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Extending table - Walnut - Second half 19th century

Round vintage style table


Armchair (2) - Louis XIV Style - Textiles, Wood - Second half 19th century

Chairs were reupholstered a few years ago


Battlefield dressing table - Empire Style - Mahogany - Second half 19th century

Battlefield dressing table in mahogany or BARBIÈRE 19th century. Two drawers on the front and on the top it opens with two flaps that fold to form a shelf, revealing a tray made up of containers of various shapes where the necessary tools were inserted and a mirror that is pulled


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Mother of pearl, Silk, Lace - Second half 19th century

An absolutely stunning fan dating from around 1880. A silk satin leaf, in excellent condition, applied with handmade lace. The lace forming a medallion, wherein two cherubs playing musical instruments. Music playing cherubs are a symbol for harmony, so this fan was most probably


Wallet with portraits of Emperor Napoleon III and Eugénie. (1) - Brass, Glass, Leather, Satin, Faux Tortoiseshell, Metal - Second half 19th century

Wallet with lithographic portraits of Emperor Napoleon II (1808-1873) and Empress Eugénie (1826-1920) of France. The portrait resembles a portrait by Winterhalter around 1855, when Napoleon III was emperor for 3 years. Napoleon III's second empire ceased to exist after losing the


Large pair of andirons - embellished with mythical creatures and masks (h. 52cm) (2) - Brass, Bronze (gilt), Iron (wrought) - Second half 19th century

Exceptionally rare pair of 19th century French fireplace block andirons depicting mythical creatures (2) - Bronze, Gilt, Iron (wrought) - France. In well-preserved condition. Dimensions: Height: 52 cm. Width: 26 cm. Length: 55 cm. Weight: 9 kg. Professional packaging +


Very old Host box and Chrismatorium in solid silver, extremely rare from France - Silver - Second half 19th century

Very old Host box and chrismatorium in solid silver. At the bottom the original silver spoon to take the holy oil, very rare. Item will be carefully packed and shipped.


Sundial, Garden sundial plate with gnomon: Vivat Carolus Secundus - Bronze - Second half 19th century

Victorian example of a Restoration period bronze vertical sundial (the original dated 1663) with Roman numerals, a gnomon and an extract from a Latin poem ‘Solitudo’ (1566) by Cornelius Muys (Bishop Cornelis Muis 1503 – 1572) a Dutch priest and poet. O, beata solitudo; o, sola


Trunk - Iron (wrought), Wood - Second half 19th century

Beautiful travel trunk from the late 19th century restored by a Milanese restoration professional in perfect condition. Measures. height 57. Width 70. Depth 46


Rare European ceramic vase for the Islamic market or Mosque Lamp - white and cobalt blue decoration under glaze

A bulbous-shaped lamp made from stone-paste ceramic with flared rim; a form typical of glass mosque lamps produced during the Mamluk period. Loops attached to the side would have been used to suspend the lamp. Painted in vivid colours with decoration of flowers and leave with


Johann Joachim Kändler - Meissen - Figurine(s) (1) - Porcelain

From our collection. Wonderfully decorated bust “De Bourbon Kinder” from the Meissen State Porcelain Manufactory. Design by “J. J. Kaendler”. Around 1880. Unfortunately the flower at the front is missing. Otherwise the figure is in perfect condition. Condition


Rare silver-plated bowl finished with engraved glass Ca.1860 - Louis XVI Style - Copper, Glass, Silver-plated - Second half 19th century

exceptionally rare silver-plated bowl finished with engraved glass Ca.1860 - Louis XVI - Copper, Silver plated, Glass - Mid 19th century. France. In well-preserved condition. Dimensions: Height: 12 cm. Width:18.5cm. Length:18.5cm. Weight: 500 grams. Professional packaging +


Luxury Quinqué with Lions - Neoclassical Style - Crystal, Spelter - Second half 19th century

While W&W produced high-end brass lamps, most were made of zinc, easy to model and allowing for fine detail. Electroplating allowed the company to cover the zinc elements of the lamps with copper or gilded brass. The so-called Braun Barbedienne (Barbedienne brown), named after


Sculpture, Crouching Venus after the antique (1) - Marble - Second half 19th century

Crouching Venus after the antique In fair condition, some small missing pieces, re-glued to the base, please see images.


Lead gargoyle Converted to applique - Renaissance Style - Lead - Second half 19th century

An "objet particulier" that is difficult to find. Handmade on the model of the "Medici Garden Vases" photo n6/7, important "bacellatura". The use of lead, for the creation of the Gargoyles, which spread from the 15th century, and the predisposition for the downpipe, an innovation


Round box in green Galalite with gilt interior - Gilt, Galalite - Second half 19th century

The box has a silver edge where it closes. The inside is all silver covered with a layer of gold. The bottom has marks, one appears to be "162", the other "ou" within an animal figure. Galalith is one of the oldest semi-synthetic plastics. Galalith can replace horn in the


Sculpture, Madonna with child (63 cm.) - Bronze - Second half 19th century

Beautiful large antique bronze Madonna with child. Condition: good condition with minor signs of wear. Image has not been cleaned or polished. Period: late 19th century. The photos are a large part of the description, everything has been photographed in as much detail as


Desk set - Bronze (patinated) - Second half 19th century

Unusual bronze desck set composed by 7 pieces. Decoration ''Grotesque''. overall dimension: 44 cm x 25 xm x 25 cm. Estimated period: second half of XIX centiry. H.P. monogram on the base of the pieces.


Bust, L’élégante à l’éventail - 19 cm - Bronze

Elegant with a fan. Bronze bust with brown patina on its onyx base. Superb details. Late 19th century


Sculpture, "Moriskentänzer", Oberammergau - 68 cm - Plaster, Wood

Period, 20th century. Generally in good condition with signs of use. For more details see photos.


Architectural ornament - 19th century - "Pair of wooden lions" - 19 cm

Pair of wooden lions. Estimated period: 19th century. Origin: Northern Italy. Dimensions: 19x15 cm Approx. They are in good general condition, considering the age, with normal and slight signs of aging. The decoration may be from a later period. Careful packaging and shipping via


Emile Guillemin (1841-1907) - Sculpture, Napoléon 1er - 23 cm - Patinated bronze

good condition


Sculpture, Jeanne D'Arc - Spelter - Second half 19th century

This is a regula sculpture depicting Joan of Arc, dating from the second half of the 19th century. Crack and missing part on the side part of the base


Wooden gunpowder barrel (1) - Wood - Second half 19th century

Wooden gunpowder barrel (1) - Wood - 17th-19th century. France. Wooden gunpowder barrel, handmade. Designed to be hung and taken with you on a ship or in the field, hence the attached handle allowing you to carry a barrel with a supply of gunpowder. Dimensions: length 22 cm.


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