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Moksa Brewing Co - Moksa TWO - 50cl - 1 bottles

Moksa Brewing Co - Moksa TWO. Moksa TWO is our anniversary stout consisting of a custom blend of our finest barrels selected by our Brewers. After tasting through all the barrels that had potential we chose the following blend: ⠀ 20% Stout in Heaven Hill Bourbon for 20 months.


Nevel - Fruits of Labour - Batch no. 1 - 75cl - 6 bottles

This beer is made in collaboration with Catawiki. Together with their team we selected one of our best barrels to bottle as an exclusive release. This beer is exclusively sold through a Catawiki auction. Elegant, delicate carbonation. In the nose you find exotic fruits and


Cantillon - Drogone 2021, Iris 2016, Antidoot Cornucopia Dornfelder 2022 & Bofkot Pet Bière Dornfelder (2020) - 75cl - 4 bottles

Cantillon Drogone (2021) - Cantillon Iris (2016) - Bofkont Pet bière dornfelder (2020) - Antidoot Cornucopia Dornfelder. Pack of 4 Lambic beer from my personal cellar. They have been stored here since I purchased them. Need space and money for a new project of mine. Pack


Phase Three Brewing - Arabesque Batch 1 (2021) - 75cl bottles

This barrel-aged dark, English-style barleywine spent over a year and a half aging in Heaven Hill bourbon casks. Notes of rich toffee, spicy vanilla and charred oak with smooth heat from the bourbon casks for balance. One of the best barrel aged barley wines ever made. This is


Westvleteren - XII in original crate - 33cl - 24 bottles

The well-known and unique Westvleteren 12 beer. kept cool and dark. 24 bottles + original wooden Westvleteren crate


Westvleteren - XII - 33cl - 12 bottles

This multiple award (as voted best beer in the world) winning Trappist is brewed at brewery Sint Sixtus and has a dark amber color and a stable, strongly wall-adhesive white foam head. Westvleteren 12 is masterful in its complexity but delightful in its simplicity. The sublime


Goose Island - Bourbon County Brand Stout 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 - 37.5cl - 4 bottles

Four different bottles of the fabous Bourbon County Brand Stout from Goose Island. These are the normal editions from the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. - Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2018 - Untappd: 4,47 - ABV: 14,7. - Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2019 -


Het Anker - Gouden Carolus Classic 2022 & Gouden Carolus Imperial Dark 2022 - 75cl - 6 bottles

Het Anker - Gouden Carolus Classic 2022 & Gouden Carolus Imperial Dark 2022. 75cl - 6 bottles - 8.5%alc. This beer is brewed in the Abbey by Het Anker in Belgium Gouden Carolus Classic 2022. 3 bottles Gouden Carolus Imperial Dark 2022. 3 bottles Gouden Carolus Classic 2022.


Cantillon - Saint Lamvinus 2022 - 75cl - 3 bottles

Cantillon - Saint Lamvinus 2022. 75cl - 3 bottles - 7.0%alc. Blend of lambics aged on average 16 to 18 months and of Merlot grapes. The year’s blend, bottled November 2022, was exceptionally made with Merlot (55%), Grenache Noir (35%), and Syrah (10%). Lambic can be rightly


Cantillon - Oude Geuze Depuis 1900 b. 2022 - 75cl - 6 bottles

Cantillon 1900 Oude Gueuze Depuis 2022. 75cl - 6 bottles - 5.5%alc. This beer is brewed on 31 Augustus 2022 by Cantillon in Belgium The Gueuze Cantillon, a real spontaneous fermentation beer, its entirely made up of lambic. The lambic is brewed with organically grown wheat


Drie Musketiers - Grande Finale Grand Cru Limited Edition 2022 - 75cl - 2 bottles

Grande Final Grand Cru Limited Edition 2022. 75cl - 2 bottles - 8,1%alc. This beer is brewed by Drie Musketiers in Belgium. Grande Finale Grand Cru in large bottle is an Amber-blonde Grand Cru beer of 8.1%. A unique tasting beer with a spicy aroma and notes of caramel.


Zundert - 10 Trappist Jubileumeditie 2023 Limited Edition - 75cl - 3 bottles

Zundert 10 Trappist Jubileumeditie 2023 ( Limited Edition ) 75cl - 3 bottles - 10%alc. This beer is brewed by the Netherlands. Zundert 10 Quadrupel Trappist is a top-fermented beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle. This Trappist beer is a deep red-brown color, with a


Hertog Jan - Grand Prestige Special Jubileumedition 40 Years & Grand Prestige 2022 - 75cl - 3 bottles

Hertog Jan Grand Prestige Jubileum Edition 40 Years & Hertog Jan Grand Prestige 2022. 75cl - 3 bottles - 10%alc. This beer is bottled and brewed by the Netherlands Hertog Jan Grand Prestige Jubileum Edition 40 Years. 1 bottle Hertog Jan Grand Prestige 2022. 2 bottles On the


Publitasting - Druif-Rabarber Geuze 2023 - 75cl - 3 bottles

3 bottles publitasting. druif rabarber geuze. limited edition (102 littre) Belgium beer blend of 1, 2 ,3,4,5,6 year old lambics. from Belgian brewery Eylenbosch brewery Sako brewery den Herberg and De Troch. 75 cl. 6,5 % alc edition 2023. exp date 31/12/2025.


Cantillon - Fou'Foune - 75cl - 2 bottles

2x 75cl bottle "Fou'Foune" from the Cantillon brewery. Blend of lambics aged 18 to 20 months and of Bergeron apricots. The apricots are sourced from environmentally-friendly and sustainable agriculture. The proportion is 300 g of fruit blended with one litre of lambic, and the


St. Bernardus - Magnum Edition 2012 - 1.5 Litre bottles

St. Bernardus Abt 12 Magnum Edition 2012 the first magnum edition in this series! It is a dark brown abbey beer, perfectly balanced, with a full flavor and a bitter sweet aftertaste. The beer is easy to drink due to its soft, full-bodied taste and has a perfect balance between


Moortgat - Duvel Magritte - 75cl - 2 bottles

2x verry limited 75cl Bottle Duvel Magritte. Duvel celebrates the 125th birthday of the Belgian painter René Magritte. As a tribute to this iconic artist, the brewery is releasing a collection of bottles based on his surrealist work CIEL BOUTEILLE from 1940. During the war, a


Bosteels - Karmeliet Grand Cru Limited Edition - 75cl - 3 bottles

3 bottles 75cl Karmeliet "Grand Cru" Limited Edition from Bosteels brewery. This edition is verry exclusive and limited. expiration date 14/09/2024. Karmeliet Grand Cru, the flavour of ultimate dedication and centuries of mastery. Not three, but four grain varieties form the


Cantillon - Grand Cru Bruocsella 2015 & 2017 - 75cl - 2 bottles

1x 75cl bottle "Grand Cru Bruocsella" from the Cantillon brewery. Lambic Bio Saison 2012. 1x 75cl bottle "Grand Cru Bruocsella" from the Cantillon brewery. Lambic Bio Saison 2014. The Grand Cru Bruocsella is a Lambic that has matured for 3 years in oak barrels and has been


3 Fonteinen - Oude geuze 2012 - 75cl bottles

3 fonteinen oude geuze 2012 75cl bottle. Stunning geuze getting harder and harder to find. Stored in perfect conditions.


Westvleteren - VI - VIII - XII - 33cl - 12 bottles

4 x Trappist Westvleteren VI : 5,8% (exp. date 18/10/2023) 4 x Trappist Westvleteren VIII : 8% (exp. date 29/11/2025) 4 x Trappist Westvleteren XII : 10,2% (exp. date 18/01/2025) Stored in cellar at constant temperature. The package will be packed with caution in a strong


Brouwerij De Feniks - Selfish Session Golden Ale - 33cl - 96 bottles

ex-brouwerij de feniks gullegem - heule. 96 flessen van 33 cl. 4 kartonnen dozen met elk 24 flesjes. selfish session golden ale blond bier. Selfish (egoïstisch) omdat we dit biertje eigenlijk liever voor onszelf houden. Een vlot drinkende Session Ale. Een uitgelezen bier


Brouwerij De Feniks - Zillateur Zilleghemse Uitgebrande Pikante Tripel - 33cl - 96 bottles

ex-brouwerij de feniks gullegem - heule. 96 flessen van 33 cl. 4 kartonnen dozen van elk 24 flesjes !!! Zillateur was ons eerste “zwartje”, een Zilleghemse Uitgebrande Pikante Tripel met veel speciale kantjes. Aan het oppervlak doet dit bier erg denken aan een stout, maar het


Brouwerij De Feniks - Pimp Your Rye - 33cl - 72 bottles

72 x pimp your rye your place or mine. 3 dozen van elk 24 flesjes !!! red rey spiey saison. Een haardvuurtopper!!! wegens gewicht wordt deze niet verstuurd enkel afhaling


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