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Royal Copenhagen - Bowl (2) - Porcelain

Set of 2 Royal Copenhagen porcelains: perfect bowl without any defects. Lace motif, fluted blue. Measurements 20 x 25 cm. Height approximately 6.5 cm. White fluted vase, height 27 cm, top width 18 cm, base width 12 cm. Lot of 2 pieces.


Lladró - Figurine - Ballet Dancer sitting in a chair - Porcelain

Unique and elegant Lladró porcelain figurine depicting a ballerina resting gracefully on a chair/fauteuil. Reference #4847 - no longer in production. Mint condition aside from minor thumb chip. Will be safely packed in a generic box. Only EU bidders please. Due to local post


Issouf Derme - Sculpture, Hippo - 10 cm - Bronze

Bronze sculpture represent Hippopotamus. Shipping with insurance.


Abdoulaye Derme - Sculpture, Femme - 30 cm - Bronze

Bronze representing a Woman. Made in bronze by bronze artist from Burkina Faso. #summernoreserve.


altro - Artista piemontese - Vase (5) - Earthenware

Lot of hand-turned terracotta vases. Style: Chinese. Ritual vases. Weight. Lot weight approximately 70 kg. Very fragile (shipping agreed at the time of sale. The two vases at the top left measure: 72 cm in height and 15 cm in width. The vase at the bottom left measures: 40 cm in


Figure - statue angel on sphere with finish in flower motif - (1) - metal

statue angel on sphere with finish in flower motif (1) - cast metal rusty. angel on ball with floral pattern. beautiful in patina and finish, almost a work of art. View the photos and this speaks for itself in your garden. a beautifully cast statue in rusty metal. color in


Figure - large sculpture sitting pig ( - (1) - Iron (cast)

large sculpture sitting pig (1) - metal. beautiful garden statue in cast metal sitting pig. has a weight of 6 kilos. is in excellent condition, beautiful patina, rusty and will improve with age. the years of being outside. ideal garden statue or decor item. photos speak for


Statue, metal statue of a kneeling fairy - 26 cm - Iron (cast)

a beautiful statue in cast metal. dreaming fairy. rusty patina becomes even more beautiful with age. is in fine condition. height 26 cm. at 20 and 16.50 cm. weight 4.1 kg. will be shipped with care


Sculpture, Leopard Bozo - 52 cm - Wood, Pigment

Sculpture representing a Leopard in hardwood & Pigment. Shipping with insurance.


Statuette, set of 2 metal hedgehogs - 8 cm - Iron (cast)

a beautiful set of 2 hedgehogs in cast metal. rusty patina. become even more beautiful with age. in good condition. dimensions 8/10 by 15 cm. Will be shipped neatly packaged


Gerrit Patist 1947-2005 - Sculpture, Indiaan - 29 cm - marble and bluestone

Marble statue on hardstone base 'Indian' Gerrit Patist (De Bilt 1947 – 2005) Visual artist who received his training at the Artibus Academy and Center for Professional Training for Stonecutters in Utrecht. He mixed his love for stones with his fascination for Indian and African


Matthieu Liévois - Bowl (1) - Ceramic

Very pretty cut by Matthieu Liévois, contemporary French ceramist. Numerous crystallization effects with magnificent color nuances. Diameter 28cm, height 5cm. Porcelain and crystal type material, TBE,


Matthieu Liévois - Vase (1) - Ceramic

Very pretty vase by Matthieu Liévois, contemporary French ceramist. Numerous crystallization effects with magnificent color nuances. Height 22cm, diameter 15cm. Porcelain and crystal type material, TBE,


Baccarat - Figurine/Presse Papier - Porcupine - Crystal

Highly original BACCARAT Crystal figurine/presse papier, depicting a porcupine and sculpted in Art Deco fashion. Stamped with Baccarat logo hallmarks (see pic). Great gift/collectors item. Mint condition. 6.1x8.0x13.2cm. 881.0gr. Will be well packed not in its original box. Only


Hand Blown Vase - Green Glass

Beautiful hand-blown green vase with various handles on the outside. No chips, cracks or tears, in perfect condition. At the bottom you can see the breaking off of the glass blower holder to process the vase.


Bookend - Rare et superbe Serre - Livres , Poules - Bronze

Rare and superb set of Greenhouse - Chicken Books in bronze. Total weight 3,773 kg. They are in good condition, come from a country house. Ideal for an Easter or country decoration for, Showroom, Gite, Hotel, Library, Office, Farm, Loft, Gallodrome or for Farmer, Naturalist,


Carving, Leguanen - 29 cm - Wood

Two wooden painted iguanas from the Andes in Peru. In good condition. Will be sent with track and trace code.


Auguste Rodin - The Kiss Statue - Cold Bronze - Resin/Polyester

Auguste Rodin - The Kiss Statue. 17cm high. This Xclusive Item will be shipped very well packed. Furthermore, fragile tape will be placed on the package and a track code to track your package is available after sending out.


Bronze Dodo Bird Handmade - Java - Bronze

Dodo chick made by hand from bronze in Indonesia Java. The dodo is full polished to give it a chic gold shiny color. Every dodo is Unique and a real eye-cather. -------- The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is an extinct bird belonging to the pigeon family (Columbiformes) and the dodos


necklace - Murano Chevron Beads, glass, wood, brass

Superb Ethnic style necklace in Chevron Murano beads, glass, wood, brass and lapis lazuli beads on the brass hook clasp. There are 11 herringbone beads in total: 2 beads of 3.5X2.5cm 1 bead of 3x2.5cm 2 beads of 3cmx2. 4 of 0.7x1 cm 2 of 1.8x1.2. Weight: 206 g Total Length: 53


Vetreria d'Este - Glass object - Glass

Murano's glass. Perfect - like new. Este glassworks. Height 25 cm. Base diam. 10 cm. Italian post. Murano glass goblet in white and pink, with gold leaf. Zanfirico processing. The stem is a transparent dolphin with gold leaf. Probably 80s. Fast shipping, careful packaging


Lalique - Vase - Crystal

Lalique vases, clean nice condition. No defects. Very little sign of age.


Benno Premsela - Cor Unum Ceramics - Vase - Ceramic

Passe-partout design by Benno Premsela for Cor Unum Ceramics, Netherlands. Ceramics. Designed in 1993. New from private collection in original packaging. New from my private collection in original box.


Coat rack - Bronze

Antique French Louis XVI style coat rack with garland decoration and three hat supports or coat hangers. It is a very exclusive piece from an old palace collection. Certified shipping and good packaging.


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