntable

Imposing Technics SL-1310 MkII spins full automatic discs in good condition and in full working order. Shure SC35C cell with new original needle included. Aesthetically, there are signs of use and age, please check the photos carefully, they are part of the description.


Philips - 406 Automatic - Turntable

A Full Automatic Philips 406 DC servo belt drive turntable with original Philips 400 and Gen II stylus, stylus protector also included for extra protection, very decent weight with good anti shock system, fully Automatic with 33rpm and 45rpm selection, one click of the button you


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