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Binoculars - Agfa , Carl Zeiss Jena , Hapo , S. Riefler Deltrintem 8x30 , Agfa 8x30 , Spezial 8x30 , Rigal 3x40

4x binoculars. Carl Zeiss Jena - Deltrintem - 8x30 - No. 3061912. Agfa - Agfa - 8x30 - No. 087795. Hapo - special - 8x30 - No. 273617. S. Riefler - Rigal - 3x40 - no number. shipping DHL


Russische Soviet vintage telescoop / scope (met prisma) 30??x 60mm

Beautiful Russian vintage Soviet telescope / scope (with prism) The scope weighs approximately 0.75 kg, is approximately 32 cm long and approximately 23 cm high. The scope has a front lens with a 6cm diameter. Because brand/type is unknown, the magnification is also unknown.


Leitz Trinovid 10x40B

Leitz Trinovid binoculars, 10 x 40, 122m/1000m. Roof prism model. Central focus for both lenses and for the right lens. With original bag, attached to a carrying strap. 14cm long.


Eschenbach 20x 50 (01134) met (tafel)statief

Beautiful vintage quality scope with relatively high magnification and brightness at minimal dimensions! Can also be placed on a stable large tripod with a tripod connection. Has a beautiful image for such a vintage viewer. Very suitable to take with you on walks due to its


Mount Everest ,Prinzlux enz N0;21163 , NO.80285

3 x binoculars. Size approx;- 1 - Binoculars Mount Everest Vergutete Optick - Made in Germany. Complete with protective caps. with beautiful storage bag, inside lined with red velvet. 7 x 50, FELD 124m/1000m - N0;21163. Dimensions of binoculars approx. H 18 cm x L 19 cm x 7.5 cm.


super Zenith High Quality tripel tested 10•50 + Easton Baryum 12•50 optique Traitee Jumelles

2 pairs of Super Zenith + Easton Barium binoculars in good general condition from 1960 -1970 -1987 Brand model


Binoculars - Pentax Jupiter III 8x21 (Zilver)(7380)

In this auction we offer: Pentax Jupiter III 8x21 Silver. This is a new pair of binoculars. We offer these binoculars with the original box, pouch, strap, cleaning cloth and user manual, as shown in the pictures. Features: - Magnification: 8x. - Field of view at 1000 m: 124 m.


Medical optical instrument - Brandless Phoropter optical device for measuring the vision of human eye

Working vintage American optical Phorometer measuring instrument. Dimensions see photos. For true collectors, unique and extremely rare piece. The signs of aging are present, but they do not diminish its value in the slightest, on the contrary it is enriched with charm. See the


Binoculars - Goerz BERLIN Dienst Glas 8x26 Armee TriederD.R.P~

German binoculars from the First World War. . C. P Goerz BERLIN service glass 8x26 Army Trieder D.R.P. Clearly marked, this is history. The glass is in very good condition. No obvious scratches, no mold, almost no dust, very clean (look closely and you will find very little


Binoculars - Nikon Action CN 10x50

Nikon binoculars Action CN 10x50 6.6 degrees. Hardly used, so as new. Marine binoculars. So not suitable for bird watchers. Covered with black rubber. Eyepiece and objective lens hoods available. Original case. No tripod connection


Binoculars - Zuiho Tokyo -10x50

Binoculars from the 60s or 70s. Perfect working condition. The case shows signs of wear but it is the original and period case. 10 × 5 enlargement. To be collected on site or sent


Bolex Paillard H16 Reflex + Angenieux 25mm/1.4

The Camcorder has only had one owner. A journalist in charge of the video department of a television channel. The Camcorder has not been taken out of its box for 30 years. Original box with packaging and missing cardboard. Weight with box 4.4kg. No papers, no instructions. Lens P


Bell & Howell Two-Fifty-Two 8mm Movie Camera [+ lenzen en films]

Vintage 8mm film camera, complete with bag (handle in 2) and 3 extra Kodachrome Color Safety Films. In the boxes, unopened. With two extra lenses: 1 wide angle lens and 1 telephoto lens with protective caps together in a box with lid. Camera has always functioned well. Color


Bolex L8 1942- B8 1953 Movie 8mm

Bolex movie camera - mod L8 - (1942) black color - spring loaded. Good condition and working - Appealing for connoisseurs/collectors. Inclusive of. -original leather case. -additional yellow filter. Bolex movie camera - mod B8 (1953) black color - spring loaded - In good


Pathe Pathe baby (9,5mm) Film projector

Black lacquered Pathe film projector for 9.5 millimeter films, hand-driven. France 1922. Material metal plastic bakalite rubber paint glass. On a copper plate on the left side of the projector: PATHÉ BABY breveté SGDG et l'etranger. In reasonable/good condition, some paint loss.


Bolex, Leitz Camera 8/ Paillard Bolex + Leitz Leicina Analogue camera

These are collector's cameras and sold as is. Old Paillard Bolex camera with Berthot Pan Cinor lens. Sold as is ! Australia PATn) 229919 12/5/1959 NED GRANT N° 74751-75627-76188. Leitz Leicina No. 39072 Camera. Angenieux type K2 Zoom lens 7.5-35 mm 1:1.8. Sold as is, untested.


Manfrotto 116MK2 Tripod

Manfrotto 116MK2 tripod, used for television cameras. Condition: - Considering the age, still in good optical condition; - Will need to be technically checked for optimal functioning. Lot will be sent by registered mail.


Sony Video 8AF film/ videocamera

Sony - Video 8AF -Auto Focus Camcorder - With all accessories. 1984/1985. Sony Video 8AF film/video camera from the 1980s is one of the first camcorders. The camera with carrying strap is supplied in the original case with all associated items. Everything in very neat, but used


Canon Auto Zoom 318 M perfecte staat.

The compact Canon 318M auto zoom. Takes regular Super-8 film (commonly available) and creates great retro-style videos. 550 grams. 1970s. Works fine. Lens cap present and red screw thread cap present. Has a folding handle that folds up when not in use, making it easier to carry.


Arae ARRI BLIMP Movie 16mm

I am pleased to present for you a ARRI BLIMP for ARRIFLEX 16 ST and 16 M Camera. If you are a have passion about the Motion Picture business this is the signature camera for your collection. Use this as a Treasured collectible for generations to come! These blimps are very


Sony CCD-TR425 E PAL Analog video camera

SONY CCD-TR425E PAL VIDEO CAMERA. It is in very nice condition. All functions work. (Tested, on the attached cassette.) It was only used a few family times. It is also perfect for digitization. Accessories: new mains charger adapter, battery that needs replacing, grip protector,


Panasonic NV - DS 11 Digital camera

Panasonic Mini DV video camcorder. Zoom range 40x optical to 400x digital. Image stabilizer for vibration-free images. Can be used with both a viewfinder and a screen for recording and playback. Batteries are weak!! Camera can easily be used on mains power.


Nizo 801 macro Movie camera

Braun Film Camera Nizo S 801 Super 8 Schneider-Kreuznach Varigon 1.8/7-80mm High-quality Super 8 film camera incl. Instructions in German The camera is in good overall condition for its age. Technically in perfect working order, signs of use, see photos! The German manufacturer


Kodak Cine Kodak Eight 20 analoge filmcamera Analogue camera

2 pieces of beautiful analog film cameras with 1 original box. Cine Kodak Eight 20 with f3.5 lens. Both devices can be wound up and run beautifully. Not tested with film. See the photos for the details of both cameras.


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