Wanli (1573-1619) Chinese Art

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Baluster vase - Patinated bronze - Indochina - Late 19th - early 20th century

Baluster vase in patinated bronze, China. In a perfect state. Height 22.5 cm Diameter 16 cm Weight 2.75 kilo


Vase - cinnabar lacquer - China

Late Qing dark red cinnabar laquer Vase, depicting flowers and peonies. Black laquer in the inside. Ca. 1900. Condition is good - no looses - small decoloration in some parts from an umpropert cleaning. Measures - 23 cm High x 10 cm width. Weight - 675 g.


TAIWAN MYTHICAL HERO - Wood - China - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

No major issues detected. Loss and wear to gilts and paints. DISCLAIMER. We do our best to disclose anything that will impact value and / or desirability. Ages and descriptions stated are our opinions only and based on over 30 years experience in selling antiques. All items are


Storage trunk - Wood - China - Republic period (1912-1949)

China 19th century, beautiful wooden chest stool decorated with masks and life scenes in bright colors and gold, small accidents see photos but the whole is very beautiful.


Incense burner - Silverplate

Incense burner in silver metal for boats, in openwork metal, decorated with 2 dragons and 2 phoenixes around the flaming pearl. Diameter 5cm. Condition: excellent condition. Packed carefully. Insured track and trace shipping


Box (3) - Three cricket boxes - Porcelain

A mixed lot of three Tongzhi - Guangzhu period porcelain cricket / cicada boxes, comprising: 1.) Leaf-shaped box, 12.8cm long, finely painted in polychrome enamels to depict blue and pink peonies. Faint stamp to the underside, possibly a Tongzhi reign mark. 2.) Round box,


Musicienne en Turquoise Sculptée - Turquoise - China

Very pretty finely carved turquoise statuette, representing a young musician. It rests on a pretty wooden base. China early 20th Century. The statuette is of very good quality.. Great precision in every detail such as the pleats of the kimono, instrument, hairstyle.....The


Immortal - Tall Size - Bronze - China - Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Beautiful time honed patina. No major issues detected. Statue was modified to hold a lamp as shown in photos. The statue is heavy, hence a bit higher shipping costs. DISCLAIMER. We do our best to disclose anything that will impact value and / or desirability. Ages and


Glazen kogel beschilderd met de wereldkaart op voet. - Glass - Berendsohn - China - second half of the 20th century

Glass ball painted with the world map on a base. History. Chinese hanging art had its heyday in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The snuff glass was introduced as an art object in the late Qing period. Painting the inside of the cup with soft, pastel-like colors requires a filigree


Table lamp (2) - Ceramic

Vintage Chinese table lamps in fair condition, ceramic material, origin China, dimensions 30 cm, white color with drawings


Chinese turquoise female figure - turquoise - China

Very good condition. Size without base:H4.5cm,W3.8cm,D1.5cm. Weight:26.89 g.


Spoons (8) - Silver - Indochina - Early 20th century

Indochina first part 20th century 8 ice cream spoons in solid silver topped with Chinese mythological characters. Very beautiful workmanship. Hallmark absent but tested 900/1000. 15 cm long by 3.5 cm wide. Weight from 19g to 22g each for a total of 163g


(2) - Embroidery - 58 cm

Pair of silk embroideries with various subjects. Period 1900. Measurements: 58x59 cm. Origin: China. Shipped with Poste Italiane insured


Paire de Kwanyins en pierre finement sculptee - Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli - Qing - 19th century

2x Very Beautiful Chinese Statues of Kwanyins in Rose Quartz and Lapis - 19th century. Superb set of 2x Kwanyins - Qing period 19th century. One standing in Rose Quartz - The other seated holding a Ruyi and a Lapis Lazuli Vase. Very good state. Very beautiful object, very finely


3x tabatieres Chinoises - Beijing Glass Overlay - China - Mid-20th Century

Rare 3x Chinese Snuff Bottles in Pekin Glass - Mid 20th Century. 3x Superb Peking Glass Snuff Boxes. Very beautiful snuff boxes. Nice collection. Period Mid-20th century. In a perfect state. Height of each snuff box: 6.7 cm - 6.5 cm - 5 cm


Petit Vase en Agate Cornaline Sculptee - Sculpture Chinoise - Agate - China - End of the 19th century

Very beautiful Carnelian Agate Covered Vase - China Late 19th century. The sculpture is very fine: Sculpture of foliage, and flowering branches: the work is magnificent. The stone is very beautiful with a pale and amber color. Rare to see such a beautiful sculpture in this


Snuff bottle - Peking glass, Chinese Jasper Stopper - China - Mid 20th century

Pretty Chinese Snuff Bottle Snuff Bottle in Beijing Glass - Mid Twentieth Century. Beautiful Beijing Glass Snuff Box, Flowers and Birds Decor on Black Background. Very Beautiful Snuffbox and Rare Glazed Colors, Very Fine Sculpture. Jasper stopper. Brand at the base. In a perfect


Brush washer (1) - Soapstone - Pierre de Lard - Soapstone - Stéatite

Very nice brush washer. Soapstone - Pierre de Lard - Soapstone - Stéatite. image of monkeys and birds of paradise. 20 cm long - 12.5 cm high - 5.5 cm wide - weight: 0.920 kg. Will be packaged with care and shipped quickly with track and trace and insurance


Belt hook Jade china - Jade non tested - China

Een prachtig gesneden figuur van een leeuwen hond (foo dog) in bruin jade met verschillende tinten kleur. Zeer gedetailleerd en mogelijk als belt hook gebruikt. Conditie zeer goed. Lengte: 8 cm breedte: 2 cm hoogte: 3 cm. Gewicht: 80 gram. Aangetekende verzending


Bowl - Porcelain

Porcelain Bowl Eggshell China. Marked on the bottom. With images of Court ladies. In beautiful condition and color! The bowl is sold without a coaster. Dimensions: diameter 14 cm, height 6 cm. We have no limit and start with 0 euros!


Vase - Porcelain - China

A high quality Chinese famille rose vase with a painting of peacocks and flora and characters on the other side. The vase dates from the mid-20th century and is marked on the bottom. Dimensions: 36x16x16 cm. Weight: 1,320 grams


Vase - Porcelain, Rose family vases - China

Two China Rose family vases the first largest 32cm high 13cm wide foot 9cm 990gr the second smallest 17cm high 8cm wide foot 5cm 300gr send to care.


Teapot - Yixing clay

Beautiful melon-shaped branded Yixing teapot which was made in China. The spout has a very small chip at the end, otherwise the teapot is in mint condition. Dimensions: 10x19x11.5 cm. Weight: 440 gr


Pendant - Jadeite Grape (A) - Myanmar

A exquisite jade pendant. Size:45*35*11 mm. Weight :23.77 g. Green,Light green. Jadeite grape pendant. A very beautiful design. It not only signifies auspiciousness. It also has unique cultural connotations. Grape carvings are lifelike. It seems that one can feel its vitality.


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