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Painting - Madonna with Child Jesus - Signed - Terracotta tile

Painting on tile "Madonna with Child Jesus" hand painted on Terracotta tile and signed by artist "Romolo Apicella" - the dimensions are: Height 31cm. Width 30.5 cm. Depth cm 2. Weight 3,230 kg


Capodimonte - Nativity scene Sbordone - Porcelain

Miniature nativity scene, in Capodimonte porcelain (Naples) made and painted entirely by hand by master Sbordone, Italian artisan production. The nativity scene includes lighting.


Christian objects (1) - Parchment - 1650-1700

The offered picture is in very good condition, parchment. Colored, certainly 17th century Belgium Antwerp. Glue residue at the back. careful registered insured shipment


Nativity scene (26) - Bronze

Bronze nativity scene 26 pieces, complete, France, length from 3cm to 7cm, width from 1cm to 7cm, height from 1cm to 9cm, total weight 1,870kg, will be sent insured and certified.


Religious objects - Klankschalen Percussie - nieuw - 2x 3-delige sets - Nepal - Boeddhisme - Bronze - 2023

2x 3 PIECE SETS OF PERCUSSION SINGING BALLS. New. Origin Nepal. 7-metal alloy. heavy quality. handmade. Nepal is the country par excellence where one of the best singing bowls comes from. These singing bowls have an "extremely" beautiful and long-lasting sound/reverberation.


Themed collection - Lotto di 12 medaglie Papale

Lot of 12 medals Pope Pius. starting from the bottom here is the description of the medals: -Benedict XVI key ring; - Holy Door 1950; -John Paul II year 3' -Barecco Genoa religious college; -John Paul II 1980; -Pius XI; -Barecco Genoa religious college; -Pius XI; -Barecco Genoa


Icon - Our Lady of Mercy - Brass, Velvet

Small travel icon in embossed and gilded brass on a red velvet background. The face and hands are painted. Everything is in very good condition. Under a magnifying glass, however, the painting shows some small surface cracks but nothing that harms the solidity of the work. No


Religious objects - Singing bowls - original Nepal - 2x 3-piece complete sets - brass - New - 2023

2x 3-PIECE COMPLETE SETS SINGING BOWLS (6x items) New beautiful sets 2023. Origin Nepal. brass. heavy quality. handmade/painted. Normal retail price 129 euros. Singing bowls info; 1. diameter approx. 9 cm - height approx. 5 cm - weight approx. 238 grams. 2. diameter approx. 12


India - Armband - TALLA HOMBRE Brazaletes minerales con buda y siete chackras

The lot is made up of 16 TOP GRADE Buddha and 7 chakras bracelets for MEN. Buddhist bracelets or Tibetan bracelets are a perfect way to carry good energies at all times, from a job interview, to a date or any occasion. These buddha bracelets give you luck and help you achieve


Anr - Figure - Sanctuaire de voyage - Vierge Priante - (1) - Wood

A superb sculpture of the Madonna presented in a wooden compartment made on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the house of Anri wooden sculptures 1912-1952 (see label). Height 19cm. See the photos which will complete the description. Will be sent quickly and carefully or


Icon - The Crucifixion of Christ with Saints Constantine and Helena - Wood

The Crucifixion of Christ with Saints Constantine and Helena. Material - wood. Condition - good. The Crucifixion of Christ with angels and Saints Constantine and Helena. King Constantine is associated with the introduction of Christianity as the official religion in Byzantium.


Bague de protection - Garuda - L'homme-oiseau fabuleux - Freedom of spirit - Spiritual energy - Ring

Monastery Ring - Garuda - The Fabulous Birdman. Spiritual energy - Freedom of spirit. Garuda is a fabulous bird-man from Hindu and then Buddhist mythology, son of Kashyapa and Vinatâ and brother of Aruna, the driver of the chariot of the god Sûrya. It is the vâhana, or mount, of


Cross of Lorraine 24kt Goldplate - Ring

Unique Cross of Lorraine 24kt Gold Plated Ring. base material is hypoallergenic surgical steel + 24kt Gold Plated. US ring size 9 - EU 60 - 19mm inner diameter. it comes in the original AJS-Box like on the photo.


Morell Macias, Josep - Pecado Original - 65 x 95 cm

Depiction from the Bible that Adam & Eve are punished by God after they eat an apple from the apple tree. ( Forbidden fruit ) This screen print / print is signed by Moreil and was made by PECADO ORIGINAL. Print is bound all around with fine linen. The scene is beautifully


Candlestick - Iron (cast), Tin

Beautiful small church candlestick/altar candlestick on four legs. Cast tin/cast iron. Early 20th century. The candlestick has religious decorations on all sides. In neat condition, with traces appropriate to age. Dimensions: height 11 cm x width 7 cm x depth 7 cm. This lot


Nativity scene (11) - Porcelain

Beautiful vintage 11-piece porcelain Christmas group with nice details. The standing figures are 10.5 cm high. The set is in good condition, The photos are part of the description. The Christmas group will be sent by registered mail with track and trace code


Glazed display frame - Laatste avondmaal met muziekrol - Glass, Porcelain, Wood

A beautiful frame with a porcelain representation of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, surrounded by a silk covering. There is a built-in music reel on the side that plays Holy Night as soon as you wind it. In short, a unique and beautiful object that sounds like music! Will be


Amulet - Crafted - Butterfly - Messenger from the beyond - Rebirth and freedom - Tourmaline - 63.91 - Amulet

Large ornate amulet - The butterfly with outstretched wings with ribbed decorations - Variety of black tourmaline with patina, the decorations are fine chiseled in relief in black and gray color tones. The butterfly is an insect which symbolizes freedom, joy, change but also


Reliquary - Folk Art - Old reliquary book, silver metal and enamel, old rosary and book of psalms - 2020+

19th century book forming a religious reliquary measuring 29.5 cm high by 20 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick on the back of which a beautiful cross in silver metal and black enamel has been attached. Secret stash measures 8.6 inches high by 6.7 inches wide by 1 inch deep; It contains a


EXCLUSIVE natural pink pearl necklace with hematite Greek crosses - AAAA - 925 silver clasp - Necklace Freshwater Pearl

I offer for auction an exclusive long necklace of gold plated hematite Greek crosses (protection & balance) and natural pink color freshwater pearls of the highest quality. The entire necklace has been spun by hand with knots on each cross; The clasp is made of gold plated 925


Bronzen sculptuur van twee handen - 30 cm - Figurine - Bronze

Very decorative bronze sculpture of two hands making contact. The dimensions are as follows (approx.): Height: 30 cm. Width: 22 cm. All our products are properly packaged and shipped by insured mail.


Crucifix - Romanesque - Polychrome stuccoed wood - 1920-1930

Ancient Romanesque style Crucifix of unknown date, probably from the beginning of the 20th century. It is carved in wood with polychrome stucco in beautiful colors typical of the Spanish school. It is a large size with beautiful artistic finishes, the author is unknown but the


Bague de foi - Opale Welo - Intuition et perception de la vérité - 925 Silver - Ring Opal

Ornate faith ring in 925 silver adorned with a Welo opal. Intuition and perception of truth. Welo Opal is a stone that many use to aid meditation, regulate mood, and stimulate creativity. According to beliefs, it increases clairvoyance and promotes intuition and reflection.


Religious objects - Ring from Sterling Silver 925 with Peridot (Olivine) - Sterling Silver 925. - 2000-2010

Ring from Sterling Silver 925 with Peridot (Olivine) Material: Sterling Silver 925 Stone: Peridot (Olivine) Peridot (Olivine),facet,oval. Size: 8 x 6 mm. Feice ring: 19 x 19 x 7 mm. Size: 18 mm. (tamaño: FR-60. 5, UK-U, US- 8; ES-18) Weight: 6 g. Very neat and careful


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