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Dioscorides, Pedanius - Kitâbü'l-Hasâis Fî't-Tib De Materia Medica - 2012

Kitâbü'l-Hasâis Fî't-Tib De Materia Medica. Dioscorides, Pedanius. Publisher: Türkiye Yazma Eserler Kurumu, Istanbul, 2012. Istanbul: TYEK, 2012. Facsimil Original leather-bound imitation in Ottoman style. 4th. (34 x 25 cm). In Turkish and facsimile of the original Ottoman


John Steinbeck - Cennet Yolu, three turkish first editions - 1963

These books, published from 1963 to 1971, were the first to be printed immediately in Turkey. And this is the first edition. John Steinback's nobel series. The bookstore did not grant copyright for a long time. And in those years, it was very difficult to reach John Steinback in


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Pierre Loti / Émilien Dufour - Mon Frère Yves - EO Avec Suite + Envoi - 1936

My Brother Yves. Author: Pierre Loti. Illustrator: Émilien Dufour (1894-1975) Publisher: Calmann-Lévy, Paris, 1936, 285 pp. Art Deco binding in full garnet shagreen, triple gilded fillets along the first cover, spine with protruding ribs with triple gilded fillets, title and name


Pierre Loti / Maurice Lalau - Un Pèlerin d'Angkor. EO Avec Suite + Envoi - 1937

A Pilgrim of Angkor & The Book of Pity and Death. Author: Pierre Loti. Illustrator: Maurice Lalau (1881-1967) Publisher: Calmann-Lévy, Paris, 1937, 260 pp. Art Deco binding in full garnet shagreen, triple gilded fillets along the first cover, spine with protruding ribs with


Remy de Gourmont - Lettres d'un satyre. Eaux-fortes de Frans de Geetere - 1926

Letters from a satyr. Etchings by Frans de Geetere. Illustrious first edition. Complete with 15 etchings by Frans de Geetere. Limited edition of 366 numbered copies. One copy on handmade Auvergne paper numbered from 17 to 66. copy: No. 30


Joop van Velzen - Clara Schumann & Johannes Brahms : biografie van een muzikale vriendschap, in brieven en noten - 2011

now unavailable; beautiful set, as good as new. more than 3300 pages and more than 1200 images, beautifully delivered by the publisher on beautiful paper. The loving relationship between Robert Schumann's widow Clara Schumann and the composer Johannes Brahms is described here


Molière - Oeuvres de Molière - 1970

The 6 volumes of these “Complete Works of Molière” are in perfect condition. Only volume 6 has a minimal defect: upper edge of the binding slightly compressed. Note that each of these volumes includes numerous illustrations or musical scores linked to the works of Molière.


R. Fuzier - Les aventures de Dédé et Doudou - 1933

Robert Fuzier collaborated with the party newspaper "S.F.I.O" from 1931 with a socialist tendency. Publication of his drawings on the front page every Sunday. This album brings together 53 pages of comic strip stories including “Kkrakra victim of war” or “the bandit of Karakas”


Gabriele d'Annunzio / Beltran Masses - Triomphe de la mort [1/60 ex] - 1932

Gabriele D'Annunzio: Triumph of death. Illustrated with 12 compositions by Beltran Masses, engraved on copper by Mazelin. Translation G. Hérelle.Paris: Javal et Bourdeaux, 1932. printed in 60 copies on Arches vellum (n°40), containing two states of the illustrations, in color and


Maurice Barrès - La Colline inspirée [avec suite] - 1962

BARS Maurice. The inspired hill published by Rico and Auphan master printers in 1962. Paperback in sheets, in slipcase. Book published to celebrate the centenary of Maurice Barrés (1862-1923) is a French writer and politician. Copy number 48 (out of 295) on arches vellum with a


Alphonse Daudet / Albert Dubout - L'Arlésienne - 1960

Loose sheets (complete) in an envelope (linen) and in a slipcase (linen). First edition 1960; No. 860 of 980 copies (total edition). With 13 colored plates and 27 colored illustrations in the text. Slipcase and spine stained (see photos), sheets inside in perfect condition. From


Marcel Proust / J.E. Laboureur & Jacques Boullaire - A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs - 1946

Numbered copy on Lana vellum No. 24. Work composed of two volumes. First volume illustrated with twenty-five engravings by J. E. Laboureur. Second volume illustrated with twenty-five engravings by Jacques Boullaire all in a cardboard slipcase. E. Laboureur died after having


[Henry Morin] Madame d'Aulnoy ; Madame Leprince de Beaumont - Contes de Fées. Introduction par Louis Tarsot - 1905

First edition. Very beautiful rare album in such beautiful condition. Preserved in its beautiful art nouveau cardboard box from the publisher in full blue buckram, polychrome composition decorated on the upper cover, all gilded edges. Beveled plates. Cardboard in very good


Oscar Wilde - Ballade de la geôle de Reading - 1927

1927 edition of the famous prose poems of Oscar Wilde from Mercure de France. 1/2 red percaline leather.


Jules Verne - Le Docteur Ox & les 500 millions de la begum - 1929

Doctor Ox, the 500 million of the begum. Jules Verne. Hetzel Hachette Collection. 1929. 373 pages (211, 162) 27*17cm. 1.5kg. Good general condition, some signs of wear, good interior, see photos


Henry de Montherlant / Tremois - la guerre civile - 1964

In-folio, in sheets, illustrated cover (publisher's slipcase). First edition, illustrated by Pierre-Yves Trémois with 25 original copper engravings, including 10 inserts (4 on double page and 6 on full page). Limited edition of 200 numbered copies, signed by the author, artist


Guy des Cars - Oeuvres Romanesques - 1974

Romanesque Works by Guy des Cars - 18 Volumes - 1974, illustrations, Edito-Service S. A., Geneva - Burgundy publisher's cardboard, titled and decorated upper boards and spines, burgundy contreplats and endpapers decorated with gilded motifs, frontispieces and numerous


Henri Laurens / Albert Robida - Fabliaux & Contes du Moyen-Age [cartonnage polychrome] - 1908

First edition, published without date [1908] and first printing of the magnificent illustrations in black and color in and out of text by Albert Robida, in total 110 drawings. Preserved in its beautiful publisher's cardboard box in full gray percaline, historiated polychrome


Henry Poulaille / Pierre Leconte - ‎Le Pain Quotidien - 1944

Very beautiful quarto edition of this autobiographically inspired novel by Henry Poulaille, illustrated by the painter Pierre Leconte (1894-1946) with 16 lithographs printed by Mourlot Frères and colored with stencils and 33 drawings in black in-text. Very complete copy of the


Antonio Aniante / Jean Gradassi - Les Merveilleux Voyages de Marco Polo - 1962

Works printed on SANG TIEN TANG paper, real mulberry bark from CHINA. Edition of 993 numbered copies, this one bears the number 145 which contains a suite in red lacquer and a suite in jade green lacquer. 2 volumes in folio (36.7x28) in loose sheets under paper folders with fern


Henry de Régnier / Daragnès - Monsieur d'Armercoeur - 1918

Henri de Régnier - Monsieur d'Armercoeur published by Georges Crès in 1918. Eight tales decorated with wood drawn and engraved by De Daragnes. 600 copies including this one numbered 521 on Arches vellum.


Pierre Courtade & Edouard Pignon - Les Circonstances [avec une lithographie originale] - 1954

Collection of short stories by Pierre Courtade illustrated by Edouard Pignon. In-8 and in sheets contained in a dust jacket illustrated by a color lithograph by Pignon and protected by a slipcase bearing the title and authors on the spine, which is in turn contained in a rigid


Léon Vérane / Albert Decaris - Toulon - 1948

Toulon. Verane Leon. illustrated by Albert Decaris. Toulon, E. Montbarbon, 1948, in-4 (27x19.5 cm), 129 pp. and (2)ff. (table and supporting documents), decorated with engravings in and out of text. Limited edition of 420 copies, 400 on pure marsh vellum copy n°394. Fresh


Jacques de Lacretelle - Aparté [E.O. Numérotée sur Vélin Pur Fil] - 1927

Jacques de Lacretelle – Aparté [E.O. Numbered on Pure Fil Vellum] – 1927. First edition, numbered on pure Lafuma-Navarre vellum paper, copy No. 889. 221 pages, uncut. Editions Gallimard NRF. Very good general condition, cover: small dents, small frictions, small tears, small

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