1900-1920 Stoves

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Retro locks (3) - Iron (cast/wrought)

Ancient locks in use on doors from the early 1900s. Unique and rare pieces kept in good condition, one of which is complete with key for collection or display. Measurements 15x13; 17x17 and 12x12 cm. Weight 1,500 kg. The photos are an integral part of the description. I ensure


Jydsk Telefon-Aktieselskab - Telephone - Bakelite, Copper, Steel, Wood

Jydsk is a Danish telephone company founded in 1895 as Jydsk Telephone Companies Jutland. Was in use by the Danish Telephone Company of Jutland. The phone is in very nice used condition. The listening and hearing parts are made of Bakelite. The casing is made of iron. The handle


Statue(s) (1) - Plaster

Beautiful statue, busts, the reading light, in plaster 3,100 kg in good condition not broken, small addicted in multiple places, as in the photos, numbered 191 on the back


Superb carafe-decanter (1) - Crystal, Silverplate

A very beautiful grooved crystal decanter with a flared shape with handle and carved silver metal spout. Base diameter 15cm, height.23cm. See the pictures. Will be carefully packaged for fast and secure shipping, free collection is possible from Geneva and neighboring France,


Remington Typewriter Company - Remington model 12 - Typewriter, 1920s - Steel

Antique REMINGTON typewriter. Made in New York, VS. Production model 1922-1927. Serialnumber BC87102. Size 40 D x 39 B x 30 H cm. Brand: Remington Will be ‘sold as is’ For full function cleaning, service / restoration and new ink ribbon is recommended. Look at close pics for


Christmas decoration Eckart gmbh (43) - Glass (stained glass)

Vintage Christmas decoration purple with white. The wonderful Christmas decorations are hand-blown and hand-painted with gold decoration. This lot contains 43 pieces in different shapes and sizes. 26 pieces of medium-sized balls of 7-8 cm, 6 pieces of medium-sized balls of 6 cm,


Platter - metal

Metal deer. Moose. Winter decoration and Christmas decoration. With the following dimensions (+/-): Height: 32 cm. Width: 46 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance.


Christmas decoration (36) - Glass

This lot contains 36 vintage glass Christmas decorations ranging in size from 8 to 15 cm, all in good condition, very hard to find. Rare and varied lot. The Christmas baubles are a little yellowed but are in good condition considering their age. Some may have glass chips under


Walter Glas - Platter (1) - Vintage Mikasa Christmas bowl on foot

Beautiful Christmas sheep on foot Mikasa by Walter Glas. Nice condition. No scratches or the like. Great for the holidays, for example with chocolates. to present. Dimensions: Height 11 cm. Depth 25 cm. Originating from Germany. The 80's. This item will be packaged very


Wall decoration (3) - Italy

3 lovely and decorative musical wall puttis/cherubs. - wall putti with loincloth and tuba - stamped Italy. weight is 325 g. height is 19.5 cm. - wall putti with loincloth and harp - stamped Italy. weight is 300 g. height is 19 cm. - wall putti with loincloth and harp - numbered


Decorative ornament (2) - Europe

Set of 2 Large Metal Angel Wings - Beautiful Wall Decoration. Description: This set of 2 beautiful metal angel wings will undoubtedly add a touch of heavenly elegance to your interior. With their subtle gold and silver finish, they exude a timeless beauty and can be easily


Rotierende Weihnachtspyramide 4 Stöckig - 57 cm + Alten Christbaumständer - Christmas figurine ornament (2) - Iron (cast/wrought), Wood

Rotating Christmas pyramid 4 levels - 57 cm + old Christmas tree stand - top! The Christmas pyramid has typical Christmas characters and is ideal for a window or as a table decoration. The 6 candles (not included) heat the air and keep the pyramid moving while it is festively


tiffany style - Figurine table lamp (1) - Crystal

ORIGINAL Tiffany eSkriss snowman (photo n.2) measuring 24 cm. tall and almost 1 kg in weight. It is very original and exclusive for Christmas. Typical Tiffany brand crystals. Shipping with tracking


XL - Lantern - Glass, Metal

This is a beautiful high quality metal lantern. Very nicely decorated lantern with 12 glass panes. This lantern is 80 cm high. The lantern gives a beautiful effect when you let a thick candle burn in it. The dimensions of the entire piece are as follows: Height: 72cm / 28.8"


Beautiful antique wooden chest (1) - Wood

Best, I hereby sell a beautiful antique blanket chest for enthusiasts. The dimensions are 150 X 63 X 55 cm. 20th century, with some later changes.


Brooch and pendant with micro mosaic - Colored stones

Brooch and pendant with micro mosaic. In good condition as depicted as I once found them in a household effects. The dimensions are +/- 2.5cm and 2.8cm. They do need to be thoroughly polished.


E.m - Bas-relief - Pierrot and Colombine - Bronze

"Bronze bas-relief signed E.M." Very nice gilded bronze bas-relief in Louis 16 style monogrammed E.M. Pierrot and Colombine circa 1900/1920. Very good quality of chasing. Charming object, very good state of preservation. Height: approx. 11 cm and width approx. 8.5 cm. Artist:


Old Black Forest Bear with Glass Salt and Pepper Bowl - wood, glass

Beautiful old hand-carved seated Black Forest Bear with glass containers for salt and pepper. Made in the 1st half of the 20th century. Nicely detailed with open mouth and teeth, very decorative. Is in good condition with some minor signs of wear/age. Photos are part of the


Old Black Forest Bear with Accessory Tray - Wood

Beautiful old hand-carved standing. Black Forest Bear with accessory tray made around 1900. Very nice quality, very detailed. Is in good used condition with some minor signs of age. Photos are part of the description. Dimensions: Height 12.5 cm. Length 10.5 cm. Width 6 cm.


Lantern - Iron (cast/wrought)

There is a door where you can light a candle in the Christmas tree. The dimensions of the large golden tree are as follows: Height: 66 cm. Width: 39 cm. The lot will be well packaged and sent by registered mail.


Società Ceramica Italiana - Laveno - Cherub shelves and vine shoots (2) - Porcelain

It is a decorative object referable to a production of the late nineteenth - early twentieth century, perhaps precisely to 1902 if we consider the last number present in the mark as the year of creation (see R. Ausenda, History of ceramics in the territory of Varese dal '700 al


Lamp (1) - brass and glass

Brass and glass lamp. In good conditions. It is 45cm tall. Secure shipping method


Elegant wrought iron plant table with fumigated glass Approx. 1900 - Bronze, Glass, Iron (cast/wrought)

Elegant wrought iron plant table with fumigated glass Approx. 1900 - Iron (cast/wrought), Glass. France - 1900-1920. In well-preserved condition. Dimensions: Height: 49 cm. Width: 35 cm. Length: 57 cm. Weight: 4.5 kg. Professional packaging + shipping with track & trace.


Vase (1) - Art Deco - Opaline Glass

Splendid, white opaline baluster vase finely decorated by hand with a beautiful gold filigree which adorns this magnificent vase. From the 1920s/1930s. This vase will bring a touch of femininity to your interior! Deliver carefully and quickly


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