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Bang & Olufsen - MINI 607, AM FM Design Ib Fabiansen - Tube radio

B&O Mini Present 607 K Radio AM-FM. B&O Mini Present 607. Release year: 1959. The nickname "Present" on this Mini refers to the cabinet design, based on the style of furniture design at the end of the 50s. It represents one of the last radios in this typical late 50s


Bang & Olufsen - Beolab 18 actief WISA Speaker set

The BeoLab 18 ICE with its acoustic lens is an iconic top design made of exquisite materials and offers an unparalleled wireless sound performance, especially when placed on the wall with the supplied exclusive wall brackets. New price is 8500 euros! The BeoLab 18 speaker is the


Bang & Olufsen - BeoLab 8000 - Nieuwe fronts - Line in voor WIFI streaming en Bluetooth. Speaker set

Beolab 8000 Blue Ice fronts or another color of your choice, see photos, active Danish Icons with Powerlink and line/RCA for connecting your Bluetooth or WIFI module for wireless streaming, and of course Powerlink for all your Bang and Olufsen equipment, of course good woofer


Bang & Olufsen - Beocenter 1800 Set of audio equipment

Technical data of the BeoCenter 1800. Type: 2610 (1975 – March 1977) Sound system and speakers 2 sets stereo. FM pre-vote: 4. Output power 1000 Hz RMS: 2 x 22 watts / 4 ohms. 2 x 19 watts / 8 ohms. Music power 2 x 40 watts / 4 ohms. 2 x 25 watts / 8 ohms. Speaker impedance 4


Bang & Olufsen - Analogue telephone - Beocom 2000 DTMF/LD - Kunstsof

Do you have a passion for design and want a unique collectors item in your possession? Then the yellow BeoCom 2000 is the perfect phone for you! The BeoCom 2000 is a design phone that was released in 1987 by Bang & Olufsen. The phone was designed by Jacob Jensen and is one of


Bang & Olufsen - BeoSound 2300 - BeoLab 6000 Hi-fi set - Multiple models

Beosound 2300 full set with AUX for wireless streaming Spotify, Deezer, etc. plus a set of very nice, powerful, active BeoLabs 6000 with, of course, good woofers. The Beosound 2300, an icon consisting of a CD, tuner, and preamplifier, hidden behind 2 doors that open when you


Bang & Olufsen - Beovox M70 zeer zeldzaam Speaker set

A unique opportunity to add the iconic and very rare Beovox M70 to your installation/collection! The Beovox M 70 was one of the famous uni-phase series, a series of speakers that reproduced the sound without phase difference. It was a complex technique that took years to


Bang & Olufsen - Beolab 8000 MK II - sky blue - refoamed Speaker set

2 pieces of rare BeoLab 8000 MK II speakers. The BeoLab 8000 MKII is a speaker that can be called as stylish as it is discreet. Due to its abstract and modern design, this speaker from Bang & Olufsen is also called "The Pencil" or the "Exclamation Mark". A beautiful view in any


Bang & Olufsen - Beovox S75 - Uni Phase - on floor stand - No Reserve Speaker set

Bang & Olufsen Speakers Beovox S75 in Rosewood A Matched Pair 4 way drivers Uni phase & Phase link design. The best B&O speakers this side of the Monitor series. Relatively small footprint but very accurate and engaging sound. Four separate drivers per speaker including a phase


Bang & Olufsen - BeoMaster 901 - in rosewood or teak Solid state stereo receiver

Very beautiful beomaster 901. In the most beautiful and pristine condition, both woodwork and aluminium are meticulously well kept. Serviced by our B&o licensed technicians. Beautiful item. Small deviations in colour/print might occur. Please note that we have these machines


Bang & Olufsen - Beosound Core mark 2 Audio Converter Box Hi-fi set

BEOSOUND CORE. The heart of your music. The essential connectivity hub that turns your Beolab speakers into a future-proof and wireless speaker system. STREAMING. Stream from your favourite music app. With Beosound Core, nothing stands between your music and your beloved


Bang & Olufsen - BeoSound Theatre with LG Oled G1 55 inch Television included Wall-bracket and Table-stand Hi-fi set

BEOSOUND THEATRE included LG Oled 55 television. This Lot contains: 1x BeoSound Theatre Dolby Digital 7.1 Soundbar ( Gold Tone colour) 2 years Warranty. ( included Dark Oak Speaker cover, HDMI cable, LAN cable, Mains cable, Decoration covers) 1x LG G1 OLED 55 inch smart


Bang & Olufsen - Beogram 6002 tangentiale draaitafel, nieuwe snaar, en nieuwe naald by JFS. Record player

This Beogram 6002 is very rarely offered and is of extremely good quality, with a beat rate of 0.07% it is better than the famous Beogram 8000! An ideal player, especially for classic LPs. Playback takes place in the same way as the LP mold is made, so it couldn't be better. But


Bang & Olufsen - Jacob Jensen CX 100 Nieuwe foam randen & nieuw speakerdoek Speaker set

Bang and Olufsen Beovox CX 100 speakers. Designer: Jacob Jensen. Very powerful passive speakers from Bang and Olufsen. Equipped with new foam edges. The speakers are also equipped with new high-quality speaker cloth in the unique color marine blue. These speakers can be


Bang & Olufsen - BeoLab 2500 - No Reserve Speaker set

Beolab 2500 active! Black edition, multi-use in your Bang and Olufsen setup, also suitable for expanding your surround. (Bid above 225 euros comes with 2 speaker cables) These Bang & Olufsen powerful active speakers can therefore be a perfect addition to your current Beosound


Bang & Olufsen - BeoLab 6000 Speaker set

2 pieces of BeoLab 6000 loudspeakers. Version: Natural aluminum with black speaker cloth. High serial number, so a newer version. Ideal as an active front speaker or as a surround speaker, this with the size to easily place in a corner or next to a sideboard. In addition to


Bang & Olufsen - BeoLab 3 zwart Speaker set

BeoLab 3 speakers in black. This speaker exceeds everyone's impression. Very small in size but with overwhelming Bang & Olufsen sound. With its acoustic lens for precise treble and 3 drivers per speaker. All powered by ICE power, this means the compact size is achieved without


Alastaire Philip wiper - The Art Of The Impossible - 2002

A collector’s item: The Bang & Olufsen Book. MINT IN CELLOPHANE! An impressive impression and beautiful images of the famous brand: Bang & Olufsen. Published in honour of the 40th anniversary Bang & Olufsen. A copy which should not be missing for the enthusiast. Language:


Bang & Olufsen - Beovision Horizon 48 - B & O Flatscreen TV

The Beovision Horizon 48" is an ultimate combination of style and technology. With its sleek, contemporary design and a screen size of 48 inches, this TV brings a stunning viewing experience to any living space. Enjoy unparalleled image quality with vivid colors, razor-sharp


Bang & Olufsen - Beocord 1100 Fully working. Cassette recorder-player

Very nice condition, fully working, virtually no traces of use. In rare white, we only sold 1 before! Manufactured: 1975 - 1977. Designer: Jacob Jensen. Colours: Teak, rosewood, oak, white. The fact that the Beocord 1100 was equipped with Dolby B Noise Reduction system


Bang & Olufsen - Beocenter 9000 Hi-fi set

The Beocenter 9000 is one of the most elegant and discreet music systems ever manufactured by Bang & Olufsen. It looks like a single unit, but upon closer inspection it turns out that it actually has a tuner/amplifier, cassette and CD player hidden under the beautiful cover. The


Bang & Olufsen - Beosound 3000 MK2 Stereo set

This unique set from Denmark consists of: a very nice Bang & Olufsen Beo sound. 3000 Mkll. With masterlink connection and. AUX input: A great quality CD player of high quality. quality. with built-in radio and preamplifier. Design Radio CD player with the magic. glass doors that


Bang & Olufsen - Beogram 9500 Record player

Bang & Olufsen, Beogram 9500 tangential record player. *Without element/needle* A gem to look at with high-gloss dust cover. This top model from the Bang & Olufsen collection is also a wonderful experience to listen to. This increasingly rare record player is one of the top


Bang & Olufsen - Beovision Horizon 40 inch 4K UHD Television with Wall Bracket and remote one Stereo set

This Beovion 40 inch 4k HDR television comes with a Beo one remote controller and Original Wall Bracket Very rare we offer a Beovision 40 inch television in great condition and with wall bracket and the very beautiful Beo one remote Subtle refinement. BeoVision Horizon is a


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