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Faienceries de Thulin - Vase - Art Deco vaas met polychroom druipglazuur • Decor 'ETNA', Blauw, Bruin en oranje tinten - Ceramic

Beautiful Art Deco Faienceries de Thulin vase with a polychrome drip glaze decor. (brown tones). The vase is in excellent, slightly used condition. marked on the bottom: Belgium 376. The Thulin pottery factory near Mons was founded in 1887, opposite the Saint-Martin church in


Degué - French Art Deco chandelier

DEGUÉ A signed French art deco pendant light made around 1930 in nickel plated bronze or solid brass holding a bowl by Degué in a thick quality clear and partly frosted molded-pressed glass. This Degué model has a diameter of 45 cm. It is some 36 x 36 cm in square. The canopy


Métro de Paris - Hector Guimard - Wall sconce (2) - Bronze, Glass

Pair of light sconces for metro entrances made by Hector Guimard. Solid bronze porthole enclosing a double holophane glass lens. (One of them with discreet hair). The interior contains a white porcelain base. Items can be sent by parcel post or collected in Brussels.


Bronze ornament - Art Nouveau - 56 cm

Beautiful bronze Art Nouveau ornament; beautifully executed with stylized floral elements. Very decorative and suitable for numerous applications. Dimensions: 56 x 7.5 cm. Lot will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail. Photos complete this description.


Jakob & Josef Kohn - Chair - Beech

Jacob and Josef Kohn. Armchair model 716, designed by Gustav Siegel and presented on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition in Paris 1900. Although the numbering suggests that it already existed in 1902, it was not illustrated in the catalog until after 1904. It is


Collard - Bronze plaque - Belgian Gymnastics Federation.

Bronze plaque. Federal Prize of the Royal Belgian Gymnastics Federation. Antwerp, 1930. Signed: G (eorges). Collard 1930. 73 cm x 42 cm (whole) 62 x 31 x 1 cm (bronze) 9 kg. In perfect condition.


Le Verre Français, Verreries Schneider - Vase - Rare model 'Kalanchoë'

A beautiful vase from 'Le Verre Francais' model Kalanchoé period 1918-1919. The rare vase has beautiful colors of which the orange stands out beautifully, but the white flakes also complete the whole. The vase is signed on the base. The vase will be properly packaged and shipped


Petitot & Muller frères French art deco - Chandelier - Glass, nickeled bronze

H.PETITOT & MULLER FRERES A large French 1930-35 art deco chandelier in nickel plated bronze by the famous Paris based company of Henri Petitot holding a bowl and four side-shades. These shades were produced by the Muller freres glass factories. All five shades are signed. The


Daum Frères, Daum Nancy - Vase - Glass

Beautiful and authentic Art Nouveau glass vase by the famous Daum Frères, Nancy. French Art Nouveau period around 1900. Painted signature: DAUM NANCY with Cross of Lorraine. Two colourless glass layers with yellow, light blue and magenta powder inclusions in-between. Acid


Rosenthal - Albert Caasmann - Statue, Pierrot - 23.5 cm - Porcelain - 1912

Polychrome porcelain figure of a Pierrot with a frieze of marching ducks on the base by Rosenthal, designed in 1912 and executed in 1920. Fully marked with the Rosenthal stamp of 1920 and impressed A. Caasmann at the side of the base. Impressed number 176 under the base. The item


H.Boyer - Paper Cutter

Large bronze letter opener with a remarkable relief signed H. Boyer, French sculptor of the Art-Nouveau period (1890-1919) In very good general condition, beautiful patina, small normal wear at the end. length 23 centimeters. width 3 centimeters. weight 120 grams. The photos


Max Le Verrier - Pierre Le Faguays - Statue, Amazone au Javelot - 31 cm - Brass, metal - 1935

Elegant Art Deco statue, antique version, very rare, (Amazone au Javelot) statue representing a woman throwing a javelin. Signed on the base “Fayral” pseudonym of Pierre Le Faguays (ancient version), as shown in the photo. The statue is mounted on a black metal base, a detail of


Max Le Verrier - Jean de Marco - Statue, Atalante - 32 cm - Brass, metal - 1930

Elegant Art Deco statue, ancient version, very rare, (Atalante) statue representing a nude woman with a bow. Signed on the base “Demarc” (antique version), as shown in the photo. The statue is mounted on a black metal base, a detail of the first versions, making it even rarer.


Verzilverde bestekleggers , Les Fables de La Fontaine par Florian Lanterne - Knife rest (12) - Silver-plated

Beautiful exclusive set with 12 silver-plated Art Deco cutlery rests or, in French, “Porte Couteaux”. “Les Fables de La Fontaine” Design by Florian Lanterne. Beautiful silver-plated metal with beautiful detailed fable scenes. Everything is nicely stored in the original old box.


Emile Gallé - Large acid-etched glass gourd vase - vine decoration - 4.2 kg

Large cameo glass vase made by Emile Gallé Gallé Art Nouveau vase with floral decoration, made in Nancy in 1895 - 1904. Large gourd vase with flattened body by Emile Gallé with two handles, decoration of vines and grapes on a translucent background. Height 30.5 cm, weight 4.2 kg


J.&J. Kohn, Thonet, Josef Hoffmann Garnitur - Centre table (2) - " Fledermaus " - Beech, Brass, Faux leather

Stunning set of the Viennese Secession and in particular of the Wiener Werkstätte composed of: "Fledermaus" chair by the architect. Josef Hoffmann Viennese made by J. & J. Kohn in original patina with yellow Madras eco-leather as presented at the 1910 Buenos Aires Expo. Model


Michael Thonet - Chair - Rare Thonet N.22 chair, series for the Palffy palace, period 1875 - Beech

Rare Thonet N.22 chair, series for the palace of Count Palffy in Vienna, circa 1875, seat fabric in excellent condition and elegant. The chair has a dark oak finish, under the seat there is the Thonet stamp, all screws and metal parts are original. The orange cord was recently


Turn Teplitz RStK Amphora - Art Nouveau vases in ceramic with gilded flowers

Art Nouveau vases in ceramic with gilded flowers from Turn Teplitz marked RStK and Amphora. Hand-painted in the colors green, purple and gold. Austria ca. 1900. Information: Ceramics From The House Of Amphora 1890-1915. Richard L Scott. Jugendstil Keramik, E. Pelichet and M.


Emmanuel Villanis - Salon 1896 & Gieterij stempel - Pair of Art Nouveau bronze female busts Mignon & Esmeralda

Pair of Art Nouveau bronze sculptures, Mignon & Esmeralda. Mignon: E. Villanis with foundry stamp L.U. (initials of the foundry) and number. Mention "Salon 1896" where this statue was exhibited. Esmeralda: E. Villanis, foundry stamp, numbered. These busts are depicted in:


Clock - Westerstrands Toreboda - Art Deco - Wood - 1940-1950

Art Deco style clock. The clock comes from the renowned Swedish factory Westerstrands Urfabrik Toreboda, founded in 1906. Westerstrands is known as the largest and oldest clock manufacturer in Northern Europe. Signature on the mechanism, dial and gong. The clock comes from the


Tray - Art Nouveau tray - Porcelain, Metal

A fine, small porcelain tray with metal mounts, measuring 26cm in length and weighing 272g, finely painted in polychrome enamels to depict two stylized storks emerging from a frame of whiplash lines, enveloping three symmetrically arranged groups of flowers. Marked to the


Boch Frères - Vase (1) - ceramics and enamel

Beautiful decorative vase from Boch Freresç BFK. Signed and numbered on the bottom, no. 210. Blue glazed with enamel accents in the shape of flowers and dots. Dimensions: height 21 cm, top diameter 10 cm. In perfect condition, no damage, no chips.


Legras & Cie. François-Théodore Legras - Vase (2) - Mouth-blown glass

Elegant, Art Nouveau vases by François Théodore Legras (1839-1916). Mouth-blown and hand-painted around 1900 in Paris, Saint-Denis. Legras, together with Gallé, Daum and Lalique, is regarded as one of the glass masters of this period. The first soliflore shows sunflowers in


J.P.Kayser und Sohn - large art nouveau vase

Copper driven vase with a cast bronze gilded decoration of branches with pine needles and pine cones. made by the German manufacturer J.P. Kayser & Son in Krefeld-Bochum. At the bottom of this vase is the logo, the eagle with the name Kayser underneath. J.P. Kayser & Son was


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