1960-1969 Albarello

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Royal Copenhagen - Figurine - Porcelain

Royal Copenhagen. A figurine of a goose girl. Very good condition. Height 18.5 cm. Base 10.5cm x 8cm. The figurine will be well packed and shipped priority with a tracking code. I invite you to bid and to my other auctions.


Antonio Ruiz - Nao by Lladró - Figurine - Porcelain

Model number from the catalog: 02000115. Rare, large figure from NAO in front of Lladro from the 1960s. No chips. NAO takes its name from the old sailing boats from the time of Columbus and symbolizes a return journey to the origins and conveys creativity, skill and magic.


Paperweight (2) - Glass

Pair of vintage paperweights with millefiori murrine, made in Murano during the 1950s. Objects from the warehouses of the A.VE.M showcase, which has been closed for many years. Stunning vintage collectibles. - Condition: Excellent condition. - Age: second half of the 20th


Figurine - Bronze

This is a splendid bronze frog (rainforest frog). Magnificent bronze frog with a marvellous patina in good condition. In natural pose! The dimensions of this frog are as follows: Height: 9 cm. Width: 20 cm. All our products will be well packaged and shipped via insured mail.


Vase (H. 36 cm) - Glass

Vase - Glass. Czech Republic. coloured glass. 36x20x11 cm. in excellent condition as per photos. Manufacture mark on the bottom. trackable shipping


Lotus xxl chess set , echiquier , jeux d échecs - Chess set (1) - boxwood, rosewood

Magnificent Indian lotus model chessboard in boxwood and rosewood in very good general condition. Leaded and felted parts. the king measures 15.5cm. Supplied with 40 by 40cm tray. Very beautiful set due to the quality of the engravings. Happy bidding to everyone


Chess set - Metal

Set of metal chess pawns representing Napoleon's army, heavy pawns of very good quality. The smallest are 8cm, the largest are 10cm. Careful and tracked shipping. Ships to Europe only


Barbini - Bowl - Glass

Stunning Murano glass bowl, bullicante workmanship, with gold leaf inclusions, by master Alfredo Barbini. It is red in colour, the effect obtained with the inclusions of gold and bubbles is very particular, this object is sought after by collectors and lovers of the works of the


Royal Dux Porzellan-Manufaktur - Figure - (2) - Porcelain

I am offering two beautiful, large porcelain statues from ROYAL DUX porcelain manufactory from Czechoslovakia for the auction. 1960 - 1960s. Both are in GREAT condition! Please look at the photos. TOP - very high quality porcelain. Both very beautiful, hand-painted in great


Chandelier - NO RESERVE PRICE - SL13 - Stunning Shell Chandelier / Hanging lamp - Shells

Shell chandelier made from hundreds of tiny white Nassa shells woven onto a filigree metal frame. The hanging shell decoration is hand made by artisans in Indonesia and mostly comes with some imperfections such as partly twisted metal frame or irregularly hanging threads. The


Karel Zemek - Mstisov glass , Moser - Free hand blown glass,Elegant Bowl-Asthray - Sommerso Glass

Art Glass sommerso vase designed by master Karel Zemek( 1909-1965) for Mstisov glass union as a part of the "Hana" series range with its trademark colours of blue, yellow, amber and electric blue encased in a heavy clear glass body with bubbles. Pattern number of the bowl is


Fabergé geinspireerde kerstobjecten voor de kerstboom - Christmas decoration Lauenstein (6) - look

6 Fabergé inspired tin Christmas ornaments. They were containers for chocolate. They are now empty. They were made in 2013 for the company Lauenstein, Ludwigsstadt. The empty Fabergé containers are still in the original box. Good condition. The proceeds will benefit the Epirc


(AOIP) - Association des Ouvriers en Instruments de Précision - BCI 1924 - Analogue telephone - Steel

Telephone type BCI 1924 Association of Precision Instrument Workers in very good condition. The steel block is impeccable. The dial works perfectly. The handset is in excellent condition as is the cord. The earpiece is also in good condition as is the cord. Leather underside.


Sculpture, Large contemporary sculpture - Contemporary - Stone, Fiberglass

High quality contemporary sculpture. Modern representation of a woman. Made from high-quality resin and mounted on a natural stone base. The dimensions of this beautiful work are as follows (+/-): Height: 49 cm. Width: 16 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with


Lalique - Vase - Crystal

Lalique vases, clean nice condition. No defects. Very little sign of age.


Art de Vannes France - Platter (1) - Crystal

Center de Table beautiful crystal vintage bowl from the famous brand Art de Vannes France. The crystal bowl is in excellent condition and contains the original mark engraved into the base of this famous crystal house. The bowl is 67 cm long, 10 cm high and 15 cm wide. The bowl


Bracelet ouvragé - Crânes entrelacés - Memento Mori - Protection, strength and courage - Bracelet

Ornate bracelet representing skulls. Protection, strength and courage. The skull may refer to Memento Mori. Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning “Remember that you are going to die”, it is a formula from medieval Christianity. Expressing the vanity of earthly life, it refers


Collier de protection ouvragé - Dragons impériaux - Protection, Longevity and Supremacy - Necklace

Ornate protective necklace - Imperial dragons - Protection, Longevity and Supremacy. The dragon represents longevity, perseverance and success but also fire, strength and supremacy. The dragon is the emblem of the emperors of China. They themselves were called “dragon” or


Giuseppe Cappè - Figurine, Photobook (2) - Bisque porcelain, Paper

Shepherdess. Biscuit decorated in polychrome. It is part of a series by Giuseppe Cappè representing various characters. Insured shipping.


Peter Strang - Meissen - Figurine - Porcelain

A fine figurine made of Meissen porcelain. Representation: clown with trombone made of porcelain. Design by Peter Strang. Height: approx. 7.5cm. Underglaze blue sword mark Meissen 1st choice to see. Very good condition, like new - showcase piece, the original packaging is


Musical jewellery box - (1) - 1950-1960

EARLY 20TH CENTURY COLLECTION. Rare and elegant, exclusive jewelery box and other items, large in size, made of fine woods, with notable handcrafted inlays in bois de rose. Internally covered in cardinal red velvet. Beautiful workmanship. Dating: First half of the 20th century.


Coat rack - Kapstokhaak - Steel (stainless)

Unique set of rotating double coat hooks. Beautiful steel with graceful shapes. Made in the 1920s style, but with the quality of the end of the 20th century. Dimensions 12x26 cm. Heavy quality. The whole will be shipped by registered mail and packaged with recycled packaging


Bracket cutter for pocket watch brackets - Clock/watch tools (1)

Bracket cutter for pocket watch brackets. Found in the repair workshop of my father who was a watchmaker.


Collier orné d'un phurba ouvragé - Protection spirituelle - 14k Gold filled clasp - Protection against negative forces - Necklace Sapphire - Rubies

Sapphire and ruby bead necklace - Ornate Phurba - Spiritual protection. Protection against negative forces and disruptive energies. Hand made. The Tibetan Phurba, also known as "Dorje Phurba" or simply "Phurba", is a ritual and symbolic object used in the Tibetan and Buddhist


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