Gustave Gurschner Sculpture

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Herdershonden - Irenee Rochard ( 906-1984) - Sculpture

Very beautiful image of 2 sheepdogs by Irenee Rochard (1906-1984). The sculpture is in very good condition. Beautiful bronze/green patina. Signed Rochard on the marble base. Will be sent well packaged. Foreign bidders are welcome.


Monjoli - Sculpture

Fantastic original Art Deco sculpture in Bronze Effect Metal on a large base of fine Portoro Marble. depicting a "Hunting Scene" (Greyhound Hunting Dog chasing a Deer). The deer's antlers are made of bone. The sculpture is French, in excellent condition, dating back to the


Sculpture (1)

Beautiful large cream-colored crackle glazed elephant in Art Deco design. In good condition, with small restoration marks on the right ear, see photos. Length 35 cm, height 30 cm. Originating from the beginning of the last century.


Dakon Stephan - Goldscheider - Sculpture

Polychrome ceramic sculpture depicting a girl with a hat. The work belongs to a series of typically art deco figures created by the Goldsheider ceramic company of Vienna based on a design by the artist Stephan Dakon (1904-1997). He attended the Vienna sculpture school and carried


Art Deco stained glass hanging lamp (1)

A beautiful hall lamp such as those made in the Art Deco style period of the Netherlands before and during the interbellum period. Popular with many because of the enormous atmosphere and appearance with the colored light that falls through the small windows. Often hung in the


Sculpture, Scultura in bronzo " Donna nuda " - 38 cm - Bronze, Marble

From a model attributed to the Austrian sculptor Hans Muller, Vienna from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The sculpture is in Deco style, from the first part of the 20th century. Obtained with the lost wax system and placed on a marble base, very


Auguste Moreau - Vase (2) - Spelter

Two very beautiful regula vases from the Art Nouveau period by Auguste Moreau (1910-1920). Floral decoration in relief, one mainly of irises, the other of daisies, extremely well preserved: only a small, not very noticeable lack is to be noted on the "iris" vase (see photo).


Georges Raoul Garreau - Bookend (2) - bronze patinated spelter mounted on marble bases

Pair of figural Art Deco bookends depicting two squirrels. France 1930’s - 1940's. Bronze patinated spelter mounted on marble bases. The sculptures are signed 'GG'. Georges-Raoul Garreau, Paris, 1885, painter and sculptor. He has exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français


by Laurens for Max Le verrier (unsigned) - Sculpture, Diane the huntress - 22.5 cm - Green patinated spelter mounted on a marble base

French art deco green patinated spelter statue of Diane the huntress mounted on a Belgian black marble base. Art Deco sculpture of Diana the huntress by Laurens for Max Le Verrier (unsigned). It depicts the Roman goddess Diana (Artemis in the Greek world) in a hunting pose,


Reinemann und Lichtinger - Match holder (1) - Tin

beautiful floral Art Nouveau from Munich, match holder by Reinemann & Lichtinger around 1902; top condition! ; Height: 13.1 cm; tin casting ;


Sculpture, Egyptian revival beeld ibis - 17 cm - Composite

Beautiful antique metal Art Deco sculpture depicting the sacred ibis made in 'Egyptian Revival' style. Probably was a foot for a bowl. Dates from the 1920s. The condition is good with some light traces. Dimensions: 17 x 12 cm


muller freres - Table lamp (1)

Table or desk lamp. Decorated with vine leaves and pamphres (Art Nouveau) in worked metal. With a height of 55 cm, it is finished with a bobeche in marmoreal colors (warm yellow-orange and gradient of blue at the end). Signed “Muller Frères – Lunéville” Very good state of


Ernest Patris (1909-1981) - Bust, 2 Terracotta Bustes - 28 cm - Stone (mineral stone), Terracotta

Ernest Patris - 2 Terracotta Busts H: 27cm and 18cm. 2 Very beautiful busts of a boy with a cap made in terracotta and mounted on a block of bluestone. The busts were made and signed by Ernest Patris (1909-1981). Total height 26cm, height of the terracotta part 18cm respectively.


Ashtray (1) - Bronze

top Viennese bronze around 1890 (quite heavy: 952 g); Ashtray with night guard, his lamp works!! (small light body in his hand lamp, power button visible in the 7th photo; height: 12.5 cm; very rare!


Lamp - bronze, copper, pressed glass

Particularly beautiful table lamp, "heron on the waterfront" The lamp has a height of 39 cm and has a bayonet fitting and the old power wire has been replaced by an antique-look braided upholstered power wire, still equipped with the original Bakelite Zeplin on/off switch. The


Jean Garnier - Vase

Art nouveau two tone patinated metal alloy vase with nude by Jean Garnier (1853-1910). This item is priced in the higher range of figurative sculptures a truly stunning gilt two tone patinated metal alloy art nouveau style decorative vase with exterior design details. The piece


Sideboard - Coromandel, Oak

Quality Amsterdam School dressoir with oak and massive coromandel handles. Coromandel veneer is also on the plinth like legs. Patina is lovely. One key fits right door. Black escutcheons on drawer fronts are a sign of quality. Drawers are dovetail jointed. The top has a lot of


Candleholder - (2) - Wood, Metal

Pair of Art Deco Candlesticks from Chromed Metal and Wood (3 candles each) Beautiful pair of Art Deco candlesticks for 3 candles each. They are made of chromed metal and wood and are approximately 26.5cm wide and 24.5cm high; the base measures 13.5x11cm. Both candlesticks show


Muller Frères - Chandelier (1) - Glass, Metal

Very beautiful Muller Frères Lunéville chandelier.The superb basin and the three tulips are in perfect condition and all signed Muller Frères.The patterns are delicate and elegant.Very beautiful glassware and frames.Careful and safe shipping.


Clock - Table clock - Belcanto & Hettich - Art Deco - Bronze, Copper, Wood - 1930-1940

Special Art Deco clock, made by the Belcanto watch company and the German Hettich. Beautiful design with two types and colors of wood. Geometric design. With bronze fittings as indication points for the different hours. Inside equipped with a mechanism from the German Hettich


Cherc - Goldscheider - Sculpture

Goldscheider, Cherc, terracotta sculpture depicting a young girl with a basket in her hand. Bears brand, number, manufacturing stamp and signature.


Booms - Vase (2) - Earthenware

Nice pair of hyalite glass vases with enameled decoration of flowers. 1 Vase with small chip on the edge. See pictures. H. 19 cm. Will be sent by registered mail.


Lamp - Art Deco alarm clock. Brass - marble around 1935

Night light lamp serving as an alarm clock from the Art Deco period of the 1935-1940s. Part Brass lamp in good condition which supports a "Bibendum" style tulip in pink speckled clichy glass. Glassware in good condition with no apparent signature. Old electrified light fixture


Glazed display frame - Portrait of a woman. Photograph enhanced with gouache. Golden wood

Old frame from the Art Nouveau period around 1900. Inside a black and white silver photo enhanced entirely with polychrome gouache, meticulous and delicate work without tears, stains or dirt. Very beautiful portrait of a young woman with a shawl in bust from the late 19th


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