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Picture/artwork - Francesco Strevella, Lamborghini Miura 21x29,7cm, 2022 - Lamborghini - After 2000

Painted on fine paper, made with watercolors on fine canvas-textured paper. Original by Francesco Strevella. Francesco Strevella's paintings are very evocative and of the highest quality. His watercolors stand out for their detailed painting technique, which makes them very


Other brand - Harley-Davidson - Black Camo - New - Sunglasses

New. Exactly as you buy in the Harley-Davidson store. We are a professional company that only sells new, exclusive products. Sunglasses with special lenses and high optical performance. The comfortable temples are provided with the official logo and have a unique pattern.


Dashboard-instrument - Origineel Fiat 131 Abarth, Ritmo 125 130 Sportstuur 1980s - Abarth - 1980-1990

This is a very nice and neat original steering wheel for the Fiat models: Ritmo 125, 130 and the 131 Abarth. Made from artificial leather and aluminum. Diameter: 37CM. Comes with original horn button and hub, all in very good condition. (View all images and close-ups for a


Lightbox (1) - BSA Motorcycles Wandbord - Lichtbak - metal

Illuminated wall sign / light box from BSA. Made of metal with plastic plexiglass, equipped with LED lighting and CE / ROHS Compliance. 220-230v connection. Equipped with NL / EU C7 plug connection. LED light is bright and warm light. Handmade Retro-classixxs edition. Size:


Kenny Racewear - Bomber jacket

Rare Bomber jacket in Honda style with Honda logos, COME RIDE WITH US on the sleeves and HONDA RACING TEAM on the back. Also nice racer style features. Very comfortable bomber jacket fit in very good condition. Material is polyamide! Original working zipper and snaps. Quality of


Coat - BM

BMW motorrad tyco jacket. 3xl. 2 outer pockets with zipper. 1 inner pocket with zipper. Lined jacket. Back 63cm. Length 77cm. Shoulders 53cm. Sleeves 16cm. With hood


Écharpe - Lamborghini

Lamborghini Automobili Scarf, No reserve price. 175/65cm. 70% wool. 30% silk. She's sweet, she's tall, It is sober and luxurious, She can be around your neck, At the wheel of your Lamborghini. Ideal gifts to complete your luxury car collection. Read my reviews, you will never be


Fiat 500 Abarth Assetto Corse - trui.

Bright red sweater from Fiat / Abarth with an Abarth 500 Assetto Corse on the front. Official Abarth merchandise from the Concept Clothing line. Manufactured by Gielle from Milan in the color Rosso Felpa. Size: XL. Shoulder width: 68 cm. Back length: 65 cm. Sleeve length: 64


Poster/print - 4 sztuki Plakatów Grand Prix Monaco z lat 1932, 1934, 1958 i 1965 - Grand Prix - After 2000

For sale! 4 pieces of Monaco Grand Prix Posters from 1932, 1934, 1958 and 1965. Posters sold without aluminum frames. Posters in perfect condition. Poster dimensions: A2. The price is for the SET!


Poster/print - 3 sztuki Plakatów Grand Prix Monaco z lat 1965, 1966 i 1967 - Grand Prix - After 2000

For sale! 3 pieces of Monaco Grand Prix Posters from 1965, 1966 and 1967. Posters sold without aluminum frames. Posters in perfect condition. Poster dimensions: A2. The price is for the SET!


Banner (4) - Harley Davidson. Cap en patch. - USA

2 original Harley Davidson caps. 2 original patch. 79th Anniversary Sturgis Blackhills Rally. The Legend Lives On. Brand new. Never worn. NOS. These beautiful, original Harley caps are of very good quality and have a very good fit. See pictures. Collector's Items. Will be


Tonino Lamborghini - Men - 2000-2010

Tonino Lamborghini watch. New with protective film on it. Case diameter 37 mm without crown. Watch length 255mm. Strap width 20mm. Silicone strap. Must have battery


Sign - Distributore Benzina - Smalto - Ghisa/Ferro - Gilbarco - Stati Uniti - 1966s

Panel (black and white enamelled) of a petrol dispenser from the 1960s. Material Cast iron/iron and enamel. In excellent condition. The characters and drawings are slightly embossed. Dimensions cm. 66.5 x 33.5. Company: "Gilbarco", the company was founded under the name Gilbert &


Badge - Lancia - 1950

Nice size Lancia badge. old patina. for car or showcase


Car part (2) - Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Volvo - Dellorto DHLA40G - 1960-1970

Original set of Dellorto DHLA40G carburetors. Neat and working condition. Carburetors have been checked, cleaned and tested. Can be mounted directly and ready for use.


Parts - AlfaSud Sprint - Alfa Romeo - 1970-1980

Rarely offered, a neat and very good rear right screen for an Alfa Sud Sprint. No dents or damage,


Armour helmet (1) - Europe - 1980-1990

Motorcycle or moped helmet from the 1980s from the brand Bayard type Police control size x, Small 53 - 54 in good but used condition, see the photos, these are part of the description, will be shipped well packaged


Parts - Lamborghini - After 2000

lamborghini ... original rear lettering for murcielago gallardo hurracan and Aventador ... 2000s


felpa - Olio Fiat - 1970

Sweatshirt Olio FIAT with zip produced by the lubricants branch of the famous car brand between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s. The product is in the original packaging, never worn, impossible to find in this condition. Rare collector's item. Size 44


Magazine - Mille Miglia - 1000 Miglia - 1958 & 1959

Two original and rare, official Mille Miglia magazines from 1958 and 1959. Although the original Mille Miglia race of 1000 miles ended in 1957, a shorter version of the race was held the years after. Please have a look at the nice images and advertisements in the magazines.


Plaque décorative Maserati - Maserati

A decorative MASERATI plate in aluminium. Paperweight or to put on a shelf. Secure shipping with tracking


Advertising sign (1) - Iron (cast/wrought)

Printing on sheet metal with a glossy finish. The plate of the famous Michelin brand is in good condition, as shown in the attached photos, it has missing areas on the front while on the back you can see a layer of rust. Produced in Italy. Measurements 40x30x1. Weight 2kg. Iron


Sign - Alfa Romeo - Alfa Romeo; enamel sign; 410mm; nice quality and shine

.enamel sign. ALFA ROMEO - beautiful strong relief. Great for Italian car enthusiasts. Expect EnamelSignature quality. Fantastic presence on the wall. Garage sign, outdoor use. UV-stable/color-stable. Dealer sign. Lasts a lifetime! Dimension: 410mm. Weight: 1,4kg. Enamel sign,


Poster/print - 3 sztuki Plakatów 24 Heures du Mans z lat 1954, 1955, 1956. - Le Mans - After 2000

For sale! 3 pieces of 24 Heures du Mans Posters from 1954, 1955, 1956. Posters sold without aluminum frames. Posters in perfect condition. Poster dimensions: A2. The price is for the SET!


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