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Vase (1) - Qingbai - Ceramic - China - Yuan-Ming Dynasty

Some chips on the top rim.


Hanging scroll, Painting (1) - Paper - Ink techniques Chrysanthemum picture album, with japanese collectors inscription - China - 19th - 20th century

Slight surface wear. Total 10 pages! We adopt a safe and secure mode of transportation, and have attached insurance, careful packaging and good after-sales service!


Shiva Figure (1) - red copper, bronze, silver, alloys - China - Late 20th century

Rare and Fine work of Shiva Figure, copper bronze and other alloys made, 32cm tall, carved intricately, sits on a square base, decorated with ribbons on the base, a crown on the head, a twisted dragon pattern near the ears, a large pearl in the right hand, a lotus seedpod in the


Censer - Bronze - China - Late 19th - early 20th century

Very rare and nice Chinese bronze censer from late 19th early 20th Century! There are some characters at the bottom! The size: The censer is 14.5 cm of wide, 10.5 cm of high! Very heavy! The condition: Good condition, no repair, no damage, see photos! Very professional


Vase - Bronze - China

This is a dark green glaze vase with a special shape and smooth lines.


Blauwe eend - Porcelain - China

Particularly beautiful blue glazed porcelain duck. Status Report: In perfect condition. Dimensions: 31x18x11cm. Weight: 1kg


Tea cup set (3) - Porcelain

Beautiful authentic two teacups with blue and white decoration from the Kangxi period. The saucer has a diameter of 10.5 cm, a small chip on the upper edge restored. Small chips, manufacturing defects and hairlines, otherwise good condition.


Late Qing Dynasty - Jade (untested) - China - 20th century

N on tested jade longevity pattern belt buckle The texture is exquisite, the carving is exquisite, and the jade is very round and smooth. 7.3×4×1.7cm weighs 40g


Plate - canton - Porcelain

CHINA. porcelain plate with polychrome decoration of flowers, birds and insects in. the famille rose palette. diameter 23 cm


White and Blue Dish - Plate - Porcelain

Fine Chinese blue and white plate from the Qianlong period. Beautiful vivid blue colours with a brown rim , several floral and geometric patterns. In fair condition with some fleabites and a hairline from the rim to centre (see pictures) Inured and fast shiping, combined


粉彩折枝花紋碟(Lot.00388) - Porcelain - China - late Qing Dynasty (AD: 1811-1911)

supply: a beautiful. Pastel flower branch pattern plate. describe: The mouth is wide, the abdomen is shallow, and the feet are round. The outer wall is painted with three groups of orchid grass patterns on the alum red glaze, which is elegant. The inner wall has a rolling branch


Dragon chasing the pearl - Silk - China - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Antique Chinese silk embroidery. Late 18th or early 19th century. Stains may occur, please see the pictures. Framed, behind glass. Dimensions: 46x61 cm. Shipping tracked


Porcelain - China - 20th century

Beautiful, finely decorated Chinese vase. Under the vase there is a yellowish mark. Small cooking marks


Dish (1) - Porcelain

Kangxi dish with floral decor. Marked on the back. 24.5cm Diameter. Chips/Fritting and 1 hairline. Will be sent by registered mail


Bowl - Fine contoured bowl with floral décor - Porcelain

A superb contoured, lobed porcelain bowl, measuring circa 22.8cm in length and weighing 463g, decorated in polychrome enamals to depict scattered flowers and their foliage, to the underside with four peaches and four bats in iron red. Estimated age: Guangxu period (1875-1908).


Rare Depcition - The Chinese Trinity - Fu, Lu, and Shou - Soapstone - China

Rare depiction. Beautiful patina and countenance. Old surface cracks (smooth and stable). Front figure possible loss to top of staff. Indentation to right side of base as shown in photos. DISCLAIMER. We do our best to disclose anything that will impact value and / or


Censer - Wood

This is an wooden incense burner carved with mythical animals. Wear. Dry cracks


Vase - Bronze - China - Xuantong (1909-1911)

Set of three Canton enamel boxes depicting the Phoenix. perfect condition, no chipping or chipping of the glaze. diameter large box 11 cm, medium 9.5 cm, small 8 cm


Jar (8) - cloisonne

4 small enamelled cloisonne jars, with wooden base and lid. very beautiful. H with base 7/9 cm. 4 small enamelled cloisonne jars with wooden base. Height with base 6/7 cm.


Bowl - Jepara shipwreck - Song porcelain - Approx. 1100

A 'Jepara' Celadon Glazed Bowl. Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) - Circa. 1100. The decoration consists of a white and light gray glaze that runs towards the unglazed base. The inside has an incised decoration of symmetrical stylized flower and leaf patterns. The bowl bears the


Ginger jar (1) - Chinese Porcelain Blue and Celadon Ginger Jar with Cover - Porcelain

Chinese Porcelain Blue and Celadon Ginger Jar with Cover. 19th century (Qing dynasty), blue and white glaze, celadon ground, very nice ovoid form, bird standing atop a peony blossom raised up on a lingzhi with two large peony blossoms framing the scene on either side, the cover


Teapot (1) - Chinese Yixing Foo dog Theepot- 20e eeuw - Clay

Chinese Yixing Foo Dog teapot from the 20th century. The teapot is beautifully decorated with calligraphy and a Foo Dog on the lid. The teapot is marked by the maker on the bottom and the inside of the lid. The teapot is in excellent condition. Dimensions: From spout to ear


Vase - Porcelain - China

Wonderful shaped and fine enamelled Balluster Vase , handpainting decoration with peaches , Chrysanthemums and insects. Republic period . The bottom of the vase is pierced due to previous use as a lamp base ; In very good condition with some fritting on the lip (see fotos), no


Cup and saucer (6) - Chinese Kop en schotel Haan decor-20e eeuw - Porcelain

6 Chinese cups and saucers from the 20th century. Approx. 1960/1970. Decorated with beautiful intricate details with many flowers, birds and roosters in a beautiful color scheme and finished with gold details. Marked. Dimensions: The cups have a diameter of 5 cm and a height of 5


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