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Bandai [Free Shipping] Tamagotch Lot of 2 Clear Green, Light Blue Japan Import Unopened 1997 - Video game

We have over 1,000 export transactions on other sites. Product Details. Confirmed the following. Unopened. Just not sure if it can be used. Please be aware of the following before purchasing. : The batteries included are likely to be past their expiration date. : Since the


Apple Newton Tastatur - Computer tablet - Without original box

They are bidding on an extremely rare specimen. An Apple Newton keyboard in perfect condition. Nothing broken. No pollution. Looks like new. Take advantage of the unique opportunity and acquire this beautiful piece of Apple history. The bag and the Newton 130 are not part of this


Epson - Disc Producer PP100AP

Epson PP100AP "Disc Producer" in beautiful shape. Professional, extremely expensive printer for printing on CD's. Includes all trays (2, plus stacker) and comes with ink cartridges. Cartridges are not new and may need replacing soon, but I'll leave them in so you can


MSX Al Alamiah - Video games (4) - In original sealed box

4x Al Alamiah MSX games new in seal. The seal of the games having light scratches. Some of the games has a tear in the seal, see pictures. In good condition.


MSX Al Alamiah - Video games (4) - In original sealed box

4x Al Alamiah MSX games from 1885 and 1986 in seal. The seal on the boxes contain scratches. Some seal has a tear, see pictures. Almost 40 year old games!


IBM 5140 - Convertible - first laptop released by IBM - 1986

IBM - PC 5140 Convertible - first laptop released by IBM - 1980. IBM PC Convertible is the first laptop released by IBM. Released on April 3, 1986, the Convertible was also the first IBM computer to use the 31/2-inch floppy disk format that became industry standard. Like modern


Nintendo, Sony NES Mini, SNES mini & PlayStation Classic - Set of video game console + games - PlayStation Classic(Sealed), SNES mini(Sealed), NES mini+ extra controller Unopened Original Box,

NEW in box! (Unopened Original Box): -Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini + extra controller (2 Controllers total) (Sealed Original Box): - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini (2 Controllers total) (Sealed Original Box): - Sony PlayStation Classic. (2


Apple - iPod nano 2G Sealed Personalized Silver, 2006 Ipod

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is an auction of a piece of the history of the Apple iPod: a unit of the second generation of iPod nano, in silver color, model A1199, still sealed in its genuine and never opened box. The iPod nano 2G was announced to the world by Steve Jobs in the Apple


Jacob Hitt - Mileena of Mortal Kombat w/COA

Up for auction is a breathtaking illustration by the talented Saatchi-featured artist Jacob Hitt. This stunning piece, rendered authenticated print on canvas, measures 40 x 30 CM and is sure to make a statement in any collection. Mileena of Mortal Kombat w/COA, this rare and


canon X07 - Computer (1) - In original box

Rare Ancien ordinateur canon X07 très bon état avec accessoires fonctionne très bien


Apple A1207 iMac 20" - Computer - In original box

Apple iMac 20"computer in zeer goede conditie. De model-nr is A1207. De computer heeft een Intel Core2Duo CPU draait op 2,16 Ghz, 4 GB DDR2 RAM-geheugen, een 250 GB harde schijf en een DVD-RW-station. Het heeft ook een 20-inch TFT LCD scherm met resolutie van 1680 * 1050. -


Microsoft Xbox One Syberia 3 collector's edition - Video game (1) - In original box

very rare syberia 3 xbox one collecctor,s edition. very good condition. very rare / tested and working. please check pictures for more details


Nintendo Gameboy Color Pikachu Edition 1998 (with new housing) +Original Pokemon Blue with new battery - Set of video game console + games - with box protectors

Hi, you are bidding on: 1x Nintendo Game boy Gameboy Color Pokemon Pikachu Edition, amazing condition +Pokemon Blue with working save. + 1 original box protectors. And unique serial number. This Console Has been kept with care and in perfect condition, it has been refurbished


Nintendo NES 8-Bit Classic Nes-01 1985 Console+Original SMB/Duck Hunt Game, Zapper - Set of video game console + games

Hi, you are bidding on: 1x Limited Edition Nintendo NES 8-BIT Classic Console. +Nintendo Controller. +Nintendo Zapper Gun. +Duck hunt Game. +Ac adapter generic. This Console is very nostaliguc, a perfect addition to anyones collection. see pictures for more detail and


Nintendo Gameboy Color GBC - Limited Edition TEAL TURQUOISE - Extremely Rare OLD STOCK - Video game console - In original box

Hi, you are bidding on: 1x Nintendo Game boy Gameboy GBC TEAL TURQOUISE Version. Serial# relevant manual / user information. battery cover. original box. Still sealed on one side. This Console is in perfect working order, a perfect addition to anyones collection. see


Carlos Fariza - Statue, Ryu Travelling Escala 1/4 OOAK del videojuego Street Fighter, único en el mundo - 50 cm - Resin - 2011

Resin statue of the Street Fighter character Ryu, traveling version. 1/4 scale. Unique in the world. Hand painted by the talented artist Carlos Fariza. The sculpture is made of resin and with real clothes. As it is a personal and custom piece, it does not have a factory art box,


Apple "THE ORIGINAL" – iMac G3 "BONDI BLUE" 233 MHz – including matching "Hockey-Puck Mouse & Keyboard" - - Macintosh - With replacement box

>> FORWORD. Please don't make any assumptions, but READ the accompanying text – and look at the photos "very carefully" to avoid disappointments. Goodbye, boring computers! Meet THE ORIGINAL IMAC! For your consideration at this wonderful auction is the vintage and hard-to-find


Apple MAC CLASSIC "QWERTY" bundle – with App & Games Pack - Macintosh - With replacement box

[ this vintage Mac is NOT often sold – especially NOT in this exceptional condition ] >> FORWORD. Please don't make any assumptions, but READ the (full) accompanying text – and look at (all) the photos "very carefully" to avoid disappointments. Before continuing reading, ask


Nintendo SNES (Super Nintendo) Donkey Kong Country Classic edition FAH Version - Video game - In original box

Super Nintendo SNES NES SUPER RARE Donkey Kong Country FAH edition, Includes: Box. Manual. Game. Inlay Plastic. Extremely rare black Nintendo New old stock, box is really in amazing shape. Always stored in a box protector Please don't hesitate to email with any


Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01 1989+Nintendo GB-80 Limited Edition Carrier Case, Tetris +F1 Pole - Video game console

Hi, Included are. 1x Gameboy Classic DMG - 01 , 1989 in mint condition, screen is completely scratch free and console too, this has been completely refurbished using original parts such as, battery connectors, power and control buttons etc, its in perfect working order, afew


Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) - Hellnight - Video game (1) - In original box

Hellnight Italian PS1 game in excellent condition, very rare


28 Nintendo Ludotronic Orlitronic - LCD game - Loose working & Parts

What you see in the photos is what you get! This is for Collectors and repair people. See all details: Included are ribbons, rubber buttons, plastic buttons, art layouts of Oil Panic, Rainshower, Popeye, DK, DK 2. Included are many good


Extremely Rare National Semiconductor SCX "Prototype" MicroCMOS Gate Array Chip SCX6218 - Vintage computer - Protected by an "Static Shield Bag,"

Presented for sale is an incredibly rare find for electronics enthusiasts and collectors alike. This National Semiconductor SCX MicroCMOS Gate Array chip, produced in 1985, comes from the esteemed Gate Array Family Application series. What sets it apart is the presence of the


Nintendo, Mego / Timeout / Ball Tossup - LCD game - In original box

Nintendo Game & Watch - Ball / Tossup in original box. Complete in original box. Comes with instructions, original foam, workingl order, with batteries ( not original) box has some ware on it. But overall in Original inlay, all flaps and in good shape. Just see the pictures.


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