1970-1979 Fish cutlery for 6

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Suisse Langenthal Floral - Dinner set (51) - Porcelain

Besutiful vivid flower pattern porcelain consisting of 51 pieces from high quality porcelain manufacturer Swiss Langenthal, from the 1970s. 12 Tea cups + 12 saucers. 1 Tea/Coffee pot (one chip at inside of lid + small hairline on the handle) 2 large serving plates. 1 large soup


Table knife (4) - Set of Japanese Yanagiba, Santoku, Nakiri & Petty Professional Chef Knives - D2 Steel, Black, White & Orange Resin Handle

If you're looking for exceptional quality knives, then these professional chef knives are a must-have. This set consists of a Yanagiba, Santoku, Nakiri, and petty knife, each one designed to cater to a specific culinary need. These knives are crafted with utmost precision and


Table service for 12 (38) - Ceramic

The service has never been used, but it has a small and imperceptible chip inside the tureen, the copper saucepan, although never used, is scratched and slightly dirty... The fondue service is made up as follows: Small stove, copper saucepan with handle wood and copper plate for


Richard Ginori - Broth cups (5) - Porcelain

Five consommé cups, complete with saucers, blue and gold edge, Richard Ginori manufacture. First class joint service of the Società Italia di Navigazione of Genoa and used on the Leonardo Da Vinci. This service began to be used during the first months of 1970, replacing and


Christofle - Wine/Champagne rack (1) - Silver-plated

Christofle wonderful bottle holder NEW, perfect condition, braided model. Note the shine in the photos. It has never been used. It is sold with the original Christofle box in perfect condition. A beautiful gift for a precious table!!


Siphon (2) - Art Deco

Old siphons of the Carbonic Sparkling Troncoso Hermanos Vigo Pontevedra brands and another with yellow reliefs. Enjoy the photographs to understand the beauty of this siphon, they have taps or heads in gold from the brands Carbónicas J. Pousada Marín Pontevedra and Carbónicas


Söldjer - Table knife (2) - Santoku en Utility keukenmes, Handgemaakte koksmessen scheerscherp - Padauk, Wenge, folded 15N20&1095 steel

Söldjer Handmade Santoku and Utility knife. Including leather sheaths. New. The knives have a full tang blade. The blade is made of real layers of folded 15N20 and 1095 steel (no print). The handle is made of Padauk and Wenge wood. Santoku. Total length: 31.2 cm. Blade length:


Royal Albert - Cups and saucers (6) - Romanesque - Porcelain - Flower of the month series

6 sets of beautiful tea or coffee cups with saucers from the Royal Albert flowers of the month series. 6 x Women's cups and saucers - small size/model. 1 x March month cup and saucer. 1 x August month cup and saucer. 1 x September month cup and saucer. 1 x June cup and saucer. 1


joe colombo - arnolfo di cambio - glasses (6) - Crystal - Smoke

Smoke bowl by Arnolfo di Cambio glassware, designed by designer Joe Colombo. A historic collection, the first produced by Arnolfo di Cambio, signed by a great designer. The asymmetrical foot of the glasses in the Smoke collection is designed so that they can be held safely,


Cooking pot set (5) - Copper, Pewter, Steel (stainless)

Set of 5 tin-plated solid copper saucepans. Old-style riveted cast iron and brass handle. French made. Hammered copper. Professional culinary copper. 2mm Thickness. Very good condition, never used. High-end pans for PRO. Dimensions: Diameter: 20 cm / 18 cm / 16 cm / 14 cm / 12


Nutcracker - Blackforest - Wood

This lovely nutcracker is hand carved and made in the Blackforest area of Germany in 40-50-‘s. It is playful and functional. It has a carved tray designed to catch the nutshells when you crack them. Fully functioning or usable as a decorative item. The carving depicts a dwarf.


Saucepan (5) - Copper

Series of 5 small copper saucepans including one milk jug. Tinned copper saucepan. Height: 7 cm diameter 13 cm. 6cm diameter 12cm. 5cm diameter 10cm. 6 cm diameter 10 cm (milk jugs) 4.5 cm diameter 8 cm


Berkel - Table knife (2) - Steel (stainless)

The set is as new, unused and in the original boxes. This 2-piece Berkel set consists of: • 2 Santoku knives, blade 18 cm. The Santoku knife with its Japanese design is suitable for cutting meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The dimples in the blade create air bubbles so that cut


Fidelsem - Juicer - Spremipomodoro Magnum - Steel

Fidelsem tomato squeezer made in Italy from the 70s/80s, new, never used, in working order, with original box, instructions and guarantee certificate. Steel case material with Bakelite and food grade plastic accessories. Those red. Weights 7,300 kg. Engine dimensions


Table knife - Kitchen Knife Set Brass handle With Pizza Cutter

The knives in a handmade set are often crafted from high-quality materials like carbon steel or stainless steel for the blades, and wood, composite, or stainless steel for the handles. The blades may be forged or stamped, with forged knives typically being heavier and more


F.A. Porsche - Siemens F.A. Porsche - Corkscrew (2) - Porsche Kitchenware (Corkscrew / Bottle Opener) - Steel (stainless)

Beautiful F.A. Porsche - Siemens design. Beautiful and timeless and very solid (stainless steel) and with the wooden blocks, which gives the whole a more industrial look. This concerns: corkscrew and bottle opener. Beautiful and functionality and ease of use were at the top of


Boulanger - Table service (6) - modèle Filet Contour - Silver-plated

Suite of 6 tablespoons. Goldsmith Baker. Hallmark 60. Art deco style contour net model. Total weight... 550grs


Cooking pot set (4) - Copper, Iron (cast/wrought)

Series of 4 hammered solid copper pans, 2.5 mm thick, tin-plated interior, forged steel handles, 3-point rivets. Diameter 18, 16, 14, 12 cm. Height 9, 8, 7, 6 cm. Total weight 4,650 kg


Michel Caugant - Tureen (3) - Earthenware

Pretty series of 3 earthenware duck terrines, made and painted by hand, signed Michel Caugant, in good condition overall, Terrine for culinary use for pâté, foie gras, desserts, etc. - interior and exterior enamel for better heat distribution - -Dimension of the brown duck


Ice bucket - Copper

Copper Ice Bucket with Lid. It is made of copper. It is pewter on the inside and shiny copper on the outside. It is hand forged and polished. Designed as an ice bucket, the product is also suitable for use for various purposes. Like Spice Bowl, Sugar Bowl... Measurement


Knife-sheath - Japan - 1910-1920

Beautiful antique Japanese Deba kitchen knife. Unique knife because of its size and age. This is not a standard Deba knife. A unique piece of Japanese history from the early 20th century, +-1910. Restored with respect for the past. Steel cleaned and sharpened on sharpening stones


hallandia plate - Wine cooler (2) - Bronze (gilt/silvered/patinated/cold painted)

2x goblet or wine cooler or soup terrine exactly, I don't know, good condition, but used, marked with Hollandia plate 2 1/5 L 90 85


Verrerie d'Art - Broc avec compartiment rafraichisseur - Pitcher (1) - Glass / Silver Metal

Large Pitcher (or Pitcher) with cooler compartment - Art Deco - Glass / Silver plated metal. An original and unusual object, but more than vintage and with a certain style, rare to find in such dimensions. The glass part is blown very nicely to obtain a beautiful, well-rounded


philippe foulon M.O.F - Counter barrel - ancien vintage tonneau - Copper, Wood, Wood (Oak)

Please view the photos to form your own impression. Vintage items have already been used and loved. May show dirt and wear. THANKS :) Fast shipping, well protected (maximum clean recycling)


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