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MOD MEAUX ARGIT Moët & Chandon - Champagne cooler (1) - Pampres de Vignes No reserve Price - metal

Magnificent metal champagne bucket, decorated with vine branches, 2 ring handles decorated with grapes, Maison Moët & Chandon, MOD Meaux Argit goldsmith, excellent general condition. Weight: 760g. Height: 20.5cm. Diameter: 18cm. “Wine cooler, basin, kitchen utensils, wine


Wine cooler - Nickel Plated

Cooler, for one or two bottles, in oval shape for champagne or wine bottles with engraved text from Lily Bollinger and Napoleon Bonaparte on two sides. "I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate..., and I drink Champagne when I lose to console myself" Napoleon Bonaparte"...


Pinelake LODGE - Double Champagne cooler (1) - Silver-plated

Very nice double silver-plated Champagne or wine cooler. Pine lake LODGE (I think) is engraved at the bottom of the cooler, as well as a moose-shaped logo. That makes me think that it may have come from a lodge somewhere in the nature of Norway, Sweden or Finland. Presumably


Moët & Chandon - Champagne cooler (1) - Nickel Plated

Champagne- or wine cooler for 4 bottles. With holder for bottles on top. With text on front and back " Moët & Chandon Champagne - fondé en 1743 ". Width 36 cm. Height 28 cm. Weight 4,2 kg. Bottles do not belong to the lot. Will be carefully packed and sent by insured and


Champagne cooler (1) - Copper

Beautiful antique Champagne cooler made of copper. Very nice details such as the lion paws on a ball and the lion heads on the cooler. In very good condition. The cooler is from the 1800s and therefore has some small, non-disruptive spots here and there. Overall it is a charming


Charles Heidsieck - Champagne cooler (1) - Aluminium, Steel, Chrome plated

Well-preserved champagne cooler, Charles Heidsieck, Reims. Front and back with emblem. Chrome-plated, side carrying handles. Height just under 21 cm. Top diameter 20 cm, bottom diameter 14 cm. Minimal signs of wear, see photos


Wine cooler (1) - Verzilverd

Silver-plated champagne cooler with monogram and name "Louis Roederer Fonde en 1776". Scalloped edge. Diameter 18 cm. Height 24 cm. Weight 1.3 kg. Will be carefully packed and sent by insured and registered post, or can be picked up in Zeist (Holland). Bottle and


Champagne cooler, Ice bucket, Winecooler - Neoclassical - Silver-plated

Beautiful wine or Champagne cooler in silver-plated metal. Of English origin, probably from the 1950s. The handles are stylized as lion heads with a ring. Furthermore, the design is sober and elegant. The piece is in excellent condition. See photos for a good impression of the


Verzilverde Medicis Champagnekoeler met sierlijke kraag & oren met mooie rocaille versieringen - Champagne cooler - silver plated

Silver-plated champagne cooler / ice bucket. Model Medicis with elegant collar & ears with beautiful rocaille decorations in high relief. Very elegant for an elegantly laid guest table. Made of silver-plated metal. Height approx. 24.5 cm. Collar diameter approx. 23 cm.


Sant Andrea - Champagne cooler - Mid-Century Modern - Silver-plated

Splendid champagne or wine bucket, entirely silver plated by Sant Andrea. The bucket can comfortably hold two bottles. More than excellent condition, with very few signs of use and aging. Dimensions: height 23 cm. mouth diameter 25 cm. base diameter 16 cm


Christofle Paris - 4 Vorspeiselöffel (Länge: 16,9cm) - Modell: 'Marly' - hervorragender Zustand - Spoon - Silverplate

These four appetizer spoons are offered by the Christofle brand from Paris, France. This is the popular 'Marly' model. I would describe the condition of the cutlery as excellent. The bowls have no major scratches/signs of wear. Please look at the pictures - the condition is


Christofle, 24 couteaux - Cutlery set for 12 (24) - Modèle Vendôme Coquille - 12 couteaux de table - 12 Couteaux entremet - Silver-plated

Set of 24 Christofle knives. 12 table knives 24.5cm. 12 Dessert knives 20cm. Model - Vendôme Shell. Excellent condition, barely used with minimal signs of wear


Christofle - Table service (36) - Ensemble de couverts - modèleTalisman - Silverplate

CHRISTOFLE cutlery (TALISMAN model - Chinese lacquer cloisonné) - 6 table knives. - 6 table forks. - 6 table spoons. - 6 dessert forks. - 6 dessert knives. - 6 teaspoons. - 6 gray fabric cover pouches - anti-oxidant - Christofle (value: 209 euros) This cutlery combines silver


Christofle - Charger plate (4) - Silverplate

A silver-plated charger plate and 3 silver-plated cutlery pieces from the famous French cutlery factory: Christofle in the classic model: Perles. This factory is known for their models, manufactured with the utmost care and strict quality controls. The bottom plate has a pearl


Christofle - Serving spoon (12) - Silverplate

6 forks and 6 tablespoons. Weight 1,700kg. Silver metal Christofle shell model


Christofle - Cutlery set for 12 (116) - Conchiglia - Silver-plated

The Christofle Coquille Cutlery Set is a culinary work of art that combines timeless elegance with high-quality craftsmanship. This 116-piece set is designed to meet the needs of 12 people and offers an extraordinary dining experience. The set is silver plated, giving a


Christofle - Fish serving set - Ensemble de 12 couteaux à poisson modèle Spatour - Silverplate

Set of 12 Christofle Spatour model fish knives in silver metal. Length: 19.6cm. Beautiful shine. Sold without box. Christofle is a French goldsmithing and tableware company, founded in Paris in 1830 by Charles Christofle. The company is known for having introduced electrolytic


Christofle - Cutlery set (47) - Bestek 6-persoons + opdienbestek in originele bestekdoeken, model Versailles - Silverplate

Heavy silver-plated 6-person / 42-piece cutlery + 5x serving cutlery from the renowned maker Christofle, model Versailles. Model Versailles is a beautiful timeless design. The cutlery comes in 2x original Christofle cutlery cloths, ideal for storing the cutlery neatly and so that


SOFAFILS, - Limoges - Tureen - Realist - Gold, Porcelain - Modèle " Raclette t",SOFAFILS, Europeen - Véritable Porcelain

Tureen, in French porcelain from the mid-20th century of fine porcelain signed SOFAFILS, Limoges. It is of great quality, it is made of white porcelain with an original detailed food pattern. Excellent condition, like new. Tureen from the French company Limoges. . You can read


Christofle - Spoon (12) - Albi - Silver-plated

box of 12 mocha spoons of the ALBI model from christofle. good condition, nice shine. Careful delivery, the cutlery will be ready for use. length:10cm. the ALBI collection represents, according to the Christofle house, French elegance. The ReveLibre store offers you all the


Tureen, Legumier, Table Service - argenté - - Louis XV Style - Silver-plated, Silver

Soup / legume with support - Louis XVI style - vegetable plate in silver metal Louis XV style, lid with contoured edges with button handle. decoration gallonada- First half XX century.High quality - Christofle Style — highlight and punching of goldsmith authenticity in base.


Christofle Luc Lanel - Cutlery set (149) - Boreal - Silver-plated

The Christofle Boréal Cutlery Set is an elegant and luxurious collection of tableware that combines the refined aesthetics of Art Deco with Christofle's expert craftsmanship. This set embodies the essence of luxury and sophistication, offering an unparalleled dining experience.


Christofle - Knife rest (11) - Silver-plated

11 Art Deco silver-plated knife holders from the French goldsmith Christofle. Rocaille style in silver metal, for the Christofle house. There are slight traces of use without this affecting the quality of the whole (see photos). Good quality table accessories in good condition.


Christofle - Knife rest (12) - Silver-plated

beautiful knife rests in the Art Deco style by Christofle, silver plated, very good condition with original box with slight damage, 7x3cm, French with stamp


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