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Faller, Kibri, Pola, Vollmer H0 - Scenery - Post-war buildings with post office, garage/gas station, station, signal box

Post-war buildings. Gas station. Car wash with opening door. Garage. Bus stop. Post office. Lidl supermarket. Terraced houses. Residential building. Signal box - Kibri. Station - Pola, according to English example. The photos are part of the description. Will be carefully


Märklin H0 - 3024.1 - Electric locomotive - BR E18 - DB

Electric train, original box. Item tested and working. The material comes from a private collection. The photo is an integral part of the description. For more photos or information contact me by mail.


Märklin H0 - 2261/2297 - Model train tracks (9) - 8 x electric points and 1 x electric uncoupling rail 2200 series full profile

Märklin H0 - 2261/2297 8 x electric points and 1 x electric uncoupling rail 2200 series full profile. - 4 pairs of 2261 straight electric switches in neat original packaging. - 1 x 2297 electrical uncoupling rail in replacement packaging (2197) Switches and uncoupling rail in


Märklin H0 - 7028.3 - Scenery - Engine shed for 3 locomotives

Märklin locomotive shed 7028 (third version) made of sheet metal: - all chimneys and skylights present. - Doors open/close automatically when the locomotive moves in and out. - Dimensions: 46 x 37 x 14 cm. - slight corrosion, especially on the doors. - overall good condition


Märklin H0 - 430 - Scenery - 2 telegraph poles

2 Märklin telegrahen masts 430 (manufactured 1937 to 1939): - Height 10 cm each. - good to very good condition with slight signs of aging and wear. In the original box. The photos give a good impression and are to be understood as part of the description. Insured shipping.


Containers H0 - Scenery - 16x 20' containers from different companies.

Containers H0 - Landscape - 16x 20' containers from different companies. 16x 20' container from different companies. Photos are part of the description. All packages are sent by registered mail and insured.


Roco, efsi H0 - Scenery - 22x 20' containers from different companies.

efsi, Roco H0 - Landscape - 22x 20' containers from different companies. 7x Roco -20' container from different companies. 6x EFSI - 20' container from different companies, 4 of which are blank. 9x 20' container from different companies. Photos are part of the description. All


Märklin H0 - 341SB/344J.3 - Model train passenger carriage (2) - 2 carriages

2 vintage Marklin carriages. 4-axis. 1 x baggage carriage 344 J with sliding doors - 1 coupling is missing. 1 x passenger carriage 1st + 2nd class. This has no brand or type designation. Provides holders for end lighting. Both carriages are in reasonably good condition. Photos


Roco, DJH H0 - 04122A - Tender locomotive (1) - Type 97 - NMBS

Roco, DJH H0 - 04122A - Tender locomotive (1) - Type 97 - NMBS. Company number: 97.042. Tested and working. Front lighting depending on the direction of travel. 4 Axles powered. Rear coupling only. Neatly converted Roco BR 93 with DJH kit E129-10 to NMBS Type 97. The Type 97


Minitrix N - Model train tracks (13)

2x Minitrix 4960, 15 degrees double crossing switch. 2x Minitrix 4935, electric mechanism right (for 4960) 3x Minitrix 4960, 15 degrees double crossing switch - without electric mechanism. 1x Minitrix 4773, 15 degrees fixed crossing. 1x Minitrix 4965, turnout right 15 degrees


Trix Express H0 - 3328, 3329, 3330 et 3331 - Model train passenger carriage set (4) - KPEV (Chemins de fer royaux prussiens)

Production by trix: 1966 - 1972. Mikado: 6066/2 (van), 6067/1, 6068/1 and 6069/1. Very good condition, all "trimmings" present, no original box, wheels and couplers for three-rail system


Fleischmann N - 7175 - Steam locomotive with tender (1) - BR 050, with cabin tender - DB

Fleischmann N - 7175 - Steam locomotive Series BR 050 of the DB, with a cab tender. Running number: 050 058-7 Front-signal lights at either end. The locomotive has been tested and is fully functional. Please see the photographs for an accurate impression of this lot.


Fleischmann, Roco N - Model train passenger carriage (8) - Umbauwagen

Large set of 8 "Umbauwagen" 6 x Roco. 2 x Fleischmann (in original packaging) I will add an extra Roco wagon with a defective wheelset to the set, for parts. Photos are part of the description, so please view them carefully. Everything is packaged very carefully when shipped.


Viessmann H0 - 6070/6073 - Electronics (7) - Seven park lanterns

Seven park lanterns from Viessmann. The double lanterns are still in the original packaging, the single lanterns are not. 4x 6070. 3x 6073. Shipping well packaged by PostNL. See photos for a good impression.


Faller H0 - 120488 - Model train building kits (1) - Double track viaduct

Faller HO 120488 Viaduct double track. Faller Construction Kit. This construction kit contains: 97 separate parts in 3 colors. Tested and okay. Check out the photos for more insight. Shipping with Post NL, carefully packaged, insured and registered. We work with smart shipping


Märklin H0 - 83320 - Electric locomotive (1) - BB 22200 "Tunnel Loc" - SNCF

Märklin H0 - 83320 - E-loc BB 22200 tunnel locomotive of the SNCF. Company number: 22402. all metal. Special limited edition MHI on the occasion of the opening of the channel tunnel. Entry in the Koll's Spezial Katalog under number 95701. Metal electric locomotive in appropriate


Fleischmann H0 - 6170-W/6171-W - Model train tracks (6) - Professional straight hand switches, weathered

Fleischmann Profi straight hand switches consisting of: 3 pieces Fleischmann 6170-W Profi straight manual switch 200mm right. 3 pieces Fleischmann 6171-W Profi straight manual switch 200mm left. All rail welds and wire bridges are present. No glue or solder residue. Please


LGB G - 42413 - Model train freight carriage (1) - Side unloader 'Schotterwerk Silberhütte'

Side discharger 'Schotterwerk Silberhütte' from LGB. The model is in very neat condition, complete with original packaging and loose parts. Shipping well packaged by PostNL. See photos for a good impression.


Figuren H0 - Scenery - Assortment of +/- 150 figures

Landscape - Assortment of +/- 150 figures. Lot contains various brands. +/- 150 figures. View the photos to get a good impression of what is offered. Photos are part of the description. All packages are shipped registered and insured


Märklin H0 - 2860 - Train set (1) - 4-part passenger express train with EP 5 with lighting in the carriages - DRG

Märklin H0 - 2860 - Electric locomotive with 3 express train carriages Ep 5 of the Bayerischer Staatsbaan. Somewhere on this auction 2 matching wagons are offered (Märklin 4261) Locomotive company number: 21534. This set is of the construction series 152 of the Deutsche


Fleischmann N - Model train freight carriage (3) - 3x car transport wagons - DB

3 N gauge Fleischman car transport wagons with DB vehicles. These wagons are in very good to new Fleischmann condition, all couplings are present and working.


Märklin H0 - 3065 - Diesel locomotive (1) - BR 260 417-1 with Telex couplings - DB

Diesel hydraulic shunting locomotive BR 260 with company number 260 417-1 of the DB. Tested and working well. Drives and shifts well. Telex couplings working. Lighting works. Box has signs of use. Photos are part of the description.


Fleischmann H0 - 6206/6205 - Signals (4) - Main arm signals with single and double semaphore and electric drive

2x main arm signal with single semaphore and electric drive. 2x Main arm signal with double semaphore and electric drive. Tested and working. Photos are part of the description. Locomotives have 1 month warranty after purchase. At defective return within 1 month from


Roco H0 - 66018/66019 - Model train freight wagon set (8) - 8 pieces Erst wagons (Erz IIId) - DB

Almost completely new H0 Ore wagons from Roco, (Deutsche Bundesbaan) with AC wheels for the Märklin track. Packed per 4 pieces. Minimal storage traces on the packaging. Tested and provided with original description. Very nice ore wagons for a long ore train. Never driven, only


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