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Brochures/catalogues - Simca 1000/1100/1300/1500/1301/1501 - Simca - 1960-1970

Brochures offered: Simca 1000 1963 A4 8 Netherlands Fold. Simca 1100 1967 A4 20 Netherlands. Simca 1100 Order 1968 A4 2 Netherlands Scratch. Simca 1300 1963 A4 6 Netherlands. Simca 1500 1968 A4 8 Netherlands Written on front. Simca 1300/1500 1966 A4 18 Netherlands Scratch. Simca


Brochures/catalogues - Ferrari: 550/F355./P4/P5 - Ferrari - 1990-2000

Brochures offered: Ferrari 550 1997 A4 50 Europe In folder (code 1150/97 03/97) Ferrari F355 1997 A4 36 Europe (code 947/95 5M 05/97) Ferrari P4/5 2002 A4 12 Europe Pininfarina (code No. 160) The items are in good condition with light signs of wear, unless otherwise stated, see


Brochures/catalogues - Mercedes USA: 500E/C-class/CLK/Coupe/S-class/SLK - Mercedes-Benz

Offered: Mercedes 500E 1988 A4 4 USA. Mercedes Accessories 1990 A4 20 USA. Mercedes C class 1999 A4+ 60 USA. Mercedes CLK 1998 A4+ 36 USA. Mercedes Coupes 1998 A4+ 64 USA. Mercedes Pre-owned 1993 A4- 16 USA. Mercedes Range 1983 A4- 26 USA. Mercedes Range 1989 A4-54 USA.


Accessory - Sunglasses - Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Sunglasses. Brand New, 100% Original. Eye Size: 62 mm. Bridge Width: 16 mm. Temple Length: 135 mm. Item Number: S1CW2219.


Brochures/catalogues - Mercedes-Benz Verkaufsprospekte - Mercedes-Benz - 1950-1960

Mercedes-Benz sales brochures. 4 pieces in total. 190D. 220 p. Type 219. Type 220 S Coupé and Cabriolet. Take a close look at the photos and see for yourself. Worldwide insured shipping.


Brochures/catalogues - F40 official press release #475/87 - Ferrari - 1980-1990

Genuine and in excellent conditions. First edition, 1987. Italian language. Included leaflet for carbon composite materials and one picture.


Brochures/catalogues - Originele Porsche 911 T | 911 E | 911 S 2.2 liter brochure - 09/1969 - Porsche - 1960-1970

Neat original German-language Porsche 911 brochure with the 2.2 liter engine from September 1969. The following models are described: - 911 T. - 911 E. - 911 S. The brochure consists of 8 pages, including cover and is in a neat and complete condition with traces of use


Brochures/catalogues - 501 - BMW

Original BMW 501 brochure. Good condition. 24.5 cm high. 31cm long. Details about the six and eight cylinders. Technical data shown, beautiful pictures of the interior. 14 pages


Brochures/catalogues - 3200 CS - BMW

Original brochure BMW 3200 CS. Good condition. 22cm high. 32.5cm long. Foldable. Technical data shown, beautiful pictures of the interior


Brochures/catalogues - Typ 220 - Mercedes-Benz

Original brochure Mercedes Benz Type 220. Good condition. 22cm high. 31cm long. Foldable. Technical data shown, beautiful pictures of the interior. 1.52.20


Brochures/catalogues - Typ 180 - Mercedes-Benz

Original brochure Mercedes-Benz Type 180. Good condition. 22cm high. 30.5 cm long. Folds out into a very large poster, 12 pages in total. Technical data shown, beautiful pictures of the interior. XI 53.40.F


Brochures/catalogues - 600 - Mercedes-Benz

Original brochure Mercedes Benz 600. Good condition. 30 cm high. 21cm long. Beautiful pictures of the chic Mercedes 600 as well as detailed information. 24 pages plus 4 pages of inserts with details on the interior design and technical data/equipment examples. WAM 6705 0019


Brochures/catalogues - TT / TTS - NSU

2 original brochures NSU TT / TTS. Good condition. 1) 24.5 cm high. 31cm long. 2) 24.5cm high. 29.5cm long. Information about the car, details and equipment. Technical data shown, beautiful pictures of the interior. Both brochures have 14 pages each


Moto Guzzi - Advertising sign - metal

Splendid Moto Guzzi advertising sign! The plate is in perfect condition, please refer to the photos which are part of the description. Sign period: 1990s/2000s. Tracked and insured shipping, with careful packaging. A great idea for a perfect Christmas gift for all enthusiasts:


Brochures/catalogues - Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ Maintenance use booklet / Original brochure SZ /3 original photos - Alfa Romeo - 1960-1970

Lot of original Alfa Romeo 2600 sz maintenance use booklet. Original brochure sz. N 3 original photos sz


Brochures/catalogues - Porsche 911 912 1967 working times manual catalogue - Porsche - 1960-1970

Porsche 911 and 912 working times, Arbeitszeiten, temps de travail, tempi di lavoro catalogue, manual, handbook. Original edition october 1967. In four languages, english, german, french, and italian. Super rare.


Advertising sign (1) - Enamel

Rare Ducati enamel sign with Italian flag and Ducati emblems! 4 holes in the corners for mounting


Lightbox (1) - BSA Motorcycles Wandbord - Lichtbak - metal

Illuminated wall sign / light box from BSA. Made of metal with plastic plexiglass, equipped with LED lighting and CE / ROHS Compliance. 220-230v connection. Equipped with NL / EU C7 plug connection. LED light is bright and warm light. Handmade Retro-classixxs edition. Size:


Moto Guzzi Illuminated wall sign - Lightbox (1) - metal

Illuminated wall sign / light box from Moto Guzzi. Made of metal with plastic plexiglass, equipped with LED lighting and CE / ROHS Compliance. 220-230v connection. Equipped with NL / EU C7 plug connection. LED light is bright and warm light. Handmade Retro-classixxs edition.


Kenny Racewear - Bomber jacket

Rare Bomber jacket in Honda style with Honda logos, COME RIDE WITH US on the sleeves and HONDA RACING TEAM on the back. Also nice racer style features. Very comfortable bomber jacket fit in very good condition. Material is polyamide! Original working zipper and snaps. Quality of


Lighted sign - Double-sided MBK (Yamaha - Booster)

Beautiful double-sided MBK Yamaha Booster luminous sign in perfect condition and working order. 90s sign with manufacturer's label. Very rare and difficult to find in this condition. The sign is shipped in a custom-made wooden box. Neon lighting. Dimensions 95x40x18


Armour helmet (1) - Europe - 1980-1990

Motorcycle or moped helmet from the 1980s from the brand Bayard type Police control size x, Small 53 - 54 in good but used condition, see the photos, these are part of the description, will be shipped well packaged


Vespa - Sign - Enamel, Metal

Vespa round sign. 1990s warehouse fund. Enamelled metal - Excellent condition. Rounded relief workmanship and fired at 800 degrees. Dimensions cm. 40 x 40. Tracked shipping


Advertising sign (1) - Iron (cast/wrought)

Printing on sheet metal with a glossy finish. The plate of the famous Michelin brand is in good condition, as shown in the attached photos, it has missing areas on the front while on the back you can see a layer of rust. Produced in Italy. Measurements 40x30x1. Weight 2kg. Iron


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