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Sculpture, Gun powder flask - 24 cm - Brass, Copper, Silverplate

A powder bottle (copper/brass/metal) for rifle from North Africa, Touareg. 19th century. 24cm. Good general condition for its age. Sent with UPS Belgium. Beautiful work with floral and circular patterns. 2 rings on the sides previously contained a chain.


2 Necklaces 1 Pendant (3) - Baltic Amber, Phenolic Resin and Glass - Baltic and North Africa - Mid 20th century

2 Baltic Amber necklaces and a Berber pendant in phenolic resin, dating from the mid-20th century. Necklace 1: Double necklace with pearls in the shape of Corn grains, Butterscotch and translucent color, of good quality, and wearing beautiful warm honey and amber colors. Weight:


Country: Oman... 0penwork Wooden Panel (with metal jewellery utensils) - Panel (1) - Wood

Country: Oman.. openwork Wooden Panel, In the center of the panel is located an entrance gate. In here are 4 metal Oman jewellery utensils. Period: presumably 1950-1960. Height: 45 cm, Width: 39 cm Depth: 4,5 cm. Weight: 2 kg


Needle? - Bronze - Turkey - Late Ottoman period

We offer you Antique 18th-19th Century Ottoman Bronze Needle from Turkey. This product is offered to you from a collector's collection. The product is in good condition. This rare and unique bronze needle we offer you is handmade and has period Islamic workmanship. Similar types


Oval seal - Bronze - Middle East - 1000 - 1300 AD

Persian seal stamp with Islamic writing. Origin/Known history: Ex. British private collection. Collected before 1970. After that, A.A. Gallery, UK. Certificate provided. No export outside the EU


Jewellery box - Gilt bronze, Stainless steel - Syria - 19th century

I offer you this magnificent and rare jewelry box of Syrian origin (Islamic/Ottoman period) Composed of nine squares on the front with hand-made floral motifs. Weight: 300g. One to grab by collectors or for an exceptional, timeless gift. The photos are an integral part of the


Writing desk - Wood - Kashmir, India - mid 20th century

Very nice hand carved work. Owned and purchased used since 1984. Key missing.


Headdress, embellishment - Agate, Alloy, Silver - Ottoman empire - 19th century

Beautiful Handmade Silver Headdress Embellishment from the Ottoman era. This unique piece was originally bought from Iran. It was used as a decorative embellishment hooked onto the Tepelik (Ottoman Headdress). It has 3 large antique agates placed centrally and one on each side.


Ring (1) - Silver, Sterling silver 925 - Iran - 20th century

Ring in natural silver and gilded silver. Iranian artistic engraving. Finger size 13.5. Weight 30 GR. 925% acid tested silver


Box (1) - Wood

Lacquered wooden make-up box from India, which was mainly used ceremonially during the Holi festival. The lid, which slides open to the side, features a wooden peacock, a symbol of imperishable beauty, which is also associated with the goddess Laksmi, who brings luck and wealth.


Ancient pair of Indian bracelets - Bracelet

Ancient pair of Indian tribal forearm bracelets. in silver title around 60% embossed work. rather elastic in the finish. consistent despite being empty. in excellent condition and without dents. bracelet 1 internal diameter 6.4 cm external 8.5 cm - 31.6 g. bracelet 2 internal


Bracelet - Silver - India - first half 20th century

Silver wedding anklet with rattles. Last quarter of the 19th century. These and other jewels come from the private collection of the Italian sculptor Gustavo Augusto Felici who lived in India until 1905 and returned to Italy after the death of his Indian wife. Well known in the


Architectural ornament - 1800-1850

Antique hand carved capital / corbel. Very old work, probably dating from 18th-19th century. Capital made out of solid teak / sal wood featuring an amazing detailed scroll works and foliage (acanthus leaves), as the typical Indian style. Corinthian style. A capital / corbel can


Vintage Omaanse zilveren oorbellen - Oman

Vintage, Bedouin Omani silver earrings, the 2 round circles are 6.5 cm with 2 chains of 5 cm with the hand of Fatima which is a protection, made of coin silver, the balls are 2.5 cm long and 1 cm thick, these earrings weigh 50 grams together, the single weighs 40 grams and is


Bracelet - Silver - North Africa - late 20th century

No reserve price. Traditional North African bracelet, adjustable open type, made of high-grade silver with 2 noticeable punches on one of its edges (touchstone tested, minimum 800 silver) decorated with details of red coral (Corallium rubrum). Dimensions: Width: 7.2 cm wide in


Head ornament - Algeria

Beautiful Tabzimt in enameled silver (tested) and Celluloid, early 20th century Algeria, Kabylia. Celluloid plates were imported from Germany at the very end of the 19th century to. Imitate coral. gaps and cracks on celluloid cabochons. Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 1 cm. Gross weight:


Stupendo Piatto 499 g - Silver - Iran - Qajar dynasty (1796–1925)

Stunning silver plate, wonderful Persian manufacture made between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Totally chiselled and embossed by hand, with rich decoration with plant motifs. The quality of workmanship is museum-quality, an example of


Necklace made from Lapis Lazulli and Carnelian Agate beads with Stone Poppy amulets

- Necklace made from Lapis Lazulli and Amethyst beads and Carnelian Agate and Amethyst Fly amulets. Restrung on modern wire and Silver Lobsterlock (925). - Total length: 42 cm. Registered Shipping. Known History/Provenance: Ex. London Art Market, 1990's. After that A&O


Bracelet (1) - Low-grade silver - Bracelet en argent indien - Saudi Arabia - Late 19th century

Engraved and chiseled bracelet with stud all around. In a perfect state. No clasp but you can slip your hand into it. It ends with a diamond-shaped plate. (See photos)


coffre en bois peint oriental ancien - Storage trunk (1) - Wood

This 19th century oriental chest is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Crafted from pine wood, it features beautifully painted sides and top, showcasing intricate patterns and vibrant colors. The original interior offers ample storage space for various items, making it both visually


Balkan Ottoman Bracelet - Silver - Bulgaria - early 20th century

Beautiful bracelet in high grade silver (acid tested), originating from the Balkans and more precisely from Bulgaria. Dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Weight: 124g External diameter: 7cm Internal diameter: 6cm. Fairly good condition, some signs of wear: 2cm crack on


Bracelet - Sterling silver 925 - India - Early 20th century

Tribal bracelet in silver of very high content with exceptional design. Worn by Rabari women from the Gujarat/Rajasthan region. Emptied from the inside with twisting system to put it on the wrist. Bracelet of very good quality with beautiful patina of use and very beautiful


Bracelet - Silver - India - Late 19th century

Exceptional heavy bracelet in very high grade old silver, between the mid and late 19th century. Exceptional chiseling and embossing work. Very beautiful patina of wear. Origin: Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Thar Desert. Weight: 156 gr. Interior dimensions: oval 5.5 x 4.7 cm. External


Bracelet mounted on ashtray NO RESERVE - Silver - North Africa - 19th - 20th century

19th century North African container-mounted silver bracelet. Measures 9 x 8 cm. Weight 80.8 g. Provenance: Private collection of an important villa in Lugano


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