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Portugal. Republic. 100+ 200 + 250 Escudos Comemorativas de Descubrimientos (38 moedas)

Lot of 38 commemorative coins. 22 coins 200 escudos. 14 coins 100 escudos. 2 coins 250 escudos


São Tomé and Príncipe (Portuguese territory). Republic. 5 Escudos 1939 Prata S. Tomé e Príncipe Soberba

Rare coin 5 escudos 1939 Superb silver


Portugal. 1/4 Euro 2011 ''António Vieira''

1x 2011 - ''António Vieira'' - 1/4 euro - 1.56 grams - 999/1000. See photos for your own impression. Lot number M-SSA207. All our items are sent by registered mail. You can also pick up the lot in one of our more than 100 offices in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Please


Portugal. Republic. 5 Escudos 1967 PROVA incusa

Portugal - Republic. 5 Escudos 1967 PROVA


Portugal. Republic. 1 Escudo 1968 PROVA incusa

Portugal - Republic. Escudo PROVA 1968 - Alpaca.


Portugal. Republic. Centavos + Escudos + Macutas + Patacas 1928/1974 (30 pieces)

Magnificent Portuguese Colonies Lot (30 pieces) 1928 to 1974. Angola, Mozambique, Macau, Sant Tome and Portuguese Prencipe. Centavos, Escudos, Macutas and Patacas. Manys Quality..... No reserve price.. Look at the pictures to get a good impression. Package sent with insurance.


Netherlands. 200 Euro 1999 "Berlijn Kinebar" 5 Oz

Coin specification: Country the Netherlands. Coin value: 200 Euro. Year: 1999. Weight: 5 oz. Metal: Silver (999/1000) Weight Kinebar: 2 grams. Metal: Gold (999/1000) Quality: Proof. Theme: Berlin. Designer: Willem Vis. See photos for your own impression. Lot number M-8787. All


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 1/2 Gulden 1909

A ½ Guilder from 1909 in a very nice quality, see photos for your own impression. 1 Guilder 1909 Sch. 836 / KM#121.2. The coin will be sent with track and trace, combined shipment is possible.


Netherlands, Utrecht. Dukaton of Zilveren Rijder 1791

Beautiful ducaton Utrecht 1791. Material silver. Cable edge


Netherlands, Zeeland. Wapenstuiver 1731 met zwemmende Leeuw

Very beautiful coat of arms from 1731 with swimming lion and beautiful details


Netherlands, Utrecht. Scheepjesschelling of 6 Stuivers 1764

Beautiful Scheepjesschelling 1764 with coat of arms of Utrecht and beautiful details


Netherlands East Indies. Wilhelm (1831-1884). 1/4 Gulden 1834

See photos for a correct impression


Netherlands, West Friesland. Scheepjesschellingen of 6 Stuivers 1736

Scheepjesschelling 1736 - West Friesland. Beautiful details


Netherlands. Dukaat 1960 (Sch. 1078/RR) struck with polished dies, edition 3,605 pieces. PR/UNC

This is a very rare Dutch ducat from 1960. Very few of these were made. 3605 The coin is in beautiful/UNC condition. Golden Ducat 1960 (Sch. 1078/RR) - struck with polished dies - edition 3,605 pieces - PR/UNC. See pictures. Shipping with T&T registered


Netherlands. Inhuldiging of Kroningsset 1980 met penning in originele box, FDC

Inauguration or coronation set, 1980. Contents: 1 and 2.5 guilders, 1980, silver. Mintage: 157 sets Issued by "'s Rijksmunt" in Utrecht and presented as a gift to staff members and dignitaries. Extremely rare! The images provide a good impression. Will be shipped by


Belgium. Leopold I (1831-1865). 5 Cents 1850

Belgium 5 centimes - open/broken '0' variety. Leopold I. 1850. Special variety (frequency 0.3%) - this one has open/broken '0', see example picture with 3 varieties: long, large and open 0. - Engraver signature with point at the end (BREAMT F.)


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 2 1/2 Gulden 1923 Grof Haar

2.5 guilders Wilhelmina, coarse hair variant


Netherlands. Willem III (1849-1890). 2 1/2 Gulden 1854

Very nice 2.5 guilders (Rijksdaalder) Willem III, 1854


Netherlands. Willem I (1813-1840). 1 Gulden 1840 zeldzaam NO RESERVE

truly beautiful 1 guilder 1840. The one guilder Willem I 1840 was minted in Utrecht and has a mintage of 99,254. The obverse of the 1 guilder 1840 Willem 1 depicts the bust to the right and deep-lying on the neckline: I.P.SCHOUWBERG F. and on the reverse is a crowned Dutch coat


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 1 Gulden 1905

1 guilder wilhelmina, very nice variant. 1905. The one guilder Wilhelmina 1905 was minted in Utrecht and has a mintage of 1,000,000. The obverse of the 1 guilder 1905 Wilhelmina depicts a portrait with diadem to the left with P.PANDER below the neck and on the reverse is a


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 10 Gulden 1912

Golden tenner 1912 21.6 carat gold, with 14 carat gold edge. Total weight 8.22 grams. See photos for a good impression. Will be carefully packaged and shipped by registered mail.


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 1 Gulden 1892

Nice quality! coin Queen Wilhelmina. This first guilder with the image of a youthful queen was portrayed by medalist W.J. Shame. The portrait is finer in terms of detail in the hair compared to the years 1896 and 1897. The one guilder 1892 has a halberd as the mint master's mark.


Netherlands. Wilhelmina (1890-1948). 1 Gulden 1913

The obverse of the 1 guilder 1913 Wilhelmina depicts the bust with pin-up and diadem. The back features a crowned Dutch coat of arms between the 1 and the letter G. The one guilder Wilhelmina 1913 is made of silver and has a silver content of 945/1000. The 1 guilder 1913 has a


Portugal. Republic. 5 Centavos 1922 - Escassa

5 Centavos coin. Portuguese Republic. Date: 1922 (rare) Grade: VF++ Alberto Gomes catalogue reference: 05.03. Shipped by registered mail. PLEASE review the photographs for a better understanding of the coin's condition. Shipped by registered mail. Important: Please note that any


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