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Percheur - Goldscheider - Vase

This beautiful tall (48 cm!) Art Nouveau vase was part of the contents of a stately Viennese apartment. Its monochrome color ensures that all the details of the scene are beautifully expressed. Absolute Goldscheider quality in the purest Art Nouveau style: not a single straight


Christofle, Gallia - Cache Pot, Center piece

Majestic Jardiniere / Antique silver plated centerpiece by CHRISTOFLE GALLIA, FRANCE. Fancy piece of "Art De La Table" dating to the early 1900's. X Large jardiniere / Centerpiece with its original inlay. Classic French ornate piece with garlands of Laurus Nobilis leaves and


L'artisan pratique - Art Nouveau glass vase

Art Nouveau glass paste vase. France - 1890-1919 - Glass paste


Robert Holubert - Decor Olympia - Bakalowits - Vase

Vase signed with two handles, Robert Holubetz, Johann Loetz Witwe for E. Bakalowits Sohne, decor Olympia, Height 28 cm. This handle vase stands out because of its simple and elegant shape. Like the stem of a flower protruding from the bulb, the narrow neck of the vase grows


Ich bin Klein - mein Herz ist Rein - Figurine

I'm selling a beautiful figurine from my youth. It was created in 1904 by an artist, who is noted on the left side of the figure. The manufacturer is noted on the back. The figure is probably made of ceramic or terracotta and is very heavy. The figure of this little girl is very


Goldscheider - Bust Madonna Nuremberg

Patinated art nouveau terracotta bust published by Goldscheider, Wien. Model representing the Madonna of Nuremberg from 1515. Stamp and mark Golsdcheider Wien. Letter C on the side of the base. Uncommon subject. The base was filled with plaster. The photos are part of the


Moser, Karlsbad - rare ruby red etched bowl with wild animals

A rare ruby red bowl, from Moser, Karlsbad. The bowl is made in the überfang technique. The outer edge is deeply etched with a beautiful representation of a wooded area with wildlife. The bowl is not signed but, as they say, signed all over. provenance: In 2021, a green Moser,


Auguste de Wever (1836-1910) - Sculpture, Mephisto playing the lute (1)

Auguste de Weaver, 1836 -1910. Mephisto playing on a lute. Bronze. Signed at the underside of the foot, A de Weaver. On a marble base, 11 x 11 cm. Total length with base 31. Very good condition.


François-Théodore Legras - Legras & Cie. - Vase

Sublime Art Nouveau Lamartine vase by François-Théodore Legras. Tulips in enamel, hand-painted and blown vase from circa 1890. . The vase is in perfect condition, no cracks, chips or damage to the enamel. Height : 34,5 cm. Diameter above: 8.5 cm. Diameter bottom: 12 cm. Careful


Cherc - Goldscheider - Sculpture

Goldscheider, Cherc, terracotta sculpture depicting a young girl with a basket in her hand. Bears brand, number, manufacturing stamp and signature.


Art Nouveau Schütz Cilli Bowl (42cm)

Beautiful large art nouveau majolica wall bowl with ocean life, shark and coral pattern. An extremely rare collector's item. The bowl was made during the Art Nouveau in Austria by Cilli Schütz. Marked on the bottom with the inscription Schütz Cilli printed into the fabric. No


Verreries Schneider - Bowl

Glass bowl, VERRERIES SCHNEIDER, Epinay sur Seine, France, around 1918-22. Diameter: 26.0 cm, height: 13.0 cm. Offering bowl from the series "coupes a pied noir"; Disc-shaped foot that merges into a cylindrical shaft with violet and white-yellow striped fusions and ends with a


Léveillé - Vase

Ernest Baptist LÈVEILLÉ, Paris, Asian style vase, around 1890-1900. Height: approx. 15 cm, diameter at the shoulder: approx. 11.1 cm. Vase made of light, brown-greenish glass, the shape of which was inspired by oriental lanterns or Japanese lanterns. Irregularly distributed color


Ceramic object, Figurine

This Goose Woman, Karen O'neill spattery Vase. highly rare Beautiful Large Czechoslovakia Porcelain Dancing Lady bending over to Feed the Ducklings and holding a beautiful brown Color jacket in the other hand while feeding the duckling at the same time with side vase for


WMF / Geislingen - Art Nouveau knife rests decorated with ivy (12)

Set of 12 knife rests in perfect condition in the original box. Length 9cm. Each piece marked wmf i/o. Model no. 29 efue art nouveau rare complete set.


Degué David Gueron - Lamp - nickel-plated bronze, copper. pressed glass

Beautiful bowl lamp from Degue, made of thick-walled pressed glass with a stylized floral design. The lamp has a length of 60cm and a diameter of 40cm. If you would like the length shorter, please let me know after the auction and I will adjust it to your wishes. For your


Art Nouveau umbrella stand

Art Nouveau umbrella stand in Copper.


Large Art Nouveau wine carafe

A large, Art Nouveau wine carafe. Thick glass, hand-painted. Origin: France, early 20th century. Very good condition, visible traces of use. Height - 32.5 cm



Beautifully detailed hand-forged iron frame, containing a thick etched glass plate. The glass is etched and then colored with enamel.


J.P.Kayser und Sohn - large art nouveau vase

Copper driven vase with a cast bronze gilded decoration of branches with pine needles and pine cones. made by the German manufacturer J.P. Kayser & Son in Krefeld-Bochum. At the bottom of this vase is the logo, the eagle with the name Kayser underneath. J.P. Kayser & Son was


Paul Millet - Sevres - Single flower vase

Beautiful use of glaze and gold leaf on this vase by Paul Millet. We recognize this style of Theodor deck's ceramics. It is a cloisonné technique with transparent glaze, so that the color remains within the dykes. Because the glaze is so transparent, color shades are created.


Daum - Vase

Daum glass vase with vitrifications in clear, grey and deep red glasspowders surrounded by a network of orange glass powders. Signed Daum Nancy and Cross of Lorraine. Height 17,5 cm. Vase is in excellent condition and will be carefully packed and mailed insured.


43-piece Art Nouveau drinking glass set

Lot of 3 carafes and 40 crystal glasses. Probably German, beginning 1900. -2 larger carafes, H 23.5 cm. -One smaller H 16 cm. -6 champagne coupes H 6.5 cm. -12 wine glasses H 9.5 cm. -11 water glasses H 12 cm. -11 shot glasses H 6 cm. -9 kg. All are intact.


Gustave van Vaerenbergh - bust (1)

Bust of Gustave Van Vaerenbergh 1873-1927. 46 cm high, 40 cm deep, 36 kg. In very nice condition, only small chip on the base. Given the size and weight, pick up only or have it delivered to Belgium and the Netherlands €75.00


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