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Stamped C. Thomassin a Paris - Violin Bow - France

Very old violin bow with stamp "C. Thomassin a Paris" (writing is visible - see pictures) Violin bow length: approx. 74 cm. Weight of the beautiful bow: approx. 75 grams. The violin bow is strung, but has not been tested. Very old used condition. Just like in the pictures.


Pas de manque - Cello Bow - France - 1900

Old Antique cello violin bow - old Antique cello violin bow 71cm 79 grams


Stamped Vigneron a Paris - Violin Bow - France

Vigneron a Paris printed Pernambuco wood violin bow without certificate. The weight is approximately 59.5 g. Length 74 cm. New hair and ready to use. The year of production is purely indicative. Used regularly by professional musician. Has no damage or repairs. It will travel in


Labelled Antonius Stradivarius - Violin - Italy - 1940

Old violin made of precious wood, inside with label and inscribed *Antonius Stradivarus, Cremona Fecit anno 1731*, age 1st half of the 20th century, country of origin Italy, size approx. 57x20x9cm, good condition with signs of age and wear, strings not complete, need to be


Stamped Paul Jombard - Violin Bow

Beautiful 4/4 violin bow in pernambuc signed Paul Jombard Paris in excellent condition. Ready to be played. 74.3cm. 58gr


Labelled Josef Klotz - 4/4 - Violin - Germany

Very old 4/4 violin with note - Josef Klotz in Mittenwalde in 1795 with bow and case. The beautiful antique is in used condition (see pictures). The strikingly curved back of this unique violin gives it a rare character. There are some signs of wear/scratches/fine cracks/tears


Gewa - Allegro - Le Progrès (SET) - Violin - Germany - 2021

Gewa Allegro 4/4 Violin. This perfect instrument is hand-varnished by specially trained luthiers, which has never been seen before in this price range. All the features of this exceptional series of instruments result in sound reproduction that redefines this price sector.


Labelled Nicola Gusetto - 4/4 - Violin - Unknown country

This vintage violin, crafted in the likeness of the renowned Nicola Gusetto's work, is a testament to the artistry of its maker. It carries the essence of Gusetto's masterpieces, with exquisite attention to detail and a profound respect for tradition. The instrument's aged wood,


Unknown - 4/4 - Violin - Germany - 1900

This violin from Germany represents the epitome of modern craftsmanship. Meticulously designed and built with precision, it showcases the country's renowned tradition of violin making. Labels & certificates: There are no labels on the violin. Included items: Included are the


Unlabelled - 4/4 - Violin - France - 1800

Information instrument: The instrument comes without a case. Labels & certificates: There are no labels on the instrument. Included items: Included are the violin, a chin rest, (new) strings an (old) hand cut BRAND bridge and a violin case. Measurements Instrument:


Labeled Markstein - Cello (violoncello) - Germany

Cello labeled: Markstein TIM 1920. Two-piece back made of flamed maple, top made of medium grained spruce. Replacement of non-original parts with luthier: end pin, tuning pegs, Larsen strings, tailpiece with fine tuners, custom bridge. Shows signs of use. Plays smoothly thanks to


Unlabelled - 4/4 - Violin - France

Information instrument: The instrument comes with a case for transportation purposes. Labels & certificates: There are no labels on the instrument. Included items: Included are the violin, a chin rest, new strings a NEW UNCUT bridge and a violin case. Measurements


Labelled R. A. Gagliano - 4/4 - - Violin - Unknown country

You are bidding on a very fine (19th century) 4/4 violin, labeled Raffaele ed Antonio Gagliano quodam Giovanni Napoli 1853. The instrument is in ready to play condition. There are no cracks, good rosewood set up, old A Fils bridge and new strings. The violin has an excellent


Labelled Giovanni Pistucci - 4/4 - - Violin

A late 19th century full size violin. The label says: Giovanni Pistucci Napoli 1889. This violin is in good used condition, beautiful model with a very elegant natural amber patina, very high quality of woods, perfect details all over. There are some small repaired cracks on


Labelled Simonazzi Amedeo - 4/4 - - Violin - Unknown country

A nice old full size violin. The label reads: Simonazzi Amedeo allievo di Stefano Scarampella di Brescia fece in Santa Vittorio R E anno 1948. This violin is in good condition with some tears, wears and old repaired crack right to tailpiece. Beautiful model with a very elegant


Labelled R. Parramon, Barcelona - special - - Violin - Spain - 1930

Stunning old master violin, with a beautiful two pieces softly flamed maple back with interesting carvings, matching ribs and scroll is being auctioned off to the highest bidder! Absolute unique single made instrument from Barcelona, Spain. The top is a straight and finely


Unlabelled - 4/4 - Violin - Germany - 1900

This aged 4/4 violin exudes a sense of history and artistry, with its deep, dark brown hue that has mellowed and enriched over the years. The wood's rich patina, a testament to its age, adds a sense of elegance and timelessness to this instrument. There are no labels on the


Labelled Giuseppe Pedrazzini - 4/4 - - Cello - Unknown country

Dear musicians and collectors, you are bidding on a very fine 4/4 Cello, labeled Giuseppe Pedrazzini Cremonese fece in Milano 1926 Gius. Pedrazzini. Beautifully and selected wood and work of an experienced craftsman. Two pieces back of softly flamed maple wood with matched ribs,


大正琴 - TAISHO KOTO - Harp - Japan

I can't play it, so I haven't tested it. Dimensions:6, 64, 14 cm (excluding the box) Weight:1070 g (excluding the box) Accessories: Specialized hard case. One well-used taishogoto pick. Two brand-new taishogoto picks. Six replacement strings (3 thin strings, 2 thin wound


Labelled Ferdinandus Gagliano - - Violin - Unknown country

3/4 violin labeled Ferdinandus Gagliano filius Nicolai fecet neap 1772. Instrument in good condition with no breaks, almost new strings, has a high-grained spruce top and 2-piece flamed maple back with matching sides. The neck and scroll are in flamed maple. Beautiful varnish


Unlabelled - - Violin - Germany

Beautiful, intact, unlabeled 4/4 Saxon violin from the 1930s, built in the Markneukirchen area (Sachsen). The violin is finished in detail and has a beautiful sound. THE sizes are: Total length 59.2 cm. Scale length 32.8 cm. Body 36.0 cm. Waist 11.3 cm. Width above 16.7 cm. Width


Stamped Hopf - Violin - Germany

Fine and rare violin from the famous German violin maker family Hopf from Klingenthal. The instrument was presented to a renowned German violin expert and auction house owner via photos and assessed as an original. "The violin sent to me in photos is actually an instrument from


HK - Telecaster (Spalted Maple Top) - Electric guitar - China - 2008

HK Telecaster. Electric guitar. Probably made. in China, around 2008. Serial number: unknown. Wood types: unknown. Body color: Spalted Maple (gloss); hardware color: chrome. The guitar has been tested by me and played to my satisfaction. It sounds clean and clear, like a good


Shiro - AC-30 - Acoustic Guitar - Japan - 1970

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of the 1970s with the Shiro AC-30 Vintage Guitar. Meticulously preserved, this remarkable instrument is in excellent condition, showcasing its original beauty in all its glory. With its vibrant sunburst finish and impeccable craftsmanship,


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