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2 chess, time clock and a game of checkers (4) - Metal, paste and polyethylene

2 Beautiful chess pieces, One is a peculiar chess with an olive grove theme, with metal figures representing the olive grove, the harvesting of the olives and the extradition of the oil, It has a board that is also a case to store the pieces, it is made of polyethylene and has


Chess set (1) - Composite

Chess with figures from the star wars saga, everything is in very good condition, with no broken pieces, everything in perfect condition, with no broken pieces, it has its original board representing the universe and an explanatory booklet in 6 languages, it still has its


Chess game (king 8.5 cm) + chess board 45 cm + storage box (2) - Brass, Wood

This lot consists of a beautiful chess set from probably Spain from the 1980s. The chess pieces are made of brass and are very detailed. The king with his warriors from the Middle Ages in a great gold and silver color. The pieces are of high quality. The king measures 8.5 cm.


2 chess and time clock (3) - metal and paste

2 chess pieces and a timer clock, completely new German, still in its original packaging, it is from the A.P.F and ROLLAND brand, it works perfectly on wind ups, this clock is totally transparent so you can perfectly see its mechanism in operation. A chess is from the Cid


Telephone, Jydsk - Aktieselskab - Iron (cast/wrought)

Antique telephone, black metal table cutlery. Manufactured by Emil Mollers Telefonfabrikker, Denmark, This device was in use by the Danish telephone company of Jutland (Jydsk telefonen). The telephone company's logo is affixed to the device. The phone has a crank on the side


Chess game (King 11 cm.) chess board 46 cm. (1) - Wood

This lot consists of a special chess set from Eastern Europe. The chess game from the 1980s. A special feature of chess are the large chess pieces. The chess pieces are made of wood and elegantly and beautifully made. The chess pieces are skinned except for 1 pawn. Because of


Hagenuk (Hanseatische Apparatebaugesellschaft Neufeldt und Kuhnke) - W 49 Post Tisch und Wandtelefon - Analogue telephone - Bakelite

The table/wall dial telephone W 49, called “Ti-Wa W 49”, is an analogue telephone that was manufactured in 1949 by the Hanseatic Apparatebau-Gesellschaft Neufeldt & Kuhnke (Hagenuk) in Kiel for the Deutsche Post in the western occupation zones and from 1950 was developed and


Kjobenhavn Telefon AktieSelskab Denemarken - Analogue telephone - Bakelite, Brass, Copper, Iron (cast/wrought)

KTAS D30 automatic model 1930. Kjobenhavn Telefon AktieSelskab Denmark. from the 1950s. Beautiful decorative desk telephone in copper and. brass with a bakelite horn. Enamel dial in the dial. Special dial with only letters. Height 21 cm, width 24 cm, depth 18 cm. Weight 2.7 Kg.


Burgunder - Telephone - Wood

Phone in excellent condition. Made in France. Dimensions: 25 cmX 20 Cm x 6 cm. Sending by colissimo. Perfect walnut woodwork, no holes or cracks. Super shiny chrome. Cotton cords in very good condition, no tears. Very shiny varnish. Headphones from 1905, like the


Fatme Roma - Analogue telephone - Bakelite

Vintage desk telephone, in bakelite, black, 1950s production, by F.A.T.M.E Rome. The phone is working, but not tested. In good condition, intact Bakelite, has no cracks and is complete with its cables. The photos are an integral part of the description. It is shipped to Italy by


Jydsk Telefon-Aktieselskab - Telephone with Bakelite receiver including plug for socket - Wood

Authentic telephone from Jydsk from around 1920. This device was in use by the Danish telephone company of Jutland (Jydsk Telefon. The phone has a crank on the side with which it can be wound up and is equipped with the. original connection cable and plug. including plug for


ATEA Anvers - Two internal intercom telephones - Plastic

Two internal intercom units with 5 push buttons. The devices are intended for wall mounting. Will be shipped well packaged.


Analogue telephone - Candlestick bakelite-brass telephone

Lovely vintage original candlestick telephone. The telephone has a seperate brass/bakelite listening ear, and a bakelite mouth piece. The phone has a nice patina, you can see that it has been polished a lot in its life! Only there are some scratches under the bottomplate, see


MFG Bell Telephone - Telephone - Steel

Are you looking for a vintage treasure to complete your collection or add a touch of elegance to your interior decor? Do not look any further ! We offer you an old telephone of Belgian origin, manufactured by the MFG Company at the beginning of the 20th century. This item is


retro telephone - Brass, Onyx

Antique telephone from the 50s/60s with classic dialing and a luxury onyx and brass structure and gold finishes. In good condition as seen in the photographs. Certified shipping and good packaging.


ATEA - model 51 - Analogue telephone - A bakelite wall telephone

ATEA hanging telephone made in Antwerp Belgium. Model 51 1950s. The wall model is made of Bakelite with even a Bakelite back plate. The table model has a more classic design with all components on an inner frame, the wall model has a more modern design with all components on the


Face Standard - Analogue telephone - Jewel "Scrigno" - Plastic

FACE STANDARD** “Jewel” model telephone (also known as "Scrigno") in military green Bakelite. Iconic object of the seventies, it has the particularity of the retractable cable once stretched (the spring recall works perfectly). Having not tested it online, I don't know if the


An old telephone - possibly one of the first Ericssons - metal copper/brass, wood, cotton cables

This is a really old phone. Wood has woodworm, under the dust, seems to me to be one of the earliest Ericsson ??? Phones. piece of wood is missing - woodworm, piece of Bakelite broken off from the speaking horn, the last part of the power handle is missing. But it looks like a


Chess set - Wood and mix of different materials

Spectacular chess board (in the form of a case) purchased in Mexico 50 years ago. This magnificent chess set is a work of art and has been handcrafted and painted by a magnificent artisan in Mexico City in 1980. The board is wonderful, it combines wood with other white and


Chess set

French chess set from the 1920s/30s in solid walnut wood. Country: France. Period: 1920s/30s. Material: Solid wood. Condition: Excellent, with signs of age. Careful packaging. Quantity: 31 pieces. Family collection.


Holy wars - Chess game representing the reconquest of Granada 1492 - Bronze (gilt/silvered/patinated/cold painted)

Beautiful chess, representing the reconquest of Granada, (1492) with figures of Christians and Muslims, it has a large board with the sides in relief and the pieces are stored in the interior, everything is in good condition with only signs of use as shown. You can see in the


Chess set - Staunton – 1920 – 1930 – 8,8 cm - Boxwood

Very old hand-carved boxwood Staunton chess pieces. The pieces date back almost 100 years, from the 1920s – 1930s. The king is 8.8cm tall with a 3.4cm base. This is a relatively large model for this style. Because of their age the patina is worn as you can see, also the queen's


Chess set - Bone

Due to lack of space, I unfortunately have to sell my chess collection. This time a Mexican game with very large pieces. Each piece is covered with felt on the bottom. Bone ornaments are placed on the bases. The faces of the king, queen and bishops are painted by hand. In his


Les romains /Gaulois - Chess set - Echiquier Nigri neuf en 4 parties - Marble powder and hand painted

Hand Painted Marble Powder Chess Set. New chess board to be assembled in 4 parts once assembled 52 x 52 cm playing squares 50 mm. chess set in like new condition. We will note two additional queens. Origin Italy - Dating: 2010/2015. Special feature: the whole game is housed in a


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