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TEAC - A-6300 - Tape Deck 26 cm

The Teac A-6300 is the result of a lot of effort and careful thought that TEAC put into the design of this magnificent 4-track semi-professional stereo tape deck. In good working and aesthetic condition. No bumps or scratches. It will be carefully packed for its new home.


AKG - CK5 capsule - Dynamic microphone

AKG CK5 dynamic microphone capsule The CK5 supercardioid capsule is a brighter version of the CK1, suspended in a wind shield enclosure and has a 20 - 20000 Hz frequency response.


EMT - 948 Turntable

Turntable, fully functional EMT 948 was reviewed by a technician, 100% functional, comes with a Shure sc35c needle that has already been used for some time, but is fully functional, the plinth was made in Nordic wood, it looks beautiful as you can see. Given the weight and


Akai - Mpx8 Tuner

Akay mpx8, used only for testing still with film


Shure - PG 4 T 10 Wireless Receiver Microphone/ Wireless Transmitter Microphone

Tested, in working order. The sale includes- Shure T10 wireless receiver. T10 wireless transmitter + Shure microphone. Power supply. T10 frequency 854-865 MHz. 10 channels.


Apart - Concept 1 - Pro PA Amplifier

Apart - Concept 1 (T) - Professional Digital Controlled Amplifier. It works perfectly. Does not include remote control. 2-zone stereo amplifier for 100V installations. This CONCEPT1T 100-volt integrated mixing amplifier can operate with one stereo zone, two volume-linked zones,


Master Audio Design - SSL1 Stereo Sound Limiter Audio limiter

Set of two stereo sound limiters for professional use. Brand Master Audio Design by Amate Electroacustica, two-channel SSL1 model. With adjustment potentiometer and sealed lockable bypass. Rear 30Hz or 50Hz low frequency filter selector. LED indicator for input and output level.


Audio-Tech­nica, Mackie, Swissonic - 1402 VLZ3 & AT2020. Condenser microphone

1 Mackie 1402 VLZ3 brand mixer. 1 Carrying case for Gator brand mixer. 1 Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone. 1 USB-Midi keyboards brand Swissonic EasyKey 49. Everything works in very good condition, close to new. Mackie 1402 VLZ3. Product information. The new


Sony - SRP-P50 audiofiele - Main amplifier

Beautiful audiophile power amplifier with both tulip/RCA and tru balanced inputs. Very large toroidal transformer and complete dual mono construction. Very stable and powerful. Can also be used as a monoblock. The input sensitivity is also switchable. Sounds extremely good. See


Antelope audio - Zen Go Signal processor

Really nice Interface USB with Box and cable. nterface audio USB 2.0 4x8 pour Mac et PC. DirectMatérielsurveillance avec des effets Synergy Core en temps réel. Deux préamplis ultra-linéaires discrets (gain de 65 dB) avec alimentation fantôme 48 V. Fréquences d'échantillonnage :


Ecler - MAC 4-2 - Analog Mixer

ECLER MAC 4-2 Mixing Unit. Four-channel mixing console, made in Spain in the eighties. It works perfectly. The device shows some signs of wear and some imperfections visible in the photographs. In general it is in very good condition. Registered shipping with tracking code. For


Monacor - PA-2000 - Main amplifier

Beautiful PA amplifier from monacor. Works very well. Brand-Monacor. Type PA 2000. Preamp-Yes. Power Amplifier-Yes. Amplifier Integrated-Yes. Mono-Yes. Description-4 Channel Public Address- amplifier-19 in. 4 ohms 70 volts 100 volts


ADA - Microcab II Cab Simulator Set of audio equipment

Cabin Simulator. Model/. Microcab II Cab Simulator. Brand/. A.DA Finish/ Black. Categories/Speaker simulations. Manufactured/United State. Used equipment in very excellent condition


Philips - B2/20A Radio

Philips radio mod.B2/20A receives FM Om TV radio in perfect working order and serviced.


TEAC - A-H300 - T-H300 - R-H300 - PD-H300 - Multiple models - Stereo set

Teac A-H300. Phono, Aux, CD, Tuner, Tape 1 (Rec/Play), Tape 2/MD (Rec/Play), Tone Control. Power output: 35 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 5Hz to 80kHz. Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% Input sensitivity: 2.6mV (MM), 180mV (line) Signal to noise ratio:


His Masters Voice - Wind up, portable Gramophone

This is an early 20th century wind-up gramophone player. Working. Comes with three records and spare needles. In very good condition with natural signs of use (please see the photos as they are the part of the description) Dimensions: 29x42x15cm


Bose - 301 series 4 - Passive PA speakers

Beautiful set of Bose 301 Series IV in a very beautiful rosewood wood motif, very rarely offered and therefore a great opportunity, especially in this beautiful condition. The speakers sound as they should, a beautiful full sound thanks to the 8-inch woofer and the 2


Philips - B4X23A Tube radio

Vintage Philips Tube Radio B4X23A. This beautiful vintage Philips tube radio type B4X23A dates from around 1960. The radio has range on short, medium and long wave, as well as FM. The cabinet is made of wood and the sides where the speakers are located are made of plastic in


His Masters Voice - Model 109. Eerste helft 20e eeuw. Mooi en goed werkend. Turntable

"His master's voice". This well-functioning record player from the first half of the 20th century is also optically in excellent condition. The record player can be used for decoration, but certainly also for regular use. Packing and shipping is done with the utmost care.


PTT Ericsson - Koptelefoon Headphone

White bakelite headphones PTT Ericsson type 13W/2 (bakelite is cool) Headphones with Bakelite hearing and speaking section, 1930s. Beautiful antique headphones with original wiring. There is a brand name on the plug. Could it possibly be from aviation and used in an old aircraft?


Danish radio receiver - Rare Radio reveiver, 1920s Audio component

Rare receiver unit, Denmark 1920s. Sold as-is


CGE - Supergioiello 195 Radio

- 5-valve superheterodyne radio, medium wave and two short wave ranges with keyboard wave change, 110-220Volt alternating current power supply, magnetodynamic speaker, wooden cabinet (briar).


Peter Pan - Reisgrammofoon 78 rpm grammophone player

Offered is a very nice small travel gramophone from the Peter Pan brand. Made in England around 1925. This specimen has the rare 6 yellowish horn that slides into place like a telescope. This Peter Pan gramophone is suitable for playing 78 rpm records, it is equipped with a


Veni Vidi Vici - Hoorn Grammofoon 78 rpm grammophone player

Offered is an original and very well working gramophone with original red metal horn. As mentioned, this is an original 78 rpm gramophone with a powerful spring motor that plays the records with ease. Some original 78 rpm records and a box of needles are included so you can start


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