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Whole stone Baltic amber Collar necklace - Amber - Succinite

Stunning Genuine Baltic Amber Necklace made from hand carved flowers like bead ornaments and round beads in cognac colour. Amber symbolizes the renewal of marriage vows and is used to assure promises. It is worn as a symbol of their endurance and wisdom. It is believed Amber


Necklace - Silver - 60,8 g - India - Second half 20th century

Beautiful silver necklace from the flower power period. solid, beautiful craftsmanship made of first grade silver. marked, and the necklace has a hook clasp. Please view the photos carefully for a correct indication. will be packaged and shipped with care


Bracelet box - Morocco

Perfectly adapted to the life of nomads, this pretty box/Berber bracelet with a hinge and nail clasp is completely handmade. Made by Moroccan craftsmen in Berber silver (silvery metal), it can have a dual function. Pill box, jewellery box and bracelet. Moroccan craftsmen are


.925 Silver - Ring

This unique, completely handmade ring was purchased by a collector. It is a rare ring with various Islamic inscriptions on the agate stone. It is made of 925 sterling silver. You have the chance to own this ring from a special collection. Size 23 mm Weight 26,95 g. - We combine


Ring - Enamel, High-grade silver, Turquoise - Turkmenistan - 20th century

One-of-a-kind handmade Ottoman Era filigree ring. At the heart of the ring lies a turquoise stone, surrounded by handcrafted silver flowers which harmoniously contrast with the vibrant red enamel surrounding the perimeter of the ring. Ring has been maintained in its original


Egyptian Scarab Silver - Necklace with pendant

NR. 1711(1) A big, old Egyptian pendant in the shape of a well-known scarab beetle. Hallmark: has disappeared over time. Weight: 14.21 g. Size: Pendant: ca. 42x25 mm - Chain: ca. 41 cm. Note: We sell antique/vintage pieces of jewelry, so there might be some signs of wear due to


Silver - Ring

Gorgeous antique hand made Ottoman style sterling silver ring with detailing and a central stone in great condition. overall weight of 12.7g. 8.5/18/58 Ring has been maintained in original condition with no alterations.


Bracelet (1) - Vermeil and glass paste - cloisonné enamel - Tunisia - Early 20th century

Magnificent Tunisian bracelet from the Djerba region, in vermeil (acid tested), polychrome cloisonné enamel and colored glass paste cabochons, dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Weight: 54g Height: 3.5cm Diameter: 6cm. Good condition, very beautiful enamels with very


Anklets (2) - High-grade silver - Algeria - Early 20th century

Superb pair of Aurès Ankle Bracelets in high grade silver (tested and hallmarks not legible), dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Total weight 232g (116x2) Height: 7.5cm Diameter 7.5cm. Good condition, beautiful patina of use. Shipping with tracking.


sac de selle - Wool - Morocco - 21st century

Très belle sacoche de selle kilim authentique tissée avec un superbe design à lextérieur des poches et un beau design différent sur les poches intérieures.


antique carnelian, carnelian, agate necklace decorated with silver (1) - Agate - india-west-africa - Second half 20th century

antique carnelian, carnelian, agate necklace decorated with silver, the silver is not marked because it did not exist at the time


Silver - Bracelet

Old Bedouin cuff bracelet from Yemen in finely worked thaler silver. Early 20th century. Articulated, in very good condition (see photos). Tested with acid, the silver has a strength of less than 800/1000. Length: 8cm. Inner diameter: 51 to 57 mm. Weight: 192 grams.


litho's door Ravi Varma press e.a.

9 lithographs, most pre-war and mainly from Ravi Varma Press. It is not easy to date these prints correctly. These prints were printed in the time range 1920-1950. In good condition; never hung up! 'in good condition' is a relative term: in this case, as a seller, I must


High quality silver bell earrings - Earrings

Bell earrings from Rajasthan India of the highest quality in jewelery tested silver, description as per photo, weighing 15 grams.


Perzisch Khātam Fotoalbum - Picture frame - Wood - Silver

Rare photo album from Persia. Handmade according to the Khatam technique. The album is made of wood and decorated with silver elements. A special piece of craftsmanship. The album contains 20 double-sided pages, so 40 sides in total. Khātam an ancient Persian inlay technique. It


Calcutta silver figural milk jug / creamer embossed with village scenes (1) - High-grade silver, Silver, Sterling silver 925 - Flowers, Man - India - British Raj (1858-1947)

Wonderful Colonial Raj sterling silver figural milk jug fashioned in highly ornate Calcutta silver style. The creamer has a baluster body, resting on a round base and is embossed all over with Indian village scenes that depict houses, copious shrubbery and a villager sitting


Kabyle necklace (1) - Cloisonne enamel, Coral, High-grade silver - Algeria - second part of 20th century

Beautiful and important Kabyle necklace in high grade silver (acid tested), polychrome cloisonné enamel and coral dating from the second part of the 20th century, formed of a polylobed pattern ending with 11 pretty pendants. Good condition, a few cracks and the very bright color


Shield - yatagan ottoman empire - 1650-1700

Yatagan Ottoman Empire. Without sheath. Large ears, horn veins (see all images to see condition) Very well worked, the blade imprinted with designs (see images) has not been cleaned, not polished, conditions as shown in the image. Careful shipping via express courier


Dish (1) - plat ovale filigrané - Silver

Luxurious small oval dish in filigree silver from the Middle East in perfect condition. 21 gr. Floral and arabesque decoration. Will be sent with careful tracking and insurance via bpost Belgium. You buy what you see, make your own opinion based on the photos in the ad.


The story of Ganesha - palm leaf - India - second half 20th century

The story of Ganesha, the Hindu deity with the elephant's trunk. Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, the revered patron of new beginnings, intellectuals, bankers, scribes and authors. Centrally an image of Ganesha, surrounded by 18 drawings. Depicted in a painting of 16 palm leaves,


Mask (1) - Wood - Kolam tiger mask - Sri Lanka - Mid 20th century

Old authentic Kolam mask, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a rich culture of masked dance drama, the most famous form being the Kolam (Tamil for "costume" or "disguise"), performed mainly in the southern, rural parts of the island. This is a tiger mask. A very rare mask with old patina


Architectural ornament - 1650-1700

Corbel, wooden horse bust, hand-carved bracket, dating from the 17th century. Old original wood, Indian teak wood. Piece appraised, originating from a large private collection. The bust features the normal wear and tear and age, as expected in original secular pieces. Wall


XL Bronze Ganesha - Bronze - India - Second half 20th century

Unique sculpture of Ganesh, depicted in early age. Magnificent artwork by unknown artist. Incredible details portrait a perfect example of the uniqueness of the divinity. He is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences. As God of the beginnings,


Wooden bracket (1) - Wood - India - 18th century

Wooden corbel with makhara, a mythological serpentine monster that serves as protection. At his feet an apsara, a dancer, with flowing clothes. Remains of polychrome from various periods. Very good patina.


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