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Fluorite Quartz & Hematite Crystal cluster - 8×9.5×4.3 cm - 350 g - (1)

Beautiful cluster of fluorite from the Hermine Mine in Germany. The greenish to yellow crystals show a fine translucency and well covered by a scintillating partial crystallyzation and layer of numerous hematite included quartz microcrystals creating a nice contrast to the piece


Aquamarine Crystal on matrix - 4×3.1×2.4 cm - 42 g

Erongo Mountains, Karibib, Erongo Region, Namibia - A single perfect striated blue aquamarine crystal shows up on a small mass of small irregular orthoclase crystals. The crystal measures to 4 cm in size !! Great color and very fine specimen from this well known locality. This


Aquamarine w/ Black Schorl Tourmaline Crystal cluster - 40×30×25 mm - 71 g - (1)

100% Natural Damage Free Aquatic Symphony: Unveiling the Deep Blue Aquamarine w/ Black Schorl Tourmaline Cluster + Matrix From Afghanistan. Completely Terminated and Damage Free Aquamarine Crystal. Aquamarine Crystals Has Perfect Blue Color. Medium Size Crystals For Display. It


Lazurite Crystal cluster - 70×40×28 mm - 113 g - (1)

Azure Depths: 100% Natural Fully Terminated Royal Blue Delve into the Enigmatic World of Lazurite Crystals Cluster Specimen Afghanistan. Completely Terminated and Damage Free Royal Blue Lazurite. Lazurite Specimen Has Perfect Deep Blue Color. Small Size Specimen For Display. It


Monazite Crystal - 4.1×4×2 cm - 0.2 kg - (1)

Name: monazite. Provenance: Pegmatite of Ambatofotsikely, Betsohana, Mandoto, Vakinankaratra, Madagascar. Size: 4.1 x 4cm


Ruby, Amethyst and Malachite 925 Silver Bracelets- 25 g - (3)

**Ruby, Amethyst and Malachite Bracelets in 925 Silver - Natural Beauty and Vibrant Energies** **Description:** - **Total Weight:** 25 g. - **Number of Bracelets:** 3. **Ruby Bracelet:** - **Weight:** 7.6 g. - **Number of Gems:** 10. - **Length:** 18 cm. - **Meaning of Ruby:**


Vanadinite on Goethite Crystals on matrix - Height: 90 mm - Width: 70 mm- 380 g

Vanadinite on goethite is a unique and striking mineral specimen from Sahara desert in Morocco. This piece features vanadinite crystals nestled on a blackgoethite formation, creating a beautiful contrast between the orange-red vanadinite and the black goethite.


Gold Nuggets - 0.5 g - (2)

2 natural Australian gold nuggets. (Gold specimen with quartz) Clarity: 23/24 carats. You will receive the exact nuggets that are in the photos. Only 2% of the gold in the world is in the form of gold nuggets, the remaining 98% are microscopic grains and the majority of the gold


Enhydro Aesthetic Blue Aquamarine Double Terminated Crystal Crystal - Height: 72 mm - Width: 18 mm- 37 g - (1)

Enhydro Aesthetic Blue Aquamarine Double Terminated Crystal was originally hunted in Pakistan's famous Shigar mine. This beautiful enhydro aquamarine crystal have moveable enhydro bubble it is moving very well. It is well transparent top quality. It is a collection piece for


Gold Nuggets - 1.021 g - (5)

5 natural Australian gold nuggets. Clarity: 23/24 carats. You will receive the exact nuggets that are in the photos. Only 2% of the gold in the world is in the form of gold nuggets, the remaining 98% are microscopic grains and the majority of the gold found is melted. These


Amazing Lapis Lazuli Tumble, Beautiful lot of Lapis Lazuli Nuggets/FreeForms- 1100 g

FOUR SEASONS GEMS85 (HONG KONG) Beautiful lot of natural Malachite Intense colors. Size= 54g to 14g Weight : 1100g. Origin : Afghanistan. Treatment : None. Please note that this is a natural product and sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.


Top Quality Azurite Sun Rare Mineral!!! - 120×110×35 mm - 395 g

Azurite is a very charming mineral for its amazing bright shades of blue. Sought-after by collectors, given its wide availability in different shapes, sizes and colour variations. Here is offered an Azurite Sun, a variant that can only be found in one place in the world, in the


Beautiful Semi-Transparent A++ Roses Quartz Freeform- 1524.71 g

Quartz, rose. Rose Quartz carries a very gentle and soothing energy and. can give comfort to anyone feeling wounded. The gemstone is. used for healing the heartsick and is a natural remedy that can. treat any issue that needs emotional healing. It provides a. deep sense of


Bismuth Crystal cluster - 5.5×13×16 cm - 2200 g - (1)

Rare XXL Bismuth crystal element. Approx 16x13x5.5 cm. Weight 2200 gr. Beautiful crystal formations with exceptionally beautiful metallic rainbow colors. Bismuth is number 83 on the periodic table of elements. The colors come from titanium as Bismuth itself is mainly silvery in


Tremolite 'grammatite' (type-locality) - Campolungo, Ticino, Alps, Switzerland - Height: 4.5 cm - Width: 3.6 cm- 12 g

Tremolite is not the first species you can think of when exploring the extraordinary world of alpine minerals since finding well-formed crystals is exceedingly rare: tremolite is mostly found as a rock-forming mineral rather than as open fracture-filling crystals. However,


Vanadinite - Mibladen, Midelt, Morocco - Height: 4 cm - Width: 3 cm- 29 g

Here is a superb miniature selected from the recent finds in Mibladen, displaying a 1.2 cm large focal polysynthetic crystal, sparkling with numerous micro faces, on top of a coronadite-coated matrix. You can also notice what is probably white calcite crystals ; the back side of


Bournonite on Pyrite, Sphalerite and Galena - Trepca Stan Trg mine, Kosovo - Height: 5.6 cm - Width: 5 cm- 161 g

Watch a video of this specimen by following the Vimeo link below: New discovery! The recent groundbreaking finds in the deepest 11th horizon of the Trepca mine set a new standard for the species in this deposit and put Trepca on the map as one of the


Fluorite with Calcite on Quartz - Yaogangxian, Hunan, China - Height: 7 cm - Width: 5.7 cm- 185 g

Here is a nice pastel color fluorite from Yaogangxian, displaying slightly bulging cubes of sky blue to green and purple hues, coated in white calcite and in combination with clear quartz. A beautiful Chinese classic, from what is arguably one of the best fluorite localities in


Gypsum - Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza, Spain - Height: 6.6 cm - Width: 6 cm- 51 g

Here is a nice representative specimen featuring an extremely clear and glassy gypsum crystal (5.7 cm long) nested in a massive sugar gypsum matrix. Fuentes de Erbro produced among the best European gypsums, here is an opportunity to obtain a good example of this Spanish


Rhodochrosite with Quartz - Manuelita mine, Andean Cordillera, Peru - Height: 7.5 cm - Width: 4.5 cm- 178 g

Here is a beautiful candy pink rhodochrosite from the old finds in Manuelita mine! If displays roses of pink rhombohedrons displaying well visible and disntinctive zoning with clear outer stripes and colorful cores, in combination with quartz on a sulphide matrix. The color is


Native Copper on Quartz - Le Burg mine, Tarn, France - Height: 1.7 cm - Width: 1.7 cm- 3 g

While Le Burg mine became famous for exceptional blue fluorite specimens, a few pockets of native copper and cuprite were also found. Here is a nice miniature native copper, very sparkling and with nice patina, displaying sharp octahedral twinned crystals in combination with


Cinnabar on Dolomite - Chatian mine, Hunan, China - Height: 9.8 cm - Width: 7.4 cm- 397 g

Cinnabar is a mercury sulphide and the main mercury ore. A few localities in the world only produced good crystals and the best ones are undoubtedly in Hunan. Classic modern locality for cinnabar, the Chatian mine produced excellent specimens for the species in the 1990's-2000's.


Stalactites of hematoid Chalcedony in geode - Sidi Rahal, Marrakesh, Morocco - Height: 15.5 cm - Width: 12.0 cm- 422 g

Watch a video of this specimen by following the Vimeo link below: The artisanal quarries in basalts near Sidi Rahal has become famous over the last years for producing exceptional chalcedony and amethyst geodes. Here is a fantastic cabinet-sized


Proustite - Imiter mine, Tinghir, Morocco - Height: 2.2 cm - Width: 2.1 cm- 10 g

Watch a video of this specimen by following the Vimeo link below: Here is a fantastic miniature of proustite from Imiter, featuring two highly sparkling balls of red proustite on a small piece of matrix. It looks like two mineral raspberries!


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