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Daruma Kokeshi dolls (2) - Wood - Japan - 20th century

Vintage Daruma Kokeshi dolls which are estimated to have been created in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Though considered a toy by some, Daruma has a design that is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of luck to the Japanese. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol


Hanging scroll (1) - Paper, Silk, Wood - Butterfly - Japan - 20th century

Overall size: 47.5*97cm. Middle size:43*25.5cm. The axis component is wood. There are some stains and dust. The mounting part has water stains.


Box (1) - Wood - Fubako 文箱 (Box for Letter,Paper) - Japan - 20th century

The Japanese wooden box is characterized by beautiful lacquer patterns on the lid. The shape of the main body is also beautiful. There is some dirt inside. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's


kokeshi doll - Wood - Yoshida Takashi 吉田多加志(1948-2007) - Fine Gunma Kokeshi - Japan - 20th century

DESCRIPTION. This is a beautiful Gunma kokeshi made by Yoshida Takashi 吉田多加志(1948-2007) artist:Yoshida Takashi 吉田多加志(1948-2007) was born in Gunma where the famous for "創作こけし Sosaku Kokeshi" that is a new "kokeshi" designed by the author's free ideas rather than the traditional


Original woodblock print (2) - nishiki-e - Paper - Court of Appeal Osaka and red bridge in park - Akamatsu Rinsaku (1878-1953) - Osaka Sanjurokkei - Japan - 20th century

The Court of Appeal in Osaka shown behind the Shinsai Bridge in swirling snow. Atmospheric print from the series Osaka sanjurokkei, 36 views of Osaka. Sheet 22. And red bridge in park. no 10. Publisher Kanao Bun'en-do in 1947. Paper size 245x360, image size 225x300. Signed


Byōbu folding screen - Paper, Wood, Golden silk on paper, Paint - Japan

A great, large six-panel byôbu 屏風 (folding screen) with a painting on shiny golden silk showcasing a ferocious tiger 虎 (tora) in a bamboo grove 竹 (take) near a waterfall. The tiger stands on a hill, roaring fiercely, in the distance. Signed and sealed in the lower left corner


Koro - Mixed Metal - Japan - 20th century

Transparent incense burner (koro), signed. Size about Height 12cm, Diameter 9cm. Weight 544g.


kokeshi (5) - Bamboo, Wood - Sakai Shojiro, Masao Watanabe en anderen - Japan - 20th century

Special Kokeshi; -Two of the Seven Lucky Gods, Hotei and Fukurukuju, by Sakai Shōjirō (酒井正二郎, born 1921). Hotei is 14 cm. high and Fukurukuju 18 cm. -Masao Watanabe (1917-2007), Mushin kokeshi. -Iwamoto Yoshizo (岩本芳蔵), 1913 - 1973, Nakanosawa Kokeshi, 30 cm. -bamboo omijyage


Ikebana vase, Vase - Porcelain - Animal, Child, Flowers, Lion - Fujii Shumei 藤井朱明 - Fine Porcelain Vase designed with beautiful shape and patterns - Japan - 20th century

Artist: Fujii Shumei藤井朱明 Born in Arita Town in 1933. In 1937, his work ``Kanryu'' was selected for the Nitten Exhibition for the first time, and since then he has been selected 15 times. In 1938, he became independent as a brocade processing business, and in 1949 opened


Vase (1) - Bronze - Crane - Nakajima Yasumi 中島保美 (1905-1986) - Crane Neck Bronze Vase 鋳銅鶴首花瓶 - Japan - 20th century

Fine bronze vase with signature - Nakajima Yasumi 中島保美 (1905-1986) - Japan - Showa period (1926-1989) Dimensions:27.3, 7.5, 7.5 cm. weight:594g. Reasonable condition. artist: Nakajima Yasumi 中島保美 (1905-1986) A famous metal sculpture artist. In 1925, he traveled to France and


Tanaka Osamu 田中 修(b 1952) - Natsume - Snow and bamboo grass, Gold maki-e Lacquer, mother-of-pearl inlay, "雪笹蒔絵" - Gold, Wood, mother-of-pearl inlay

《For customers considering purchase》 Shipping methods are Small Packages, EMS, and Yamato Transport. Since the item will be shipped from Japan, customs duties and VAT will be borne by the buyer. Please understand. 《Product Description》 Weight (in grams): 45g. Total weight


Metal Artcraft "Sarumawashi (Monkey Spinner)" - Metal - Showa - 20th century

【Important notes】 ・International Buyers: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. ・Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be


Katana - Tamahagane - Katana w/NBTHK Hozon Judgement paper , Toppei Koshirae : Kaneyoshi : A2-901 - Japan - Muromachi period (1333-1573)

Signature) 兼吉- Kaneyoshi. (関) - Seki area. Size) TOTAL Length : 100cm. Blade length : 68.4cm. Curve : 1.9cm. Motohaba : 2.8cm. Weight : 900/1.49kg (without stand) Condition) There are few cracks, rusty. There are little scratches propers of the forging process that proofs its


Netsuke of the sennin 仙人 (immortal) Chinnan about to summon a dragon from his alms bowl - Ivory - 19th century (Edo period)

The item CANNOT be sold outside EU. Ancient and rare netsuke depicting sennin standing with bowl. Beautiful naturally amber patina. Excellent general conditions and with minimal wear and grain compatible with the era. a Japanese object from the Edo era. It was manufactured


Byōbu folding screen - Lacquer, Silk - Japan

A fantastic, large six-panel byôbu 屏風 (folding screen) featuring a painting on shiny golden silk depicting a flock of geese and ducks gathering at a waterfront filled with white asters 野菊 (nogiku). Signed and sealed in the lower left corner Kason 華邨 (possibly Suzuki Kason)


Ikebana vase - Bamboo - Japan - Meiji period (1868-1912)

Large, impressive woven bamboo and rattan ikebana flower basket 花籠 (hanakago) with a great dark brown patina. The baluster body rising to a spreading neck. The wide oval mouth fitted with a loop handle made from pieces of thick dark patinated wood with a natural allure. The


Katana - Steel - Masterpiece Japanese Sword Katana Sou Hiroshi and Son Sou Tsutomu Mukansa NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon (Sho - Japan - 20th century

Here is a superb  collaborative masterpiece of an extraordinary master craftsman father Sou HIROSHI 宗弘 and son Sou TSUTOMU 宗勉. To honor his father. This is the exceptional collaboration sword of the renowned father Sou HIROSHI 宗弘 aged 79 in his later years and legendary son


囲碁 - Board game (1) - Go-game 碁盤 (goban) complete with 碁石 go-stones (go-ishi) - Wood, Shell(蛤), Nachiguro(那智黒), Mulberry wood

Heavy solid wooden Go-game (囲碁) table 碁盤 (goban) complete with go-stones 碁石 (go-ishi), in a very good condition. Because the broad top of the gaming table is made of solid wood, it has a beautiful continuous grain. Raised by faceted baluster feet. The boxes of the stones are


Hanging scroll painting (1) - Silk - A lesser cuckoo, the moon - Horin (?-?) 鳳林 - "A lesser cuckoo under the moon" - Signed and with seal 'Horin' - Japan - 20th century

【Size】 Overall: vertical 184× width 27.8cm*width does not include roller ends. (the work: vertical 112.5× width 25.1cm) 【Condition】 ・There are burns, stains, wrinkles, dirts on the Japanese paper on the back of the cover. ・There are burns, stains on the image. ・There are burns,


Tea bowl - A Fine Satsuma tea bowl of a rich decoration in gold and polychrome enamels with scene of daily life - Ceramic, Enamel, Gold

Refined Satsuma tea bowl with rich decoration in gold and polychrome enamels. Inside the tea bowl, a lively and engaging scenario opens up, depicting a scene of daily life during a day of celebration, outside a temple. Numerous characters are represented with precision and


Vase - Ceramic - Japan - Meiji period (1868-1912)

Japanese Satsuma porcelain vase - 19th Meiji period. Charming Satsuma porcelain vase. Rich animated decoration of children playing in a garden on a beige background, golden decoration. Rare and pretty detail - a knot around the collar in relief. Probably, the cover is missing.


Exclusive Sosaku Kokeshi by Yoshida Takashi - Doll - 1980-1990 - Japan

This is an exclusive Vintage Kokeshi by Yoshida Takashi . She is beautifully decorated with green and golden colors which contrast nicely with her black long hair. Fans are used for decoration. She is a rare find and an excellent opportunity to add this lady to your collection.


Figure - Fudô Myô-ô 不動明王 - Bronze, Iron (cast) - Japan

Outstanding patinated bronze & cast iron standing figure of of the deity Fudô Myô-ô 不動明王. He is worshipped as a wrathful avatar of Dainichi, the buddha at the centre of the Buddhist cosmos. He has a expressively ferocious look on his face with down-arched bushy eyebrows, a pair


Detailed hand-carved boxwooden ruyi-scepter shape featuring a bamboo tree & cicada. - Boxwood - Japan - Taishō period (1912-1926)

Intricate hand carved boxwooden ruyi-scepter (ceremonial sceptre used by monks when reciting sutras), known in Japanese as ‘Nyoi’ 如意. Traditional form created by an elegantly shaped bamboo tree 竹 (take) winding its roots around a rock. Atop one of its branches rests a sizable


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