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Portugal. D. João I (1385-1433). Real Branco (Lisboa) - Sem sinal oculto

D. João I (1385-1433) Real Branco - Lisbon - No hidden signal. AG: 52.05. Composition: Bolhão. Weight: 2.97g. Diameter: 26.89mm. Condition: XF. Internal ID: 385394


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Italy, Kingdom of Italy. Vittorio Emanuele II - Re Eletto (1859-1861). 2 Lire 1859 - Bologna

Vittorio Emanuele II King Elect beautiful and very rare 2 lire coin from 1859 Bologna in QBB conservation The coin will be sent appraised "Zamboni" Giant Catalog MB 1500 BB 4000 euro SPL 10000 FDC 25,000


Europe. 2 1/2 Euro / 5 Euro / 10 Euro 2003/2011 (9 stuks)

1x 2003 - Portugal - ''Ibero-America'' - 10 euros - 27 grams - Silver: 925/1000. 1x 2005 - Italy - ''Peace and freedom in Europe'' - 10 euros - 22 grams - Silver: 925/1000. 1x 2006 - Belgium - ''Bois du Cazier'' - 10 euros - 18.75 grams - Silver: 925/1000. 1x 2008 - Belgium -


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 10 Gulden 1932

Beautiful gold ten coin from 1932.


Portuguese Angola. Republic. 50 centavos 1927 AU Cleaning

Angola 50 cents 1927 GENI AU Cleaning, equivalent to beautiful. Scarce in these conditions.


Aruba (Dutch Caribbean). Beatrix (1980-2013). 5 florin 2002 Specimen

Aruba - 5 florin 2002 Specimen. With diagonal text 'SPECIMEN' on reverse, nickel bonded steel 8.25 grams; the total edition is probably max. 100 pieces. See photos for your own impression, any quality indications in the description are indications of the seller. Registered


United States. Médaille 1984 Franklin Mint Medallic Register World's 100 Great Ships (Limited Edition)

Franklin Mint Medallic Register World's 100 Great Ships (Limited Edition) “THE MEDAL REGISTER OF THE GREAT SHIPS OF THE WORLD”, rare edition in French! 1984. Franklin Mint issue comprising 100 925/1000 sterling silver bars, each weighing approximately 2gr. Very good condition and


Belgium. Leopold I (1831-1865). 5 Francs 1865 KM#17

After 37 years of collecting, I am saying goodbye to part of my collection. A beautiful 5 Francs from Belgium in very good quality. In my opinion XF, see photos for your own impression. 5 Francs 1865 KM#17. This coin will be sent by registered mail, combined shipping possible.


Netherlands. 200 Euro 1999 "Berlijn Kinebar" 5 Oz

Coin specification: Country the Netherlands. Coin value: 200 Euro. Year: 1999. Weight: 5 oz. Metal: Silver (999/1000) Weight Kinebar: 2 grams. Metal: Gold (999/1000) Quality: Proof. Theme: Berlin. Designer: Willem Vis. See photos for your own impression. Lot number M-8787. All


Netherlands, Zeeland. Wapenstuiver 1731 met zwemmende Leeuw

Very beautiful coat of arms from 1731 with swimming lion and beautiful details


Netherlands East Indies. Wilhelm (1831-1884). 1/4 Gulden 1834

See photos for a correct impression


Denmark. Lot of 11 Coins 11, incl. 16 Skilling 1858

No reserv. 11coins ingluding silver. Denmark. Older coins diferent 1771-1919. Photos provide a good overview. Shipping: Registered shipping.


Netherlands. Dukaat 1960 (Sch. 1078/RR) struck with polished dies, edition 3,605 pieces. PR/UNC

This is a very rare Dutch ducat from 1960. Very few of these were made. 3605 The coin is in beautiful/UNC condition. Golden Ducat 1960 (Sch. 1078/RR) - struck with polished dies - edition 3,605 pieces - PR/UNC. See pictures. Shipping with T&T registered


Russia. 3 Rouble 2017 Saint George Gold Copper - Pink Gold, 1 Oz (.999)

Country Russia Year 2017 Face Value 3 Rubles Metal Silver.999 Diameter 39 mm Weight 1 Oz (31.10g) Finish Pink Gold Certificate YES Presentation Case YES


France. Third Republic (1870-1940). Lotto di 7 monete dal 1873 al 1917, con 2 monete in argento

Nice lot of 7 French coins with 2 examples in 900% fine silver as follows: -1x 5 francs Hercule silver 1873 A (Paris) -1x 5 francs Hercule silver 1875 A (Paris) -3x 10 cents 1916, 1916* and 1917. -2x 5 cents 1916* and 1917. For multiple wins you only pay shipping once!! All


Belgium. Leopold I (1831-1865). 5 Francs 1844 Positie A

Belgium 5 Franc 1844 Leopold I. Rare year. Position A. Quality: See photos for your own indication


Netherlands. Willem I t/m Beatrix. 25 cent 1826U t/m 1989 (12 verschillende types o.a. Willem III en zilver)

12 different quarters including 8 silver ones, struck under King Willem I, King Willem II, King Willem III, Queen Wilhelmina, Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix. Consists of the years: 1826 Utrecht Willem I Silver. 1848 Willem II Silver. 1890 Willem III RARE but poorly legible


Netherlands. Willem III (1849-1890). 1/2 Gulden 1863 en 1864

Netherlands, silver ½ guilders 1863 and 1864, minted under Willem III. See the photos for your own impression. Registered shipping.


Andorra. 10 Diners 2008 "Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci" Certificate

Original, Certificate of Authenticity. Silver coin from Andorra 10 Diners "Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)" from 2008, Andorra, silver Ag, catalog weight: 28.28 grams, fineness .925 catalog dimensions: 40.00 mm X 28.00 mm, UNC mint condition, Proof mirror stamp. The


Belgium. 5 Euro 2021 ''Blake Et Mortimer in relief en kleur'' (10 stuks)

5x 75 years Blake Et Mortimer in relief. 5x 75 years Blake Et Mortimer in color. See photos for your own impression. Lot number M-8501. All our items are sent by registered mail. You can also pick up the lot in one of our more than 100 offices in the Netherlands, Belgium or


Ghana. 10 Cedis 2021 Chinese Dragon - Greatest Porcelain, 2 Oz (.999)

2 Oz Silber Proof-like Chinese Dragon - Greatest Porcelain 10 Cedis Ghana 2021 Feinsilber / Fine Silver : 999 /1000 Gewicht / Weight (g) : 62,2 Gramm Herkunft / Origin : Ghana Jahr / Year : 2021


Netherlands. Willem II. 2½ gulden 1844 ZELDZAAM

Obverse: Bust of King William II to the left in van der Kellen's neck cut - WILLEM II KING OF THE NED. G.H.V.L. Reverse: Crowned Dutch coat of arms between 2½ - G - COIN OF THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS • 1844 • Material : Ag 945/1000. Weight: 24.683 grams. Reference: Schulman


Republic of the Seven United Netherlands - Utrecht. 1 gulden op generalteitsmuntvoet 1735

Obverse: Dutch virgin, in the right hand a spear with a hat of freedom and with the left elbow leaning on a bible on a column, below it the year - HANC TVEMVR [city coat of arms Utrecht] HAC NITIMVR 1735. Reverse: Crowned generality coat of arms between 1 and G - MO • ARG • ORD •


Switzerland. Proof Set 1999/2008 (10 sets)

Set of 10 official Swiss divisional series with 90 coins in total from 1 rappen to 5 francs (for 5 series) and 10 francs (for another 5 series) from 1999 to 2008 inclusive, all mint sealed with complete packaging. The face of the coins alone is 163.6 Swiss francs

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