Silver-plated Triptych

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Mirror - Napoleon III - Blackened and gilded, Wood - about 1900

Beautiful, gold-plated, oval Napoleon III mirror with beautifully decorated frame. Lot will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail. Photos complete this description.


Portrait miniature (1) - Oil on cardboard - 19th century

French miniature, with box. Measurements including frame 4.7 ×3 cm. The frame features small diamonds. Oil painting on cardboard. The frame could be silver, I prefer not to clean it so as not to remove the original patina.


Jardinière - Silver-plated - Early 20th century

A very large silver-plated jardiniere from the WMF factory. Original glass insert. Germany, around 1900. Very good condition. Length: 46 cm. Width 28 cm. Height 18 cm


Special box - Silver-plated - 19th century

Beautiful and special English silverplate box, maker FENTON, RUSSELL & CO LTD. Around 1850-1900. Good general condition. Some love the patina, others will proceed to a cleaning, I leave it up to the buyer to restore it to its former glory. 7cm H x 16,5cm L x 10,8cm l. 574gr.


Ensemble for the Latin Canon for Mass - Paper, Silver-plated - Early 20th century

Set for on the Altar with the Canon of the Latin Tridentine Mass. Fine hand calligraphy work heightened with gold. Nice silver plated Art Deco style frames. Circa 1930. The middle one 51 x 44 cm the two smaller ones 35,5 x 22 cm.


Compact (3) - Art Nouveau - Silver-plated - Early 20th century

Set of 3 pocket compacts in silver metal from the art nouveau period. Decorated with flowers, leaves and art nouveau arabesques from the beginning of the 20th century. The compacts are in good condition. one of them with cracked ice. 3 and 4 cm wide


Liquor cabinet - Brass, Burrwood, Bois noirci

Opening it reveals a box containing four beautiful carved glass carafes and 15 carved crystal glasses. The glass vase stands with a gilded Omeru naturalistic stand in the style of the Maison Vervelle Audot in Paris. This is an absolutely gorgeous set that is sure to turn heads.


Barthélemy - Sculpture, "no fourths" (1) - Bronze, Silver-plated - Late 19th century

Beautiful late 19th century bronze sculpture, representing a couple on a green marble base, called "Pas de quartes" by the artist "Barthelemy". In well-preserved condition, the finger tips at the hand on the back of the man are missing and time-related wear and tear, see the


Susse Frères - Box (1) - Caja escritorio en bois noirci - Brass, Mother of pearl, Wood (Kingwood), Bois Noirci

Writing box in black wood from the Susse Freres house, mid-19th century with a rosewood interior and filigree on the top made of brass and mother-of-pearl. By lifting the lid we access the interior where we find two compartments with their covers and two inkwells also housed in


Wall sconce - Louis XIV Style - Bronze (gilt) - Late 19th century

Two beautiful bronze-gilded candlesticks from the late 19th century. They are in good condition and stylishly decorated.


Mirror (1) - Girandole mirror - Bronze (gilt)

Important bronze Rocaille mirror decorated with scrolls and flowers, decorated with three arms of light. 19th century, Louis XV style. In good condition . See all photos that share the description. Height: 65 Width:54cm+/- Depth:16cm+/-


Centrepiece - Bronze, Crystal

French Empire centerpiece in crystal (diamond tip) and gilded bronze, height 27 cm, width 17 cm, the centerpiece is intact


Candlestick - (2) - Bronze

Pair of empire candlesticks. 2 chiseled gilded bronze candlesticks. Each part is finely guilloché. 11 cm in diameter at the base. Height: 28 cm.


Jewellery box - Gilded metal (pomponne), cut glass, miniature painting

An exceptional box due to its size 14.5 x 8 x 4.5 cm, its shape, the sublime medallion on the lid and the refined metalwork.. The medallion contains a signed painting of a lady from high society and is covered with a convex cut glass. The inside is lined with velvet in a rich


Statuette, Duo d'encensoirs en bronze portés par le diable, circa 1900 - 16 cm - Bronze (gilt), Marble, Wood

Rare and pretty duo of bronze devils, each presenting a censer in their arms. Would it be a perfume burner, an all burner or something else entirely? These bronzes date from around 1900. They are mounted on a base made from two marbles of different colors, one white marble and


Side table - Brass, Walnut, Bois noirci

Museum quality Louis XV Style Marquetry Side table, inlaid with brass all around the table, and unique piece, particular design, Generally in good&fair condition, needs restorations. 36x52x72H cm. Seller location :Turin - Italy


Snuff box - Miniatur Gemälde Watteau Szene - Bronze, Gilt, Wood (Burrwood)

Very nice condition . Hand painted snuff box. Miniature painting. Burl wood, gilded bronze. Finest painting. Of course hand painted. 11x2.8cm. Beautiful antique. Insured shipping with DHL


Jardinière (2) - Brass, Repoussé, rocaille decoration

Two antique cache pot / jardinières. Napoleon III. Artisan made of brass, laiton repoussé. Graceful models are raised on rocaille feet and are simply decorated with elegant rocaille in high relief. Heights about 15.5 cm. Diameters about 18.5 cm. Weight together about 840


Picture frame (2) - Brass, Glass

2 Antique Photo Frames of Gilded Brass and Thick Glass. 2 Beautiful rare antique photo frame made of gilded brass with stand and an approximately 1 cm thick cut glass plate. The frames measure approximately 17.5cm in height and 11cm in width with a glass plate of 16.5x11cm in


Large Reliquary Cross Pendant - Byzantine style - Brass, Silver-plated, Wood - Late 19th century

This Reliquary Cross Pendant crafted of silvered bronze,with beautiful patina ,red coral and colored cut glas and minerals. The intricate combination of colors and silver filigree indicate superb craftmanship.The cover is fixed with a small copper nails.Very rare and unique


Sculpture, Paar Antieke Terracotta Muur Consoles / Boeksteunen, circa 1900 (2) - 19 cm - Terracotta

Pair of Antique Terracotta Wall Consoles – Bookends. 2 Very beautiful and very rare antique wall consoles of a bearded man and a woman with a headscarf made in terracotta. We date them around 1900, possibly earlier. The consoles can also be used as bookends and measure 19x11cm


Casket, Jewellery box, Powder case - Napoleon III - Brass, Glass - 19th century

Very beautiful and rare courtesy box, Napoleon III period. Medallion on the lid resembles a faded portrait. Inside, there is a beveled vanity mirror. The straps are either brass or gilded bronze. In good general condition* Look carefully at the photos, they are an integral part


Jewellery box (2) - Brass, Wood (Ebony), Wood (Walnut)

1. Napoleon III period glove box in burl walnut. Domed lid decorated with a cartridge with brass and ebony inlays. Interior padded with red silk moire (wear and tear) Dimensions: Length 31.5 cm / width 10.5 cm Height 7.7 cm. weight: 600g. 2. Mahogany glove box? and 19th century


Hand fan - for half mourning (1) - Napoleon III - Wood, Silk crepe, Lace - ca 1890

An extraordinary mourning fan, or half 1890. Usually mourning fans were just black wood and black silk or cotton. Half mourning fans were for after the period of the full mourning and usually in greys, white and black. For a full mourning fan this one is too opulent


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