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Technics - SL 3310 - Turntable

‏ working record player from technics . Fully automatic. With original new element ( stylus) SHURE. And been professionally upgraded the RCA cable ( see photos) ‏dustcover has slight scratches and marks and there are minor signs of use. For this age, but still in general look


Bang & Olufsen - Beogram 1202 in white - Turntable

Beautiful device in rare white finish. Completely restored, we serviced both interior and exterior. Comes with a complementary original newly polished dust cover. Serviced and checked. Cartridge in question is used. The operating system was simplified from the 1200 though


Conferette - Unknown - Tape recorder

Untested. No cover and with mic


Philips - Unknown - Cassette Recorder-Player



Pioneer - RT-909 - Multiple models - Portable Tape recorder

PIONEER RT909 IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Four heads, 4 tracks, autoreverse, speeds 9.5 and 19 cm/s. This fully serviced tape recorder is a rare model with a universal transformer for input voltages. The original power supply cable is removed as too weak and IEC 16 connector for


Grundig - TK 2200 - Portable Tape recorder



Akai - AP-207 - Direct Drive - Fully Automatic Record player

Very nice wood look record player from Akai. Type AP-207. DirectDrive. Fully automatic. Pitch control. With the extra silver feet. Lot includes: record player, power cord, adapter, counterweight, turntable + mat, headshell complete, dust cover. Includes a PC-100 cartridge with a


Akai - GX-4400D Reel to reel deck 18 cm

Akai GX-4400D. Tape recorder. Rare and legendary tape deck from top brand AKAI from 1975. Tested for recording & playback, winding, etc. Comes with 2 Basf metal reels, 1 with tape (content and quality unknown). Specifications: Track system: 4-track, 2-channel, stereo/mono


Marantz - SA-15S1 ST-15S1 Hi-fi set - Multiple models

Set of 2 beautiful Marantz devices in excellent condition. Marantz SA-15S1 Super Audio CD Player. Marantz ST-15S1 DAB/FM/AM


Grundig - Grundig - TK 745 - HIFI Stereo - Portable tape recorder

Vintage Grundig TK 745 hi-fi stereo tape recorder. Condition: in good working condition, coil strings have not been replaced. Hood is missing 2 corner push buttons and the bottom cover is also missing 1 push button. For further details see images. Registered mail.


Technics - SL-3- Tangential - Turntable

tangential turntable TECHNICS mod. SL-3 excellent condition, working. There are some minor scratches on the hood (see photos). Wear over time


Sony - STR-DA1200ES Solid state multi-channel receiver

Speaker channels 7.1. Video in. The type of video connection the device has. 3x Component Video, 2x HDMI, 3x S-Video. Video from Component Video, HDMI, S-Video. Front speaker power (RMS) 100W. Audio filters Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II,


Sony - Stereo tower 747 - Stereo set

Sony Stereo Tower 747. (Vintage 1975/1980) - Sony integrated stereo amplifier TA-F4A. - Sony FM stereo / FM-AM Tuner ST-A3L. - Sony stereo cassette deck TC-K4A. - PS stereo turntable system, Fully automatic / direct drive. - Speaker system SS-G1, impedance 8 Ohm, power handling


TDK - IECI/TYPE I D60-D90 dynamic, low noise - Multiple models - Cassette Tapes

A set of cassettes from TDK, 20 pieces, dynamic, low noise, high output. 2 sets of 5 pieces D90 packed, 6 pieces sealed D90 IECI/TYPE I. 4 pieces sealed D60 IECI/TYPE I. All cassettes are unused and still wrapped!


Sony - SCD-XB790QS - SACD CD player

Sony super audio CD player. SCD-XB790. Working in good condition. Ac230v-50/60Hz 25W. Model no. SCD-XB790. Dimensions: 430 x 111 x 283mm. Weight: 5.8kg. Multi-channel and stereo Super Audio CD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW playback with SACD/CD text. QS (Quality Standard) construction and


Marantz - 3200 - 140 - Multiple models - Power Amplifier, Preamp

Perfect conditions. Completely original. Perfectly working


NAD - C 440 Tuner

The NAD C 440 tuner is a fantastic addition to your audio setup. With this tuner you can enjoy crystal clear radio broadcasts in high quality. The C 440 tuner has sensitive reception and offers a wide range of radio stations to choose from. With its user-friendly interface and


Technics - SL-5 - Direct Drive - Tangentiale - Turntable

Nice compact tangential Direct Drive turntable from Technics from 1982. This record player is in beautiful condition. The hood can always use a cleaning. It is a fully automatic record player: with the push of a button the turntable starts and the arm automatically moves to the


Sansui - AU-α607 L Extra - Integrated amplifier

I sell a beautiful Sansui AU-α607L Extra integrated amplifier from my hifi collection in perfect working and very good visual condition. It has a few minor scratches but nothing to worry about. Since the alpha series was originally intended for the Japanese domestic market only


Sony - F470 - Integrated amplifier

Excellent performance amplifier, warm and powerful music. Cult object of the 90s


Brionvega - Radio Cubo Ts 502 Radio

Brionvega Radio Cubo Ts 502. 70's'


Grundig - RTV701A Set of audio equipment - Multiple models

Grundig stereo receiver RTV701A with Grundig Hifi Boxes 203M - Oak case - Germany - 1971-1973. Rare combination of the Grundig RTV 701A stereo receiver with the original Grundig Hifi 203M speakers. In perfect working condition and original manual. All in a beautiful oak case.


Marantz - 6300 - Turntable

I'm delighted to present for sale my expertly restored Marantz 6300 turntable, which has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment by the skilled team at Hi-Fi Service in Paris. Key Features: - **Restoration Excellence:** I spared no expense in having this Marantz 6300


Mitsubishi - MC 8000 - Hi-Fi set, Turntable

Very rare Mitsubishi MC 8000. Fully functional, in great condition. Hood was newly made. New belts and completely cleaned. The stereo system shows signs of wear commensurate with its age. Incl. Karstadt K4500 Softline speaker box 60W 4 to 8 ohm 3-way system. Super smooth and


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