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Table - Iron (cast/wrought) - 19th century

some dents in the top


Display cabinet - Louis XV Style - Glass, Wood - 20th century

Showcase in new condition, in solid cherry wood and Louis XV style motifs. All moldings are carved from solid (and not applied/glued). The display case has beveled glazing, a full-height mirror in the background, a large central door, 2 glass shelves and 1 in cherry. Dimensions:


Two oil lamps in opaline and bronze-Ca 1900 (2) - Bronze, opaline - Early 20th century

Magnificent two old oil lamp in opaline and bronze it is one with white color on bronze base decorated with engraved floral motifs height 48 cm width 16x16 cm. Second lamp in white and green richly decorated with leaves and flowers and butterfly height 55 cm width 15 x15 cm


Statue base - Oak - 19th century

carved in the Liège style


Oval Bell Jars with Flowers Vieux Paris Maria's (6) - Glass, Porcelain, Wood - Circa 1860

Circa 1860s Bell Jars with Contents Beautiful Gold-Colored Flowers in Vieux Paris Vases with Vieux Paris Mary Statue with Child Jesus. Dimensions Oval cloches Including the Wooden Base - From Height 20 Cm to 43 Cm Length 24 Cm to 30 Cm Depth 15 Cm to 17 Cm. In Very Good Antique


L. Raphael - Sculpture, Offre Galante - 52 cm - Spelter

sculpture in regula. gallant offer signed L.RAPHAËL. in good condition. weight: 4240 grams


Keramis Boch - Antique Coffee Service (15 pieces) (15) - Ceramic

Very beautiful antique ceramic tableware made by Boch Keramis La Louvière, probably from the mid-19th century. The tableware consists of a coffee pot, a milk pot, a sugar bowl with lid and 6 small bowls with matching saucers. All parts are very simply decorated with orange lines


Saint Roch statue in gilded metal from the Belgian Monastery - Gold-plated - 18th century

Devotionalia statue of Saint Roch with dog and angel, old and in perfect condition. This statue comes from a Belgian Monastery. Very rare to find. Item will be carefully packed and shipped.


Louis Auguste Moreau (1855-1919) - Sculpture, La fortune - 67 cm - Spelter

Very pretty sculpture in regula entitled "La Fortune" by the artist Louis Auguste Moreau (1855-1919). The statue has a brass plaque or is marked "gold medal". The subject of the statue received a gold medal in a salon. Louis Auguste Moreau comes from a family of very famous


F. van Groeningen - Keramis Boch - Pair of Hand-painted Perforated Decorative Plates from 1883 (d'après Verhaert) (2) - Ceramic

Pair of very beautiful and very rare perforated decorative plates made by Boch Keramis La Louvière at the end of the 19th century. They are hand-painted by F. Van Groeningen after a design by Pieter Verhaert (1852-1908) and are dated 1883. An underglaze text by the artist on the


Relief, Bassorilievo muse - 60 cm - Plaster

Bas-relief depicting women with veils and jugs. Reproduction of original work. Very beautiful with perfectly reproduced details equal to the original. Important measurements 96x60 cm for a depth of 6 cm. Pick-up only


Relief, Fregio - 125 cm - Plaster - 1900

Hand-decorated plaster relief frieze. Slight lack of photographic cone. Measures 125 x 30 cm. Very nice


D'après Houdon - Bust, Jean qui rit et Jean qui pleure - 13.5 cm - Gilt bronze

Laughing Jean and Crying Jean - Pair of small Bronze Busts with golden patina, on black wooden base - circa 1900 - after Houdon. Two beautiful little bronze statuettes representing the famous pair "laughing jeans and crying jeans" in a "golden" variant. An expression that comes


Sculpture, un volto di anziano con barba - 12 cm - Marble - 1901

Ancient sculpture in white Carrara marble. the face of an elderly man with a beard is represented (perhaps Michelangelo) Very well finished. Perfect conservation. On the back the writing "Pisa 8 September 1901"


Sculpture, Ufficiale in Gran Tenuta Regno di Napoli 1854 - 24 cm - Bronze

This wonderful, large and rare sculpture is made of bronze. Represents an official of the Kingdom of Naples 1854, in Great estate. Excellent workmanship and chisel; certainly created mid-1900s. Normal signs of use and age with the original patina; the conditions are more than


Figure - klassiek antieke dame op stoel - (1) - Spelter

Beautiful antique sculpture (zamac) depicting a seated female figure on a chair with a bouquet in her hand. A very detailed sculpture, which can be seen, among other things, in the face, the toes and fingers and the folds of the cloak. Period end of the 19th century, probably


Secrétaire à abattant - Empire Style - Bronze (gilt), Leather, Wood, Chiseled bronze - 20th century

Antique 20th Century Secretaire. Empire style. Cabinet with three drawers in the lower body for excellent serviceability, with gilded and chiseled bronze handles with a zoomorphic shape (see photo). Inside, there are 9 small drawers and in the center a mirror in perfect


Dal modello di Vincenzo Musella - Sculpture, Scugnizzo - 32 cm - Patinated bronze

Bronze sculpture representing a half-bust of a street urchin with a beautiful smile, burnished patina. Height 32 cm. Height only bronze 23 cm. Maximum width at the shoulders 16 cm. Depth from nose to back of head 12cm. Weight 3.850kg. In good condition as visible in the photos,


Sculpture, Sopraporta - 84 cm - Wood

Beautiful sculpture made in the early 1900s in solid wood depicting cupids or cherubs surrounded by vegetal motifs in the shape of a cornocopia. They were probably created as a finish for furniture, today they can be used as a door overlay. Executed in a refined way, it is in


Sculpture, Jeanne d'Arc au siège d'Orléans - 29 cm - Spelter

Superb sculpture in regula of "Joan of Arc at the siege of Orléans", early 20th century, very pretty brown patina in its juice, authentic. Very good general condition and with its flag. The flag is removable, it screws onto the sculpture. It measures 29 cm from the base to the


Sculpture, Lotta tra gladiatori roman - 15.3 cm - Stone (mineral stone), Lava stone - 1880

Sculpture on Lava stone. Material as old as stone cameos. It is signed at lower right, see photos, 1880. Italian author. The plaque depicts fight scenes between Roman gladiators. It shows horses and characters with helmets, swords and armour. The plaque is not split, but it


Sculpture, Pescatore dal Modello di De Martino - 46 cm - Marble, Golden Spelter

Ancient golden metal sculpture depicting a fisherman resting on a white marble base dating back to the mid-20th century, modeled after the fisherman by "De Martino", probably in Naples. The sculpture has excellent details and anatomical renderings, it rests on a cliff-shaped


Sculpture, Caballero con equipo de combate a caballo - 49 cm - Spelter, Wood

Beautiful triumphant scene with great detail, of beautiful large statue of knight on horseback with armor, helmet and protection of knight and horse, the statue is made of patinated spelter and richly detailed. The front side has an inscription. The sculpture is mounted on a


Triple pointed nose jug (1) - Ceramic

Very beautiful triple pointed nose jug. Restored/rebuilt. Approximately 1/3 is original. Height 85mm.


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