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Gau box from Nepal with prayer (1) - white metal, copper and enamel, paper - Nepal - Mid 20th century

Buddhist Nepalese Gau, necklace with box containing a prayer sheet. The upper part is decorated and handmade in white metal while the cover on the back is in copper and has a relief design. The decoration is completed with turquoise and coral colored enamels. Inside there is a


Silver - Ring Carnelian

Silver ring set with Carnelian. Weight: 9.50 grams. Size: US.10 U.20 (63). Carnelian: Cut: Cabochon. Dimensions: 17 x 14 mm. Weight: 12.00ct. Purity: opaque. Treatment: Gemstones are often treated to improve color or clarity. This has not been investigated for this specific


Sculpture, Gun powder flask - 24 cm - Brass, Copper, Silverplate

A powder bottle (copper/brass/metal) for rifle from North Africa, Touareg. 19th century. 24cm. Good general condition for its age. Sent with UPS Belgium. Beautiful work with floral and circular patterns. 2 rings on the sides previously contained a chain.


925 Silver - Bracelet

Never worn giant handbrushed bracelet from Asia with 925 silver mark This wonderful bracelet is a nowadays rare high quality silver piece coming from Laos. In Hmong culture, jewellery in general is not only worn for being more fashionable but also for showing


Silver - Bracelet

Set of traditional bracelets from Afghanistan with rich silver work and decorated with small lapiz lazuli stones. The bracelets are slightly flexible and therefore easy to wear. Minimal wear has occurred through use. High-quality silver,. Weight 83 grams. Height 5 cm. Width 5.5


Headdress, embellishment - Agate, Alloy, Silver - Ottoman empire - 19th century

Beautiful Handmade Silver Headdress Embellishment from the Ottoman era. This unique piece was originally bought from Iran. It was used as a decorative embellishment hooked onto the Tepelik (Ottoman Headdress). It has 3 large antique agates placed centrally and one on each side.


Moroccan Bracelet - Silver - Jewellery band

Authentic Deblij Beldi (traditional bracelet) in silver, hallmarked with 2 ram heads which represents Moroccan jewelry from the 1925s. This type of traditional Moroccan barcelt is extremely rare to find due to its age and also rare to find with the 2 ram's head hallmarks. In


Ring (1) - Silver, Sterling silver 925 - Iran - 20th century

Ring in natural silver and gilded silver. Iranian artistic engraving. Finger size 13.5. Weight 30 GR. 925% acid tested silver


Bracelet - High-grade silver - Asia - Second half 20th century

Bracelet with safety chain, of South-East Asian origin. Jewelry hallmarked with a weevil inscribed in a rectangle. (French hallmark guaranteeing a legal minimum of 800/1000 for imported silver). In very good condition: (see photos) Dimensions: - width, (2 cm) - external


Ancient pair of Indian bracelets - Bracelet

Ancient pair of Indian tribal forearm bracelets. in silver title around 60% embossed work. rather elastic in the finish. consistent despite being empty. in excellent condition and without dents. bracelet 1 internal diameter 6.4 cm external 8.5 cm - 31.6 g. bracelet 2 internal


Silver - Choker necklace

Exquisite Timeless Iconic Rabari Kutch Flexible Solid Silver-Wire Torque (NeckRing) called Varloh or hasli, probably from Gujarat, India. 19th century-early 20th century. The woman of traditional Rabari community wearing this heavy ornament on day by day. Also various groups,


Antiek rug sieraad - Asik - Tekke/Turkoman - Afghanistan

Antique rug jewelry so-called ASIK from the Tekke tribe, Turkmenistan 19th century silver 835 (tested) long 23 cm. wide 17 cm. weight 230 grams. Partly ormolu. This elegant heart-shaped ornament was worn by Tekke women attached to the braids of their hair. It is said to provide


Head ornament - Algeria

Beautiful Tabzimt in enameled silver (tested) and Celluloid, early 20th century Algeria, Kabylia. Celluloid plates were imported from Germany at the very end of the 19th century to. Imitate coral. gaps and cracks on celluloid cabochons. Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 1 cm. Gross weight:


Necklace made from Lapis Lazulli and Carnelian Agate beads with Stone Poppy amulets

- Necklace made from Lapis Lazulli and Amethyst beads and Carnelian Agate and Amethyst Fly amulets. Restrung on modern wire and Silver Lobsterlock (925). - Total length: 42 cm. Registered Shipping. Known History/Provenance: Ex. London Art Market, 1990's. After that A&O


Balkan Ottoman Bracelet - Silver - Bulgaria - early 20th century

Beautiful bracelet in high grade silver (acid tested), originating from the Balkans and more precisely from Bulgaria. Dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Weight: 124g External diameter: 7cm Internal diameter: 6cm. Fairly good condition, some signs of wear: 2cm crack on


Statue, Dakini - 40 cm - Bronze (patinated)

Beautiful old bronze patinated Dakini dancer with peacock, graceful dancer decorated with headdress and jewelry, standing on a lotus flower. The statue is 40 cm high, 30 cm wide and 12 cm deep, weighs 2700 grams and will be sent via bpost Belgium with track and trace, carefully


Wall mirror - Wood

Iranian or Persian triptych mirror, 20th century, mirror with floral motifs and pickers in rose fields. Painted in blue, red and pink with gold patterns around the edges. Mirror with two doors opening onto a mirror, painted doors also inside. Brass chain for hanging on the wall


Inkwell (6) - Bronze - other - au - Middle East - Circa 1900

Collection of six inkwells, Ottoman oriental travel, Africa, 19th century


Indian Snake, handcrafted, 925 Silver (130gr) - Bracelet

Superb Indian Snake in 925 silver. Handcrafted. Very particular and full of details. Length: 21cm. Weight: 130gr. Safe shipping.


Bracelet mounted on ashtray NO RESERVE - Silver - North Africa - 19th - 20th century

19th century North African container-mounted silver bracelet. Measures 9 x 8 cm. Weight 80.8 g. Provenance: Private collection of an important villa in Lugano


Sans nom - Kamasutra couple d’anges

Stunning scene of a couple of angels making love naked in nature. This is a copy print of an Indian painting. framed. Kamasutra. Other similar lots on sale. group purchases possible. Great deals


Vase - Ceramic - Iran - Qajar dynasty (1796–1925)

A ceramic vase, 19th century, Qajar period (1796–1925), standing 25.5cm tall and weighing 812g, painted in polychrome enamels with pink floral decoration all over. An attractive form, originally a hookah base, such antique vessels are commonly used as vases until today.


Table (1) - Bone, Hardwood

Anglo-Indian coffee table made of richly decorated hardwood and elephants on the legs. Beautifully inlaid with bone. H 50 cm. Diameter of the top 51 cm. Good condition, considering its age. Missing 1 tusk and perhaps pieces of bone in the top, but certainly not disturbing, see


Figure - Kṛṣṇa Veṇugopāla - (1) - Ormolu

Valuable 19th century bronze statuette depicting Kṛṣṇa Veṇugopāla.


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