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Henk Beekhuis ; M.P.B. Ziellemans - Geïllustreerde atlas van de Bersiapkampen in Nederlands-Indië, 1945-1947 - 2009

Sought after by many, almost untraceable... Copy in virtually new condition. After the publication of the Illustrated Atlas of the Japanese camps in the Dutch East Indies 1942-1945, the association KJBB (Children from the Japanese Occupation and Bersiap) put together a working


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Jack Kerouac - On the road - 1958

Soft cover. Condition: Good for its age. 1st Edition. First mass paperback edition of Kerouac's classic Beat generation novel. Stated first printing, September 1958. Small 8vo, printed wrappers, 254 pages. Spine little damage, see pictures.


Collectif - Histoire Vécue de la Résistance - 1970

Collection of 35 books on the history of the resistance by different authors: Pierre Nord, Rémy, Jacques Soustelle, Vercors, Guillain de Bénouville, Jacques Bergier, Georges Loustaunau-Lacau, Gordon Young, Laure Moulin, François Musard, Paul Dreyfus, Edmond Michelet, E.H.


Peter van Straaten - Lot met 6 x Vader en Zoon + 19 overige uitgaven - 1970/2016

25 books, of which 14 are in the first edition. Condition: from very good to new condition, unless otherwise stated. Father & Son. - 1st edition 1970. 2 x Father & Son persevere! - 1st editions 1971 in 2 colors (brown version slightly damaged and discoloured) Father & Son


Privé-domein - Lot met 10 delen uit de reeks - 1973/2020

Private domain, Lot with 10 volumes – various authors, Amsterdam 1973/2020. Soft cover 19.5 x 11.5 cm. Good condition unless otherwise stated. no.85 Botho Strauss, Couples and passers-by, Amsterdam 1981. 183 pages. Dedication on endpaper. Reasonable copy. no. 34 Paul Léautaud,


Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung/Hans Liska - Österreichs Wehrmacht /Kriegs skizzenbuch 1939-44 - 1937/1977

Interesting government publication advertising the Austrian army from after the fall of the Habsburg Empire to 1937, shortly before the annexation by Germany. Very good condition. The second is a 1977 reprint from a 1944 original by the well-known Austrian illustrator and


Del Giudice/Bovio - Uniformi Militari Italiane + Le Bandiere dell’Esercito - 1964/1981

Elio and Vittorio Del Giudice. ITALIAN MILITARY UNIFORMS from 1861 to the present day 2 Volumes. Milan, Bramante Editrice 1964/1968. inFolio, cm. 30X34.5, editorial cloth with illustrated dust jacket. First volume from 1861 to 1933 (printing date: October 1964): 51 pages of text


Stichting de Roos - Lot met 4 bibliofiele uitgaven en 3 catalogi - 1960/1981

Four bibliophile publications from the De Roos Foundation and three catalogues. 1. Clemens Brentano. Die more Wehmüller und ungarischen Nationalgeschichter. Binding design and 17 lithographs by Kurt Löb. The lithographs were printed on the hand press by Piet Clement. Stichting de


Consociazione Turistica Italiana - Libro del 1938 con 640 pagine/15 carte geografiche/16 piante centri abitati/10 di edifici + rivista - 1935/1938

- Rare lot consisting of 1 original book from 1938, with 640 pages. Includes 15 geographical maps, 16 maps of population centres, 10 plans. of buildings + 1 magazine from 1935. 1) Guide to Italian East Africa. - 1 edition of 490,000 copies. - publisher: Italian Tourist


Gerard Reve - Lot met 13 uitgaven - 1948/2012

13 publications by Van het Reve, including predatory pressure and De Roos and an early De evenings. Lot with many beautiful Spiritual Songs. 1) Simon van het Reve, The evenings. De Bezige Bij, 3rd edition, 1948. Cover damaged and torn. 2) Harold Pinter. The caretaker.


Hugo Claus - Lot met 11 uitgaven, waarvan 8 in eerste druk en 1 gesigneerd met opdracht - 1958/1996

Titles: 1. Shame - 1st edition. 2. De Metsiers - 1st edition. 3.Jessica! - 1st edition. 4. A Painted Horseman - 1st edition. 5. The Black Emperor - 2nd edition. 6. Suiker - 2nd edition SIGNED with dedication. 7. Home - 1st edition. 8. The Rumors - 1st edition. 9. Under the towers


Louis Maimbourg - Traité historique de l'établissement de l'église de Rome [rel. aux armes du Dauphin de France] - 1686

Louis Maimbourg - Historical treatise on the establishment and prerogatives of the church of Rome - in Paris, at Sébastien Mabre-Cramoisy, printer to the King, 1686 - (16) ff, 357 pages, (1) ff - full calf the time - in-4 - 19 x 26 cm. Condition: caps, joints and corners in good


Francesco Maria Angeli - Collis Paradisi Amoenitas - 1704

One of the most important illustrated works on the history and art of the city of Assisi and the Franciscan places and, according to Fumagalli, the first book printed in Montefiascone. With 10 copper plates (out of the 12 planned) engraved by Francesco de Providonis, folded. With


V. Huen e.a. - 3 Anciennes publications sur la Grande Guerre - 1917/1918

Set of 3 brochures: 1) Papier-Fetzen: Deutsche Bekanntmachungen in Belgien und Frankreich - 1917 - Soft publisher's cover - 37 x 27 cm - 38 p. This leaflet contains German orders from the First World War. These are reproductions of posters which were displayed in Belgium and


Anna Enquist, Ivo Victoria, Arnon Grunberg, e.a. - Lot met 18 Nieuwjaarsgeschenken - 1992

New Year's gifts, Limited editions, Mint condition. Anna Enquist - The Doctor - AP, 2010. Christine D'haen - A brocade letter, Meulenhoff, 1992. Anton van Hooff - The voice of the people, Ambo/Anthos, 2011. Youp van 't Hek - Flappie, Busy Bee, 2023. Ivo Victoria - K, Ambo/Anthos,


Guy Breton - Histoires d’amour de l’histoire de France - 1970

Love stories from French history in 12 volumes by Guy Breton


Albert Radicati - Recueil de pièces curieuses sur les matières les plus intéressantes - 1736

Recueil de pieces curieuses sur les Matieres les plus interessantes. It is the first print: 1736, of this very rare book by the historian philosopher Albert(o) Radicati, published A Rotterdam chez la veuve Thomas Johnson et fils. Described content of the book: I. This volume


Odoardo Corsini - Dissertationes Quatruor Agonisticae Quibus Olympiorum ... - 1747

Dissertationes Quatruor Agonisticae Quibus Olympiorum, Pythiorum, Nemeorum Atque Isthmiorum Tempus Inqu. vuiritum ac Demonstratur. Accedit Hieronicarum Catalogus Libri Quatruor. In 4to, 260x175 mm; contemporary vellum; pp. 1b, XXI, 1 bl, 160, pamphlet between p. 68 e 69. Red


Carlo Collodi / Attilio Mussino - Le Aventure di Pinocchio [cartonnage polychrome] - 1949

Very beautiful copy preserved in a splendid polychrome cardboard box from the publisher. Blue percaline, first board decorated with a polychrome composition depicting Pinocchio, gilded title on the back, publisher's mark in the center of the last board. Charming illustrated and


Istituto Editoriale Nazionale - Le Opere del Fascismo - Decennale - 1933

The Works of Fascism - Ten Year Anniversary. National Publishing Institute, Milan Year XI (1933). Second Edition - 1933. In folio, pp. (10) (with half-title, summary and sheet showing the applied image of the Duce), 608 (with indexes), mm. ill. in b/w n. t., bross. in t.


Taciti / Justus Lipsius - Ad Annales Taciti - 1599

Justus Lipsius. Ad Annals Cor. Taciti liber commentarius. S.l.n.d. [Paris, Marc Orry, 1599] Related to the following: Josias MERCIER. Ad novam Taciti editionem aliquot notæ. Paris, Marc Orry, 1599. 1 volume in-8 (18 x 11.5 cm) of 568, (46) pp. and 24, (12) ff. Olive calf,


Wilhelm Nakatenus / Joannes Grangé - Le Palmier Céleste, Ou Heures De L'Eglise : Enrichies d'Exercices chrétiens, Offices... Anvers, - 1785

Remarkable copy of this very beautiful book of Christian piety. Beautiful binding in full green morocco, ribbed spine decorated with a piece and gilded irons, Greek-style framing on the covers with a fleuron in the center. Beautiful rococo typography, careful printing on very


Abraham Valentyn - Alle de Werken van P. Ovidius Naso - 1697

Abraham Valentyn - All the Works of P. Ovidius Naso. - Amsterdam, Pieter Mortier 1697 - first edition in this edition - 3 parts in 4 bindings (part 1, 2a, 2b, 3) - half-leather bindings; spines with gold print and title shields - 16 x 10 cm. Condition: beautiful / excellent! -


Meliton - L'Apocalypse De Meliton Ou Revelation Des Mysteres Cenobitiques - 1668

Original 1668 edition with a woodcut on the frontispiece. In good general condition, leather covers. Look at the photos please.

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