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Vivitar 35EM compact + 35mm 2,8

Super mooie Vivitar 35EM compact + 35mm 2,8 compact camera. Camera is in goeie staat, lens is schoon en schadevrij.


Pellicola Kodak cinematografica 35 mm con "Nicolas Cage" Cinemascope

From a private collection, I am offering this amateur film in 35 mm format for auction. To be projected with a 35 mm projector. With important cast, such as "NICOLAS CAGE" This film consists of 6 parts as in the photo, in perfect condition and use. Sometimes used only for home


Generatore - Video EP 624

EP 624 Video Generator, very rare, signs of wear from normal use, now used as a piece of furniture, obviously also exposed to museum radios, excellent. General state



Sony micro Televisie Model 5-202E. 15358 Jaar: 1962. Deze zeldzame en goed functionerende Zwart-wit Televisie wordt geleverd in de originele en nette bijbehorende Sony koffer. Gewicht onverpakt 5.4 Kg Het zwart/wit beeld wijkt op de foto’s af van de werkelijkheid. Dit


Bell & Howell : Filmo 70DR 16mm + 3 lenses

Bell & Howell 16mm Filmo Pro 70-DR, circa 1955. N. BJ86915. This Bell and Howell Filmo 70 D-R is a 16mm motion picture made by Bell & Howell. It has a rotating three lens turret, variable frame rates (8, 16, 32, and 64 frames per second), and a universal viewfinder. Lenses


Bolex H16 Reflex + Switar 10mm f1.6 -Switar 25mm f1.4 -Yvar 100mm f3.3

Bolex H16 Reflex for sale + 3 Lenses and original case. -Switar 10mm f1.6. -Switar 25mm f1.4. -Yvar 100mm f3.3. Camera runs good and smooth, I made around 15 rolls. All good with no problems. 10mm and 25mm lenses have a recent CLA.


JVC HR DVS1 / MiniDV + S-vhs Video camera/recorder Mini DV-DV

JVC HR DVS1. Year 1995. Weight 6. All info on the web. The photos are part of the description. Tested and 100% working. Secure shipping


Bolex H16 reflex + Kern 18-86mm + rexofader

Paillard Bolex H16 reflex camera from 1959 with Kern-Paillard SOM Berthiot f= 18-86 mm lens. Option: Rexofader 40.


Panasonic NV-GS500

Digital Camcorder from Panasonic. 3CCD camcorder with brilliant, sharp recordings. The GS500 is a top-class camcorder. The 3CCD professional technology delivers superior image quality. Has been tested and works. Without battery but works well on mains power. Will be delivered


Bell & Howell Vintage Model 253-A met originele doos [+ 3 films]

Vintage 8mm. Film projector, 1950's. Model 253-A, with 500 watt lamp, 115 volts, 5 amps. Grey/brown metal with plastic handle. Simply clicks the coiled cord around the empty film reel in the lid. Always kept in the original packaging and in the original cardboard box (with the


Eumig Mark 607D Film projector

Eumig Mark 607D film projector. Suitable for super/ and standard 8mm film. This machine was released in 1974 and was one of the most advanced 8mm projectors at the time. Tested and working. The projector has been little used and is in almost new condition.


Carl Zeiss, Panasonic, Sony Big lot - DIGITAL VIDEO HD CAMCORDERS Digital video camera

Video camcorders Inc. Panasonic, Sony & Toshiba Etc. w/ Some with Bags. Some have Batteries & chargers Some don't. All are tested and they work, and they are in good condition phisically, couple off them are with memorycards, see The pectures. I will also included couple of


Sony Handycam Vision video Hi8 TRV64E Video camera

A nice camera video Hi8, camera has been tested and found to be good, the battery is charged, the remote control has traces of use, which can be seen in the photo. Camera comes with: battery, recording tape, charging device that can also be used on the mains. The remote control


walt disney 8mm Projector film

Two (02) Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Super 8mm Projector Original Films , with boxes, never used. one box is little damaged ,(nothing Major), these have been stored for over 50 years in storage, complete set, will send safely packed for shipping, thanks ------------------- The


Tiffen Filtri Tiffen 3"x3" Movie camera

Case containing 11 TIFFEN 3 inch x 3 inch cinema filters for complete control of brightness and BN. They can be mounted on the Arri Arriflex Eclair Aaton compendium and on any other 3x3 filter holder. 01-Tiffen ND 0.3. 02-Tiffen ND 0.6. 03-Tiffen ND 0.9. 04-Tiffen 3N5. 05-Tiffen


Bolex Paillard H16 Movie camera

Vintage Paillard-Bolex H 16 Movie Camera. Capture a piece of cinematic history with this vintage Paillard-Bolex H 16 Movie Camera, a true classic in the world of filmmaking. While this camera shows signs of age with some surface rust and has not been tested with film, it remains


Theatre binoculars - grace Kijker - parelmoer / loupe - parelmoer / kijker - been

Beautiful set of old opera glasses made of mother of pearl and brass with left-handed handle. Set contains: stage glasses + binoculars + magnifying glass. The set is in reasonable condition with a few cracks on the binoculars (can be perfectly glued) It is a piece of history,


Loupe - Rolex loupe (merchandise)

New in Box. Rolex Loupe / magnifying glass. This lot contains dealer items that are used as promotional give-aways and are sold with no reserve price, usually for a trade show. Dealer items are not manufactured or sold by the brand they advertise. Visible trademarks such as


Panasonic NV-GS11 - Video camera/recorder Mini DV-DV

24x zoom, 24x36 photo equivalent of 40 MM wide angle. Very good image quality. Micro zoom. Microphone and headphone jacks. Mini torch. Usb2. Glasses cover. Charger and battery included. 2 new mini cassettes included. Battery life 120 min, 0.8 million pixels. Target 1/6. DV


ODESSEY® Deep Space Series

The ODESSEY® Deep Space Series is the ideal telescope for anyone with the ambition to discover the universe. Thanks to the maximum magnification of up to 375x, you can accurately observe nearby celestial bodies such as the moon, Mars and Jupiter as well as deep space objects such


Helios 44-2 F2/58mm Anamorphic Cinema Mod | Anamorphic lens

The Soviet Helios 44-2 2/58mm Anamorphic Cinema Mod Camera Lens is a unique and versatile lens that delivers stunning cinematic quality with amazing image resolution. Its anamorphic look design gives filmmakers more creative freedom when capturing their movies. This lens has an


Canon 514XL-S super 8 Camera Movie camera

Vintage Canon 514XL-S super 8 Camera Original Canon. Specs: Canon Zoom 1.4/9-45 mm. Macro focusing at wide angle and tele. Split Image focusing. Auto/Manual Zoom. Frame Rates: 9, 18, 24 + single frame. Shutter degree: 220. Auto Exposure. Self timer with 10 seconds delay. ASA


Astronomical telescope 80 LCM Telescope

Celestron 80 LCM telescope. D=80mm FL=900mm f/11. Model no. 22051


Theatre binoculars - rolex theatre binoculars rolex

Rolex binoculars never used Only shipping "This lot contains 'concessionaire' items used as promotional giveaways, typically for a trade show. Concessionaire items are not manufactured or sold by the brand they advertise. Identifiers such as 'genuine' or 'original' do not


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