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Sculpture, large neighing horse - Length 60 cm - bronzed metal - Second half 20th century

Splendid sculpture depicting a neighing horse. The sculpture is 46 cm high. Head tail length 60 cm. It weighs 7.5 kg. It has a small scratch on the horse's belly on the left side. The sculpture is in bronzed metal. Provenance from an important private collection. Happy bidding


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D'après Canova - Sculpture, The three Graces - Marble - First half 20th century

Italian marble sculpture represents The Three Graces, first half of the 20th century.


Support shelf - Iron (cast) - Second half 20th century

Beautiful old bookends. Dimensions: Length: 19cm. Width: 5 cm. Height: 27 cm. Weight: +/- 2.1 kg. Will be carefully packaged and shipped insured


Sculpture, muse Terpsichore - 70 cm (1) - Bronze - 20th century

Work of great elegance completely in bronze depicting the muse Terpsichore. It is a highly manufactured lost wax casting. Every small detail of the sculpture is accurately visible. Just look at the perfectly represented harp. French origin, 20th century. Signature holder "Moreau"


Sculpture, Venus of Callipygia (1) - Bronze (silvered) - First half 20th century

Coming from an inheritance, this wonderful and rare silvered bronze sculpture belongs to the first half of the 20th century. Excellent workmanship and chisel; it was made by hand; I couldn't find a perhaps hidden signature. It represents the Venus or Aphrodite of Callipygia from


Sculpture, Olot, Sacred Heart of Jesus - 45 cm. (1) - Brass, Gold, Wood, Polychrome wood pulp - AC. 1900

Ancient Sacred Heart of Jesus enthroned on a throne and stuccoed clothing with top quality golden drawings made of hand-painted polychrome wood pulp with a halo in carved brass, on a wooden base. In excellent condition for its age. Cleaning and nuances so that it looks in all its


Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911) - Sculpture, "Jour de Boules" (2) - Zinc alloy, detailed patina, cold painted - Circa 1900

Very rare set of sculptures, titled "Joueur de Boules" Made by the artist Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911) Beautiful depictions with several beautiful and very detailed details and attributes. (See pictures.) - This is truly a collector's item. Since it is rarely if ever offered


Ferdinand Liebermann (1883–1941) - Sculpture, female nude with pheasant - Jugendstil - Bronze, Granite - Early 20th century

Important bronze sculpture crafted by Ferdinand Liebermann in the early 20th century, in full Jugendstil style. Bronze in very good condition, small losses to the marble base (see pictures). Dimensions: length 33 cm; height 21 cm; width 13 cm. Marked and numbered (# 77) on


A. Joliveaux - Sculpture, male figure with pipe - 58 cm - Terracotta - That. 1900

Terracotta sculpture by A.Joliveaux around 1900. Total height 58cm. Width 22cm. Depth 17cm. Weight approx. 5,500 kg. Great deals. Careful shipping


Franz Iffland (1862-1935) - Sculpture, "The Sower" - Bronze (patinated) - Early 20th century

In good condition, see photos.


D'après Auguste Moreau (1834 - 1917) - Sculpture, 'Kissing Fairy' - 43 cm - Bronze - First half 20th century

According to Auguste MOREAU 'Embracing Fairy', first half of the 20th century. Bronze sculpture with brown patina 43cm 7kg


Madonna and child, Sculpture - Wood - 19th century

wooden sculpture depicting the Madonna with child datable to the early 19th century, however I think it is older but it is the opinion of the expert that I do not agree with. Look at the base below. overall size 31 x 9 cm, sculpture only cm. 24 x 5. In good condition. Shipping


Francesco Giambaldi (1867-1918) - Sculpture, Couple in love - 55 cm - Bronze (patinated) - ca. 1900

This sculptor was born in Italy and worked in Paris. The statue depicts a couple of lovers frolicking. The statue is signed on the base with "Giambaldi" and with "Katz-Frères Fondeurs". Dimensions: Height 55 cm. Width over 28 cm. Depth over 25 cm. Weight approx. 11.5 kg.


Sculpture, Roman soldier - Oak - Late 18th century

Oak sculpture. Roman soldier. late 18th century, France?


Sculpture, Castor or Pollux - Neoclassical - Bronze - 19th century

Grand Tour bronze statuette, Castor of Pollux after the image on the Dioscuren fountain on the Piazza del Quirinale in Rome (see photo). Italy, Rome, 19th century. The bronze depicts Castor of Pollux, a reduced copy of the right marble statue on the Fontana dei Dioscuri in Rome.


Sculpture, Angel/Putto - 50 cm - Gilt, Wood - Late 18th century

Extraordinary Angel/Putto in carved and gilded wood of large dimensions and exceptional quality. Venetian area with small defects highlighted in the photos, which however do not affect the overall work. Measurement height cm. 50. Maximum width cm. 40.


Wrought iron gate - Iron (wrought) - Second half 20th century

Ancient wrought iron gate, perfectly restored leaving the original patina. Ready to be mounted, complete with reconstructed wall and ground anchors. Can be mounted from right to left or from left to right. Dimensions: height 226 cm, thickness 3 cm (full iron) ,width 90 cm ,


Clement Leopold Steiner (1853-1899) - Sculpture, large group - woman with child at water pump - 75 cm (1) - Bronze (patinated) - Late 19th century

Bronze statue, mother with child at a water pump, with marble base. CLEMENT LEOPOLD STEINER (FRENCH, 1853-1899): A LARGE BRONZE GROUP OF A MOTHER AND CHILD. The lady is wearing a pair of clogs and holding her young baby in her left arm, a water pump behind her with an inverted


Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911) - Fabrication Française Paris - Sculpture, "Blacksmith of Peace" - 47.5 cm (1) - Spelter, Wood, Bronze patinated regula - Late 19th century

Sculpture, statue in regula entitled "Blacksmith of Peace". It is signed in hollow J. Guillot with an additional detailed plaque for Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911). Authentic original sculpture with “French manufacturing, Made in France, Paris” stamp, a label which has existed


François Moreau (1832-1927) - Sculpture, Mother and daughter, Return from the Garden - 56 cm (1) - Spelter - That. 1900

Graceful female figure in spelter accompanied by a girl at her side, whose classically inspired timeless beauty and stylized cannon are typical of the sculptor François Moreau (1832-1927) poses on a solid wooden base. The figure is well made, precisely chiseled, with attention


Sculpture, Pair of cherubs (2) - Wood - 18th century

Pair of cherubs. Made of wood. Coming from a private chapel, they have original lacquering. Anti-woodworm treatment was carried out. Origin Italy. 18th century. Height 37cm. Length 17cm. Width 11cm. Shipping includes professional packing and streetside delivery, NOT flat. In


Sculpture, Madonna with child (63 cm.) - Bronze - Second half 19th century

Beautiful large antique bronze Madonna with child. Condition: good condition with minor signs of wear. Image has not been cleaned or polished. Period: late 19th century. The photos are a large part of the description, everything has been photographed in as much detail as


Sculpture, Virgin Mary with baby Jesus - Baroque - polychrome wood - Mid 18th century

Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in her arms and the orb. Originally from the Flanders region, this polychrome and gold carving is 37 meters high, a high decorative value given its size. Careful features, polychrome in good condition, the gold stands out in all its splendor, in


Sculpture, Saint Joseph with child (31 cm.) - Wood - 19th century

An incredible wooden carved statue of Saint Joseph from the late 19th Century. A spectacular item to display anywhere you see fit. Measure approximately: Weight: 998g. Height: 31 cm. Wide: 11 cm. Length: 14cm. Tracked shipping and protective package.

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