Graflex Single lens reflex camera (SLR)

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Canon A-1 + FD 1,8/50mm + FD 4/70-210mm Macro

Canon A1 camera with 50mm f1.8 and 70-210mm f4 with macro function. The shutter works, light meter indicates the shutter speed and aperture. Shutter speed seems to be correct by ear. The sound of the shutter squeaking (sneezing cat, typical of the A1) Both lenses work, but have


Inconnu Caméra à soufflet et de nombreuses pièces de chambre noire Darkroom equipment

an old photo laboratory, traditional with an old camera in poor condition with a box filled with developer for film type Dn 100 year 1963. ------------------- The item in this auction is sold "as is". If an item has not been tested, the risk of the item not working rests with the


durst M 305 set Complete darkroom set

A nice darkroom set, containing the Durst M305 enlarger. so it consists of, The Durst M305 enlarger. The EL Nikkor 2.8/50mm lens. The Doka timer Philips DT 024. Rondo's loupe, the focus scope. An enlarged frame board. And everything else that can be seen in the accompanying


Zeiss Ikon Contarex I ’Bullauge Bullseye’ (10.2401) + Carl Zeiss 2,8/50 mm

Mythical Camera from the 60s First Model With Built-in Photometer. Includes Carl Zeiss 2.8/50 mm lens.


Pentax 645 + SMC Pentax-A 2,8/75mm

Pentax 645 Medium Format 6x4.5 Camera with 2.8/75 Objective No. 4030137 with chassis 120 and 220 + strap, in perfect condition. #JimmyNelsonCollection


Contax NX solo corpo

Contax contax nx body only


Agfa en Illford Broviraspeed Record Rapid Ilfospeed Photo paper

Agfa record rapid hard 100 sheets 13x18 closed, Agfa Brovira bw310rc 1 -302 grams, Agfa Brovira bw310rc 1 13x18 closed-Agfa Brovira bw310rc 10x15 2-392 grams, Agfa bs310pe 2-269 grams, Agfa bw119 9x14cm2 25 sheets closed, Agfa bw2a 7.4x10, 5 -50 grams, Agfa Bn112 8.9x14cm4-82


Microscope - WXJ Byomic Deluxe Telescope & Microscope set

Deze kit verkeert in nieuwstaat en is ongebruikt! Voor alle beginnende onderzoekers is dit de perfecte kit. Met de Byomic Beginners Microscoop Set & Telescoop in Etui, hoef je niet te kiezen welke je koopt! In deze handige koffer ontvang je zowel een microscoop voor overdag en


Velbon Videomate 638 statief - In nieuwstaat, ongebruikt! Tripod

Dit statief verkeert in nieuwstaat en is ongebruikt. De Velpon Videomate 638 is een videostatief met een tweeweg kop voor een vloeiende pan en tilt beweging garandeerd. Maximum stabiliteit in de normale opname stand maar ook bij een lage beeldhoek. Met rubberen bescherming voor


Theatre binoculars - french enamel binoculars 1

Wonderful opera binoculars with French enamel and gold vermei. bronz - enamel - gold vermei. safety shipping and fast 1-10 days.


Theatre binoculars - French tortoiseshell opera binoculars gold plate and silver case 1

Magnificent French tortoiseshell opera binoculars with gold plate and silver case


Binoculars - Carl Zeiss Jena D.F. 7x50

D.F. 7x50. The field glasses are in excellent condition. In original leather case (unfortunately the leather buckle to close the case is weathered). Tube dimensions: high 21.5 cm. Wide: 23 cm. Weight including case: 1.6 kg.


Astronomical telescope - Sky-Watcher EQ2 130/900

Sky-Watcher 130/900 EQ2 motorized telescope. D=130mm. F=900mm. Coated Optics. Made in China. Used very few times, selling due to lack of use. Perfect condition, just needs dusting.


durst Kit Durst CLS 66 pour agrandisseur DURST Darkroom equipment

Durst Kit CLS 66 + Durst Sivobox 35. The lot will be well packaged for transport


Theatre binoculars - Unknown Very old theater binoculars with an extendable handle

Very old theater binoculars with an extendable handle. the binoculars are in good condition as seen in the photos. The mechanics work well. Visibility is very good. There is some dirt on the lenses but it does not affect the observation. I don't know how old these binoculars


Olympus OM 2 + ZUIKO 1.8 50MM + TOKINA ZOOM 70-210 + MACRO (vrijwel nieuw)

OLYMPUS OM 2 + ZUIKO 1.8 50MM + ZOOM. Very nice Olympus set including, almost new Tokina zoom 70-210 + MACRO. In 1974 Olympus presented its Olympus OM-2. This was the second analog SLR camera from the professional "OM" series. What was special was that Olympus had managed to


Zenit 122 Jubiläumsmodell + Pentacon 1,8/50mm

Offered is a Russian SLR camera with TTL metering focal plane shutter 1/500 - 1/25. Frosted glass with microprisms and adjustment wedge. Special print 50 years of victory (over fascism). Body mechanically and cosmetically in excellent condition. A faint smudge in the viewfinder


Voigtländer Ultramatic

A nice voigtlander Ultramatic camera with beautiful Septon 1:2/50mm lens, and a super-dynarex 1:4/135mm lens. Camera looks good, shutter speeds seem fine, Small dust spot on focusing screen. A nice camera for a collection, or for finding out about analogue photography!


Canon T70 + Zoom 35-70mm + flash

I am selling this canon t70 in very good condition. It is sold with the flash. Shipping is available


Minolta DYNAX 9

Minolta DYNAX 9. Single Lens Reflex Camera (SLR) - Good


Zenit 12 XP + Helios 44M-4 - M42

Soviet analog camera known as the "Russian tank" from the years 1983-1994, working perfectly, plus case. Zenit Brand. 35mm format. Zenit-12xp SpecificationsType: 35mm SLR Camera. Format: 24x36cm on 135 filmLens mount: m42 thread mountLens: Helios 44m f2.0/58Viewfinder image


paper cutter II Darkroom equipment

Very good (photo) paper cutter (wooden board). Cuts strips up to 1 mm wide flawlessly. The board works up to A3 size. Externally the board is still in very nice condition. Max. dimensions: 40x65cm.


VEB DRESDEN VTG ABS | Electric mechanical darkroom laboratory timer | Camera timer

Electric mechanical darkroom laboratory timer. Historical device. Loud hearing and noticeable ticking. Ideal for exposure time in the darkroom. Adjustable from 2-60 seconds. Switch for continuous light. Old wooden case. The timer is old with signs of wear - mechanically it is OK.


Galileo Eidon 1:4,5 f 7,5cm Darkroom equipment

Officine Galileo N enlarger lens, 20179. Eidon 1:4.5 f 7.5 cm with case. fluid aperture ring. in good aesthetic and functional condition


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