1970-1979 Jewellery box

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Herend - Porcelain wicker baskets with Victoria decor (2) - Porcelain

A little and entirely hand decorated Victoria Herend porcelain wicker baskets . Bright white porcelain painted with polychrome enamels. The tray is decorated peonies and other flowers.


Alfredo Barbini - Murano - Single flower vase and ashtray - Glass

A rare pair of Murano blown glass collectibles made by master glassmaker Alfredo Barbini in the 1970s. Both works are composed of two thick glass plates superimposed on the backdrop with abstract decoration and bubbles in the Sommerso technique. This is the same process used by


Nao by Lladró - Figurine, Las Fallas - Porcelain

RARE antique glitter porcelain figure NAO by Lladrò, depicting a Valencian couple of lovers, rich in details. The 'falleros' man is elegantly dressed in light blue and the 'falleras' woman wears a traditional Valencian dress with a beautiful floral detail. Branded and numbered on


Deruta - umbrella vase - Ceramic

Deruta ceramic vase. Marked. Due to its size it can also be a vase holder.


La Murrina - Vase - Glass

heavy glass - this vase is wonderful, the photos do not convey the beauty of the workmanship well. orange cased lattimo and clear glass with half a white filigree. Excellent, never used - one manufacturing imperfection (last photo) Unknown - La Murrina by Gianmaria Potenza -


Meissen - Figurines, squirrel and goose (2) - Porcelain

Two very beautiful white porcelain figurines from Meissen, Germany. In perfect condition, mint condition! No damage, no chips. Signed and numbered on the bottom. Size: 15 and 14 cm.


Gunther R. Granget - Hutschenreuther - Red Cardinal and two Flamingos (2) - Porcelain

A lot of two very fine porcelain figurines from Hutschenreuther Germany. In perfect condition, new! No damage, no chips. Size: red cardinal 21 cm, two flamingos 18 cm.


G. Granget - Hutschenreuther - Figurines, Kingfisher and a green Woodpecker (2) - Porcelain

A lot of two very fine porcelain figurines by G. Granget, Hutschenreuther. Size kingfisher 16 cm, green woodpecker 25 cm. In perfect condition, no damage, no chips. Mint condition.


Schneider: Magnificent heavy bubble lamp - Crystal

It is truly an exceptional lamp in terms of detail and with the small bubbles inside the crystal barely visible in the photos. Schneider is one of the undisputed masters of French glassmaking and crystalmaking. with his works signed French glass, he left his mark on his era.


jar with lid (1) - alexandrite glass

Never used, perfect glass, light mark on the silver bezel (photo) 1970/1978. alexandrite lead glass. Italy - Onda series, Asti x Arnolfo Di Cambio? h.22cm x diam.11.5cm. g.1380. purple (light blue with glowing light) household objects


Béla Markup (1873-1945) - Herend - Figurine, Polar Bear - Porcelain

Porcelain figurine from the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. Herend is still known for high quality porcelain figurines designed and executed by renowned artists. Product Title: Polar Bear on the ice. Painted, glazed porcelain with a shiny surface. The statue was designed by


Roberto Rigon - Bertoncello - Vase - Ceramic

Roberto Rigon - Bertoncello. Ceramic vase. Italy - 1970-1979. made in Italy. color in shades of brown. 25x25x22 cm. in good condition as shown in the photos. trackable shipping


Venini - Cache Pot - Glass

Venini - Vase holder - Glass. Italy - 1979. blue and white layered glass. 12x13x13 cm. signed and dated under the base. in good condition as shown in the photos. trackable shipping


Murano - Glass Art - Glass, Gold leaf

splendid elephant. heavy transparent glass - gold/silver foil. perfect excellent (photo) probably La Murrina or Formia. h.18cm x 10cm. 1000 g. black/gold/silver


Bernardaud - Limoges - Tea light holder - Porcelain

1884 Limoges - Four Listorique des casseaux cuisson de la porcelaine. Porcelain brazier - Votive - Tea light holder. In original packaging - never used. For the photo on a different coaster, see photos 10, 11 and 12, it is not included, but the original saucer is.


Table service - Crystal, Silver, Wood

Beautiful set of table dishes consisting of two swans and a young one. One of the objects has a '935 sterling silver' mark. The swans are in very good condition. The large swans measure approx. 13 x 7 x 12 cm. The little swan is 7 cm high. 486 gr. 457 gr. 97 gr. The top part


elephant - Glass

What is beautiful and rare. Murano elephant glass and 24kt gold handmade elegant workmanship unique to Murano collector's item entitled cose belle coserare murano glaze belongs to the 2000s vintage period for collectors and lovers of unique works. Below are the writings and the


Inkwell (1) - Spelter

Inkwell from the 1920s, representing the Sacred Heart Church of Paris and 2 photos of famous monuments: Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe of Paris. Object in regula, note, a small ink reservoir is missing. Old object. Vintage Souvenir of Paris Visit. Weight 500 grams. Careful


Decorative ornament

Sculpture representing the God Shiva, an emblematic religious figure of Hinduism in a prayer position. Object in resin laminated in 925 silver as indicated by the label placed on the wooden base and the stamp on the back made by the manufacturer STELLARGENTI PREZIOSI with the


Siphon (2) - Art Deco

Old siphons from the Carbonica Sparkling brands Cascada Vigo Pontevedra and another Revoltosa amber color with orange tones. Enjoy the photographs to understand the beauty of this siphon, it has a golden faucet or head from the brand Carbónicas Ferco Porriño Pontevedra and


Box (3) - Wood

3 wooden boxes: Larger box with inside compartments like a desk box. It is a vintage box with beautiful patina self made from the age. Measurement 30 x 15 x 20 cms 1730 g. Jewelry box with red velvety fabric inside with jewelry compartments. Measurement 20 x 8 x 11 cms. Small


Bookend (2) - Marble

Bookends marble in a orange/abricot and grey color. A small dent in one of them, not noticeable. I will send them with tracking and with good packaging.


Artek - Frame (1) - Versailles - Wood

Antique antique style frame of unusual workmanship and great visual impact. Rectangular shape with internal rectangular light. Meticulous and detailed craftsmanship. I also supply the glass. Restored wooden material, of unknown origin. Overall excellent in structure. Equipped


Box, Jewellery box (4) - Bone, Mother of pearl, Velvet, Wood (Mahogany)

Jewelery boxes handcrafted from a variety of high quality wood. with mother of pearl and bone velvet interior please look at the photos for a careful view. Measurements 70/70/50 mm. 120/120/55mm. 120/80/60 mm. 125/85/50 mm. Track freight. (note) does not ship to all islands


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