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Romeo Sozzi - Promemoria - Table (1) - Tornasole Table

Promemoria Tornasole Table. From the collection Tournasole Rising Sun by Romeo Sozzi, Italy. Year of construction: 2019 (design from a collection from 2013) This table is custom made (unique) for us with a diameter of 75 cm. It has been produced in April/May 2019. Foot


Vittorio Dassi - Bar (1) - Wood, mirror

Spectacular bar furniture designed by Vittorio Dassi, a prestigious Italian designer active in the middle of the last century. Made of wood, it has an inlaid pearl white marble top. The upper half is divided into three registers, each with its independent key; The central one


Alessi Richard Sapper - Coffee maker - 'Coban' - RS04 with coffee grinder + original manual - cast metal

'A design apparently made of one piece' (DesignPlus panel, 1999). Original iconic Alessi Coban RS 04 espresso machine by Richard Sapper (1988). Good condition, some usual signs of wear and tear. A unique piece, hard to find in this condition. The original manual is also still


La Murrina - Sculpture, Astratta "Big Balloons" Firmata, 1980-1989 - 68 cm - Glass

Tall abstract "Big Balloons" sculpture in Murano glass from around the 1980s by La Murrina. The hand-blown glass sculpture in primary colors has a round base with a curved central band and three colored glass spheres, hence the name. Signed by the manufacturer, see photos. Market


Sculpture, sommersa con base in vetro molato - 32 cm - 32 cm - Glass

The Murano glass work, a disc sculpture, is a unique and extraordinary creation, created with passion and inspiration by the master glassmaker. This work represents an authentic fusion between the art of glass and the beauty of the forces of nature, in particular the universe and


AJETO Borek Sipek - Drinking service (12) - “ BARBERANA “ XL - Glass

12 Beautiful XL wine glasses “BARBERANA” by the famous Czech architect/artist Borek Sipek. Designed for the “ALTER EGO” Collection. 6 Red wine glasses, height 34 cm! 6 White wine glasses, height 36 cm! Mouth blown with twisted stem. Executed by the “Ajeto” glassworks of Sipek.


Pino Signoretto - Murano - Figurine

PINO SIGNORETTO (1944-2017), Murano. Height: approx. 47 cm, width: approx. 48 cm, depth: approx. 25 cm, weight: approx. 19 kg. "Galloping Horse", - SINGLE PIECE - Freely formed, smoky green-gray, solid glass, base and mane acid-matted. . Pino Signoretto is one of the world's


Gebr. Jonkers - Dirk van Sliedregt - Armchair (2) - 718 - Chrome plating, wicker, rattan, skai, steel

Two rare armchairs 718 by Dirk van Sliedregt around 1954 for the Jonkers Brothers. Low chair with tubular steel frame. This has a backrest made of wicker and a seat made of leatherette. The hind leg is loop shaped. The design is a variant of the chair 568 with black


Paolo Piva - B&B Italia - Chest of drawers - Alanda

Discover a work of design art - the rare chest of drawers from the "Alanda" line by Paolo Piva for B&B Italia. This exclusive chest of drawers features a unique postmodern design, with 4 spacious drawers and 2 slimmer ones on top, supported by elegant twin feet similar to those


Venini Carlo Scarpa - Vase - Glass

Heavy "bubble" glass vase. Carlo Scarpa for Venini. Acid signature at the base


Arflex - - Marco Zanuso - - Armchair - Lady - Brass, Steel, Textiles, Wood

Lady is an icon of modern design and Made in Italy. Presented at the IX Triennale di Milano in 1951 – where it won the gold medal among other things – this armchair is an icon of modernity as it was the result of an important technical/material innovation. The lady armchair is


Effetre International Lino Tagliapietra - Vase - Istria - Murano's glass

29x23x13.5 cm. Istria vase. Double-set glass, blown blue, red and gray with dots. Effetre International, 1988. Signature engraved under the base Lino Tagliapietra Effetre International Murano 1988. On the side Effetre International label and Vetri Murano label. Product packaged


Pino Signoretto - Limited glass object

Limited glass object, XI / XII, Pino Signoretto, Murano, 04/16/1994. Height: approx. 22.5 cm, depth: approx. 7.0 cm. Round "pinched" hollow body of colorless glass enclosing a sphere of clear glass stained with gold powder. The golden ball seems to float inside the glass body.


Proposal - Saporiti - Armchair, Sofa (2) - P10

2 seater sofa bed and single armchair Proposals model p10 for Saporiti of high manufacturing quality upholstered in original green fabric with brown and blue bands. Steel structure and details. Good overall condition. Signs of aging on the fabric should be noted, as shown in the


Knoll - Florence Knoll Basset - Credenza (1) - sideboard florence knoll - Chrome plating, Granite, Steel, Wood

Iconic sideboard designed by Florence Knoll for the Knoll company, one leg of the base has lost a small part of the chrome as can be seen from the photos, the top is in black granite with small white veins.


Gino Cenedese - Vase - Vaso - Glass

Gino Cenedese (1907 - 1973), two-tone vase with green and blue shades of Italian Murano production, second half of the 90s, with label from the Cenedese manufacturer and acid etching of the signature on the bottom. The lot will be adequately packaged and shipped via partner


Venini Emmanuel Babled - Vase - Kyklos - Glass

Exceptional Murano glass vase from the prestigious Venini company, French designer Emmanuel Babled, In 1992 he opened his studio in Milan, starting to design for various Italian companies and collaborating with Venini. His approach to design is based on the idea that a good


Barovier e Toso Ercole Barovier - Set of bowls (2) - Porpora d'oro - Glass

Pair of blown glass bowls, "Ercole Barovier for Barovier&Toso" - from the "Porpora oro" series with inclusions of feuille d'or, Italy, circa 1960. These glass bowls are from a series begun in 1954, colored pink or purple using the non-melting glass coloring technique and


Venini Paolo Venini - Vase - Labuan - Glass

“Inspired by distant oriental destinations, Paolo Venini dresses it in precious colors, to then take it all over the world and have it admired. The journey of the Labuan vase began in 1933 and is still ongoing, with the 2019 re-release as the great destination.” Wonderful


Ferro & Lazzarini, Murano Rossetto Amedeo - Vase - Murano's glass

Vase with millefiori murrine made in Murano by master Amedeo Rossetto in 2016. Splendid handcrafted creation in blown glass made in Italy. Refined piece of furniture signed on the base by the master. Amedeo Rossetto. He was born in Murano in 1951 into a large family of


Murano, Venini Tobia Scarpa - Vase - Occhi - Glass

Tobia Scarpa, Venini. 'Occhi' vase, black and white murrine glass with crystal core. 1950s. Acid signature: "venini murano italy" H 32cm


Venini Ken Scott - Vase - Figura di pesce - Glass

Ken Scott, Venini. A fish figure. Slight crackle behind the mouth. 70's. Engraved signature: venini italia. L 39 cm


Carlo Zauli - Vase - Stoneware

Cylindrical stoneware vase marked "Zauli 1966". Vase diameter: 11cm.


Vase - Glass

Artistic glass vase entirely handmade on the historic island of Murano, inspired by the historic shape of the amphora, an extraordinary work that combines the ancient tradition of Murano glass art with an iconic style and design. This vase is made with a combination of incalmed


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