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Cantu bedspread - 250 x 290 cm - Linen, Cantu - 1945-1978

Beautiful and precious double bedspread in pure linen hand-embroidered with rich Cantù lace application. Ecru colour. Unfindable so rich in embroidery. Never used. Perfect conditions. Measurements 2.50 x 2.90. Insured shipping


Trumpet vase - hand painted porcelain - cobalt blue - Porcelain

Spectacular vase, Paris porcelain, cobalt blue colour, all highlighted in 24 kt gold, hand painted with a gallant scene, it is gigantic, measuring 60 x 20 cm, it will be shipped professionally packaged and insured. VERY SCENIC EYECATCHER. worth mentioning: the vase has been


Chess (USSR) 1960s. - Wood

Chess made in USSR classic (1960s) in good condition. Material: wood. Chessboard: 40x40 cm. Original.(USSR). Delivery - registered mail: min: 15-21 days, max: 35days.


Bertil Vallien - Kosta Boda - Sculpture - Glass

BERTIL VALLIEN. Sculpture, "Viewpoints", glass, signed, Kosta Boda, 99519 For more information about condition please see the pictures, they are part of description too. Height excl. plinth approx. 20 cm. Weight excl. plinth approx. 3 kg. Insured shipping!


Saint Louis, Val Saint Lambert - Bowl, Vase, Vide poche (3) - Crystal, Glass

Glass and crystal. Excellent condition. Val Saint Lambert and Saint Louis. Delivery


Martin Behaim’s Erdapfel of 1492 Replica - Metal, Paper

Published in 1967, a replica of the first known terrestrial globe by Martin Behaim - a German cartographer who in year 1492 presented the world as a globe before the discoveries of Columbus. The globe is 18 cm high and is embedded in a stylish metal frame. It rotates properly.


Large and luxurious OKWA chess set (king 9 cm) & backgammon game (1) - Wood

This lot consists of a special chess set from the Netherlands, probably from the 1960s. OKWA was a company from the Netherlands that made high-quality tools and games in the middle of the last century. The chess sets were a household name because of the vintage colors and the


Tiffany style - Glass Art (3) - Glass (stained glass)

2 Vintage Tiffany style houses (table lamps) made of stained glass and a Tiffany style hanging lamp. All 3 items are in good condition! Origin Germany, 1950s, 1960s. The 2 houses are equipped with a 220 volt light bulb, cord and switch and work properly, see photos. Very nice as


curtains - Silk - 1945-1978

Complete antique golden damask silk curtain, consisting of 2 legs that measure 3m long and 1.13m wide, the border that measures 2.93m long and 58cm wide and its two cords with their tassels, both the legs and the The valance has a back lining, with some stains from use and the


Chess set (32) - Lacquer, Wood

Antique art deco Russian 1940s chess complete set all hand-painted lacquer wood , in good condition for it's age, all the figures are perfect condition no chis cracks , labeled in side the board made in russia. Size of the figures: King :10.5cm X 3.4cm diameter Queen : 9.7cm


Vintage sailor chess - figures made of bronze in relief

Old chess tells about sailors and sea and mountain pasiegos, discontinued for more than 30 years, special edition from Cantabria, it goes in its wooden box with a methacrylate lid, one area looks discolored, the chess game in infographic PVC, the figures in solid bronze with


Desk lamp (1) - Brass, Glass (stained glass)

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp on Chicken Leg. H = 42 cm. Will be sent with safe packaging, track & trace


Double sheet with pillowcases - 280 x 240 cm (3) - Cotton, Linen - 1945-1978

Linen blend double sheet with embroidery and 2 pillowcases from the Carminati company. Double sheet measures 280 by 240 cm. The sheet is vintage, never used, taken out of grandmother's trunk. I would also like to point out that it has not been used, not even taken out of the


Carl Thieme - Potschappel Dresden - Vases (3) - Porcelain

Beautiful set by Carl Thieme Potschappel. In very nice condition, no missing pieces. Height vases 27 cm. Height nut basket 20 cm


Bedspread - 282 x 242 cm - Linen - 1945-1978

Burano Venezia stitch bedspread, ecru colour, Italian manufacture, weight 1,080 kg. Measurements 2.82 long. 2.42 wide. New, still starched.


Bed sheet, 300 x 270 cm - Cotton - 1945-1978

New without any defects


Vintage collector's chess referring to Arabs and Christians - Relief bronze figures

Vintage collector's chess referring to Arabs and Christians, wooden board finished in computer graphics, figures made in relief bronze and red velvet subbase, in very good condition, extensive photographic detail is attached to assess and consider its current state. Of large


Seguso Vetri d'Arte, Attr. - Vase - Glass

"A Bolle" vase, SEGUSO attr., Murano, around 1960. Height: approx. 25.0 cm, width: approx. 17.3 cm, depth: approx. 13.2 cm. Thick-walled vase made of colorless glass in the shape of a bag with a curved quatrefoil mouth. The vase has a bright red underlay and is decorated with


Lalique - Bowl, Glass Art, Glass object, Glassware, Vide poche - Crystal

Elegant "Goa" cut created by René Lalique in 1934. This model was reissued in the 1960s. Art Deco style, the "Gao" cup in molded crystal is decorated with frosted intertwined ribbons and half-spheres left transparent as well as the base. Below the base of this cup is engraved


Giovanni Ronzan - Figurine - Porcelain

Giovanni Ronzan Turin. Nice and rare ceramic figurine made by Giovanni Ronzan, modeled and decorated by hand, from the 1940s/1950s, depicting Saint Joseph. Despite its age, the figurine is in good general condition with minimal signs of wear due to ageing. It measures 30 cm


Balance or scale - Iron (cast/wrought)

Single-pan scale from the steelyard also used in local markets. measures 85/68/40 mm. Track freight. We do not ship to all islands


Handmade linen tablecloth - 140 x 135 cm - Linen - 1945-1978

Wonderful embroidered towel that came from an old trousseau. It was made around the 50s. It has 6 napkins. Will be packaged very carefully and shipped with tracking.


Round hand-embroidered tablecloth - diameter 170 cm (9) - Linen - 1945-1978

Beautiful tablecloth, part of an ancient set. Round tablecloth in pure ecru linen complete with 8 napkins measuring 40x40 cm. Finely hand-embroidered with flowers and leaves, the central rosette is a mix of embroidered linen and hand-crocheted cotton. Four equidistant crochet


Antique tablecloth for 12 with napkins hand embroidered in pure - 250 x 170 cm - Linen - 1945-1978

Antique ecru tablecloth for 12 in 100% pure linen (including 12 napkins) embroidered entirely by hand in Sicilian thread and floral embroidery in pure silk. The tablecloth is in perfect condition except for two age-related spots that can be seen in the photos. Measures 170x250.


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