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Escardibul Chess game (king 9.5 cm.) + luxury backgammon game (1) - Wood

This lot consists of a vintage chess set from the 1970s vs. the last century, probably from Spain. The chess pieces are Escardibul chess pieces. The pieces are made of beautiful wood. What species is unknown to me. The chess pieces are lightly weighted and beautifully skinned.


Figure, Creche - Silver laminated

Nativity scene in 925 silver, with 2 branches of natural red coral, and a crystal star, a refined and precious style, measures 18.00 x 13.00 cm, weight 875 grams, in very good overall condition, insured shipping.


Relief, Karl der Große - 45 cm - 6 kg - 45 cm - Iron (cast/wrought)

This iron casting of the statue "Charlemagne" is decorative and impressive. It was made in Aachen, the coronation city of Charlemagne, and shows it with the imperial regalia, which are the insignia of the emperors and kings of the Holy Roman Empire. The most important parts are


Swarovski - Christmas Ornament - Annual Edition 2006 - 5059026 - Boxed (1) - Crystal

Christmas piece from Swarovski, 2006. In the original packaging


Chess set - Incas contre conquistador - terracotta

Hand-painted terracotta pawns colorful chessboard the board of this game also serves as storage handcrafted therefore unique pieces 26x26x3 cm open


Figure - Swarovski - Christmas Ornament - Annual Edition 2010 - (1) - Crystal

Swarovski Christmas star Christmas Ornament 2010


Jewellery box - Big red Imperial egg - Fabergé style - Height: 16 cm - Gold-plated with 108 Austrian crystals and red enamel - Mint condition.

Very rare. Faberge style. Big Red Imperial Egg. Big and heavy Fabergé Style Imperial egg. Red enamel, gold-plated with 108 Austrian Crystals. The egg is carried by 3 very beautiful lions, also gold-plated. Mint condition. Height: 16 cm. Weight: 430 grams. Very, very beautiful


Table lamp - Stained glass

Beautiful art deco Tiffany style leaded glass lamp. In excellent condition, like new. Height 34cm. Measurements 20x20cm. Shipped with insured courier


Figurine - Fiberglass, stone

Beautiful contemporary artwork of a seated woman. Nice colours. Flashy eye catcher in a modern interior or in the garden. This sculpture is made of a fiberglass resin and has the following dimensions (+/-): Height: 23cm / 9.2" Width: 36cm / 14.2" All our products are well


Sculpture, NO RESERVE PRICE - Hare Sculpture - Link to video of this sculpture down below in the description - - 35 cm - Bronze

The link below will take you to a video of this sculpture: Fine bronze hare sculpture in a natural position. Sustainability. Our bronze sculptures are made from upcycled metals such as old pipelines. Our craftsmen and women collect


(3) Con monogramma - Towel - 130 cm - 60 cm

Three beautiful vintage linen towels. They have a large monogram hand-embroidered in satin stitch. They have hand-woven macrame fringes. Two have crochet lace. Do not use. Some light marks of age which disappear with washing


Centrepiece (8) - Lacquer

Wonderful hand-painted lacquered table set, all the designs are different and represent various images of the environment in Japan, take a look. The small plates measure: Height - 4 cm. Diameter - 14.5 cm. The biggest: Height - 8cm. Diameter - 25cm. Boards: 27x15x2.5cm.


Figurine - Composite

This is a beautifully detailed and very large statue of Atlas who carries the world on his shoulders. The statue is made of polystone and is in perfect condition. It is a cast polystone / stone mix (alabaster dust) and can therefore stand outside. It can also be placed inside. It


Stunning set of 2 Italian 925 silver boxes (2) - Baroque - Silver laminated, wood

A beautiful set consisting of 2 handmade in Italy wooden boxes with .925 rolled silver lids - beautiful silver work with flowers and fruit all hand engraved and all in relief. With .925 rolled silver hallmark on the lid of each box. Two truly beautiful dark red wooden boxes,


Figurine - Stier - Bronze

A beautiful abstract bronze statue of a ferocious bull on foot. In beautiful condition. Very beautiful, with a very special patina. Very nice piece for your interior. Height: 46 cm. Width: 36 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance.


Christian fichbacher Arco - Textile - 270 cm - 140 cm

Chenille 2.70 x 1.40 sofas chairs armchairs curtains cushions arch article


(2) - Cushion - 37 cm - 37 cm

N 2 cushions in embroidered linen blend fabric with piping and back in green microfibre measuring 37 x 37 including internal padding washable with zip


Christmas decoration (7) - Porcelain

Christmas house Christmas village houses. 7 pieces Victoria lane Lumineo. Lit church lit church. Lit barber shop - illuminated barber shop. Lit police station- illuminated police station. Christmas tree booth - Christmas tree stand. Lit Victoria station - illuminated Victorian


3.1 Phillip Lim - occhiali da ingrandimento con luci laterali - Spectacles

Particular telescopic magnifying glasses used especially by watchmakers with black metal side lights from the 19th century in excellent condition, never used, like new, with wooden box for storing them, of Italian origins, measuring 12x4x4 cm, will be packaged with great care and


Herend - Weißes Porzellan Bulle - Figure - Porcelain

Herend. White porcelain bull. Length approx. 17 cm. Height approx. 12.5 cm. Width base area approx.: 14 cm. Made from high quality porcelain, it is a timeless piece that you will enjoy for years to come. The bull is a popular motif in the animal world and this figurine is perfect


Fountain - recent

Participate in this auction and have a chance to win a beautiful decorative cast iron wall fountain with a charming tap. This versatile piece can serve not only as a fountain, but also as a stylish planter. Characteristics: Material: Cast iron. Application: Decorative wall


Birdcage (1) - Copper

An eye-catcher for your interior! A very beautiful antique cage. It consists of wood and bronze/copper. There are authentic food bowls included. After some research I think this cage must be from 1900-1950. There is a branded emblem at the bottom with Italy in it (see also


Fossilised wood - Petrified Wood freeform - 23 cm - 12 cm

Wonderful petrified wood freeform. Petrified Wood is a mineralized piece of a tree that originated. because trees fell over and were covered under a layer of soil or sand. Often due to a natural disaster. The colors you see in Petrified Wood depend on the Minerals in the soil


Frame (2) - Alloy, Brass

Beautiful photo frames from the beginning of the last century, with the particularity of the smaller frame which was carried as a companion/pocket photo on the various trips made by the owner. Dimensions large frame height 16 cm width 12 cm, small frame height 12 cm width 7 cm.


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