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Vantage - 118T Powerstrat - Electric guitar - South Korea - 1995

Vantage 118T. Powerstrat. Made around 1995 in South Korea. Comes with: Fender gig bag, guitar cable and strap! Serial number: 5080675. Tobacco Burst. Wood type: maple. Pickups: 1 humbucker and 2 single (Vantage original!) pickups controlled by a 5-position selector switch, a


Stamped Vtor Fetique a Paris - Viola bow - Unknown country

An old fine viola bow stamped Vtor Fetique a Paris. Appr. 74 cm, 65 g. The round prenambuco stick is straight. The frog is made of ebony and Parisian eye. Silver mounted. No cracks. A great piece to add to your vintage Instrument collection or to use! Shipping with german DHL or


Stamped Lupot - Violin bow - France

Old French bow for 4/4 violin stamped "Lupot." in bee wood from the workshop of Louis Bazin. In superb condition. Length: 74.5 cm. Balance point measured: 26.8 cm. Weight: 52g


Labelled Fritz Otto Kaiser - - Violin - Germany

4/4 Labeled Fritz Otto kaiser 1972 nr.93. Excellent condition. Comes with no case Total length: 60. Total body length: 36. Top: 16.7. Mid: 11.6. Bot: 20.8


Schecter - Hellraiser hybrid C-1 Ultra violet - Electric guitar - South Korea - 2021

Sold alone without case. Will be packaged very well for delivery. New


Unlabelled - - Violin - Unknown country

This violin has been completely restored by a luthier from Cremona. Spruce top. Back and sides in maple. Maple head. Full ebony frame, New bridge and strings. This violin comes complete with its original case. Violin measurements. Length 590 mm of the violin. Case 357 mm.


Unlabelled - Violin - Germany

Beautiful, intact 4/4 Saxon violin from the Markneukirchen region. It is a Stradivarius model from the 1930s. Apart from the normal signs of wear, the violin is completely intact. The sizes are: Total length 59.5 cm. Scale 32.9 cm. Body 35.9 cm. Waist 11.2 cm. Width above 16.8


Labelled Schuster - Violin - Germany

Beautiful, intact 4/4 violin by L.P. Schuster from Markneukirchen (Saxony). The violin is a Stradivarius model from the 1930s. Despite its age, the violin has few signs of wear and has the beautiful original lacquer. The sizes are: Total length 59.6 cm. Scale length 33.1 cm. Body


Labeled Markstein - Cello (violoncello) - Germany

Cello labeled: Markstein TIM 1920. Two-piece back made of flamed maple, top made of medium grained spruce. Replacement of non-original parts with luthier: end pin, tuning pegs, Larsen strings, tailpiece with fine tuners, custom bridge. Shows signs of use. Plays smoothly thanks to


Labelled Stradiuarius - Violin - Germany

Beautiful old Saxon 4/4 Stradivarius copy from the twenties from the area of Markneukirchen. The violin has signs of wear after about 100 years, but the sound makes up for a lot. The sizes are: Total length 59.5 cm. Scale 32.2 cm. Body 35.5 cm. Waist 11.3 cm. Width above 17.4 cm.


Labelled R. A. Gagliano - 4/4 - - Violin - Unknown country

You are bidding on a very fine (19th century) 4/4 violin, labeled Raffaele ed Antonio Gagliano quodam Giovanni Napoli 1853. The instrument is in ready to play condition. There are no cracks, good rosewood set up, old A Fils bridge and new strings. The violin has an excellent


Labelled Giovanni Pistucci - 4/4 - - Violin

A late 19th century full size violin. The label says: Giovanni Pistucci Napoli 1889. This violin is in good used condition, beautiful model with a very elegant natural amber patina, very high quality of woods, perfect details all over. There are some small repaired cracks on


Labelled Simonazzi Amedeo - 4/4 - - Violin - Unknown country

A nice old full size violin. The label reads: Simonazzi Amedeo allievo di Stefano Scarampella di Brescia fece in Santa Vittorio R E anno 1948. This violin is in good condition with some tears, wears and old repaired crack right to tailpiece. Beautiful model with a very elegant


Labelled R. Parramon, Barcelona - special - - Violin - Spain - 1930

Stunning old master violin, with a beautiful two pieces softly flamed maple back with interesting carvings, matching ribs and scroll is being auctioned off to the highest bidder! Absolute unique single made instrument from Barcelona, Spain. The top is a straight and finely


Labelled Giuseppe Pedrazzini - 4/4 - - Cello - Unknown country

Dear musicians and collectors, you are bidding on a very fine 4/4 Cello, labeled Giuseppe Pedrazzini Cremonese fece in Milano 1926 Gius. Pedrazzini. Beautifully and selected wood and work of an experienced craftsman. Two pieces back of softly flamed maple wood with matched ribs,


Labelled Ferdinandus Gagliano - - Violin - Unknown country

3/4 violin labeled Ferdinandus Gagliano filius Nicolai fecet neap 1772. Instrument in good condition with no breaks, almost new strings, has a high-grained spruce top and 2-piece flamed maple back with matching sides. The neck and scroll are in flamed maple. Beautiful varnish


Unlabelled - - Violin - Germany

Beautiful, intact, unlabeled 4/4 Saxon violin from the 1930s, built in the Markneukirchen area (Sachsen). The violin is finished in detail and has a beautiful sound. THE sizes are: Total length 59.2 cm. Scale length 32.8 cm. Body 36.0 cm. Waist 11.3 cm. Width above 16.7 cm. Width


TAMAKI tele made in japan 1976 - TAMAKI TELECASTER 1976 - - Electric guitar - Japan - 1976

Extremely rare. For Collectors. Tamaki Telecaster 1976. A perfect copy of the Fender Telecaster. Tamaki Telecaster 1976 using all original parts made in Japan. works perfectly. The creator used different materials than the more famous Telecaster. To reach more people at


GALLAN - GALLAN Jazz Bass JB'75 black 1970s-75s japon import - - Electric bass guitar - Japan - 1970

GALLAN bass type JB’75, made in Japan. Japanese brand from the 1970s/75s, very beautiful copies of essential brands like Fender, Gibson etc. and to compete with the famous Tokai, Greco, Fernandes etc.. The violin making is excellent, the body has enormous sustain and resonance.


Roland, VT3 - Effect pedal - USA

VOICE TRANSFORMATION / ROLAND / VT-3. Mechanical-sounding vocal parts have become common in electronic music, but easily crafting them and using them on stage often remains problematic. The VT-3 allows you to easily change the pitch and formant of a voice and include it in your


Roland - TR-8 - Drum machine - USA

RHYTHM PERFORMER / ROLAND / TR-8. The TR-8 is a live drum machine that combines the legendary sounds and feel of the TR-808 and TR-909 with the functions and qualities of a modern machine. Instantly recognizable sounds and classic effects. A new live game mode. Robust and


Yamaha - FG-280 - - Acoustic guitar - Taiwan - 1976

The Yamaha FG series was created in 1966. This Yamaha FG-280 was conceived in 1976. An excellent acoustic guitar, great playability, refined tone and admirable construction quality, light and very easy to handle, it will reproduce the sound at a high and clean volume. Designed by


OLYMPIA Strings - 30 mute per basso FLATWOUND fls 4b-45100 - - Electric bass guitar

FLS 4B-45100 - SMOOTH steel strings for 4-string bass Characteristics:- Flat Wound Stainless Steel - Gauging: .045 - .065 - .080 - .100


"Jay Turser" Jazz Bass Style IV - Jazz - - Electric bass guitar

Jay Turser Jazz Style 4 String Electric Bass. Never used, pickguard still with protective film. Solid Jazz style body. Tortoise pickguard. Rosewood fingerboard. Maple neck. Adjustable truss rod. Dot inlays. 2 J-style single coil pickups. 2 volume and 1 tone controls. Chrome


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