Late 18th century Urn

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Sculpture, fantastic creature statuette: Korrigan, leprechaun - Bronze - Late 20th century

Very beautiful little sculpture, fantastic statuette representing a Korrigan or a leprechaun. It is a legendary creature from Breton culture, comparable to the leprechaun. He can be both benevolent and malicious. Breton artisanal sculpture, unsigned, in very good quality solid


Icon Of The Fiery Ascent Of The Prophet Elijah - Gold-plated, Wood, Tempera - Late 18th century

Painted in egg tempera and gold on wood; the upper part of the icon is dominated by Elijah in his fiery chariot ascending to heaven. In the upper left-hand corner is God Sabaoth, and in the top right, the Archangel Gabriel. In the lower register Elijah is depicted in the desert


Hand fan (1) - Louis XVI - Bone, Silk - Late 18th century

A rare 18th century wedding fan, ca 1780-1790. During the 18th century in high circles it was a habit that the future husband would present his bride to be with a fan as expensive as he could afford. To the end of the 18th century we are heading to Neo classism, so this fan was


Icon, Travel icon - Bronze, Enamel - Late 18th century

Rare Russian quadriptych travel icon dating from the beginning of the 19th century in enameled bronze representing the sixteen major festivals. The bronze is gilded and enameled blue and white. This object comes from a former collection of Count Ivan Ivanovich III Steinbock -


Icon, Mandylion of Christ - Wood - Late 18th century

The icon is painted on silver leaf, gold patinated. two angels hold the cloth with the Mandylion (the face of Christ not painted by human hands) There is a small elevation of the painting surface between the eyes - probably caused by a knothole. The painting layer is very stable


Tray - Mother of pearl, European lacquer

- Very beautiful antique 19th century lacquer tray. The tray is made in France. The edges and handles are beautifully inlaid with mother of pearl. Trays in this type of lacquerware are relatively rare, for example glasses cases are much more common. - Very good antique


Chest of drawers - Chest on Chest - Walnut, Wood

This mahogany "Chest on Chest" 7 Drawers is a beautiful and rare cabinet. Lots of storage space, finished with bronze plates and handles, which are also the original. The left corner is damaged (f.16), but this does not affect the appearance and quality. Also note the beautiful


golden wood carving - Wood - Late 18th century

Carved and gilded wooden piece in the shape of a rosette or flower made of pine wood in Spain, late 18th century. The piece was part of an altarpiece or altar of which only this piece is preserved. Note that it is missing gold and has acceptable conservation conditions taking


Corkscrew - Miniature ladies legs - Mother of pearl

Here we have a miniature ladies legs from circa 1900, they are a miniature version of these Germany ladies legs. There are cracks in the mother of pearl, but all complete and intact. Opens and closes easily. A nice addition to your collection. Note these are the smaller version


Bookcase - Leather, Wood

English caurosel book case, original piece from the mid-1900s, Victorian style in wood. It has a top bordered by a burgundy leather inlay thread. Equipped with metal/hard plastic wheels. It shows signs of wear and a small rod is missing on one corner.


Thonet - Michael Thonet - Chair - bentwood

The chair is in original condition with some damage on seat probably for restoration or just for someone who love it in currently shape condition.


Zeldzaam Empire - Display case - Hand-carved wood - Circa 1850 - No Reserve Price

No Reserve Price. Rare and handmade empire display case. Rarely offered for sale anywhere. Beautiful representation with several beautiful and very detailed details and attributes. (See pictures.) Dimensions: height 41cm. / wide 36cm. / depth 18cm. - The weight of the empire


Maquette de Luxe du Crist Craft 3 cockpit 67 cm bois 1:12 - 1 - Model boat

Model of the famous Christ Craft 67 cm famous Runabout. Entirely made of wood. Cream colour. STYLE: Vintage. PERIOD: 1980's. CONDITION: Good condition. COUNTRY: Italy. he original Typhoon was designed back in 1929 by George Crouch. Among the other famous designs


Italy - Medal

Rare. Silver plated bronze medal. Leo XIII Pontifex Maximus. Memory of the episcopal jubilee of 1839. Diameter 5cm. Weight 50.2 g. In excellent condition as per photos.


Sculpture, san Michele arcangelo - 17 cm - Bronze

Small bronze sculpture with excellent bronze patina of the Archangel Michael, height 17 cm, beautiful plastic quality, excellent condition, no defects


Centrepiece - Marble

Elegant marble centerpiece (porto oro) from Italy, the centerpiece measures height 27, diameter 37 in perfect condition


Tile - Randtegel met Eenhoorn - 1600-1650

Rare antique border tile with unicorn. 8 x 13.2 cm. The bottom of the tile has been restored, see photos.


Sculpture, Figure of the Neapolitan nativity scene - Wood - Late 18th century

Antique Neapolitan crib figure in good condition with small age-related marks, dating back to the mid-19th century. Height 39 cm, wooden limbs, terracotta head, glass eyes, with hemp dummy and clothing in silk fabric. The classic collector's crib character full of charm. Fast and


Chest of drawers - Mahogany, Oak, Cuba mahogany

This chest of drawers has two beautiful full columns in the front. This furniture can be divided into two parts for transport. For a modest fee it can be delivered in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the rest of the European Union mainland as well as


Frame - fretwork wood in gold

From a private collection, an important oval gold fretwork frame from the 19th century, original, handmade by skilled craftsmen of the time, a few pieces are missing but nothing irrelevant, external size: 48x49 internal and 30x24


Candlestick (2) - Louis XVI Style - Bronze - Late 18th century

Pair of bronze candlesticks from the Louis XVI period, late 18th century. Base and barrel decorated with grooves and pearls. Formerly golden. Bobèche absent. Very good state.


Clichy - Drinking service (6) - Stile Luigi XVI . Maria Antonietta - Crystal, Water

Antique set of 6 people water glasses Acid Grabure glass by Maria Antoniett Clichy. It is carved with Louis XVI style motifs. 19th century crystal located in Clichy-la-Garenne, north-east of Paris. In excellent condition. Measurements H 15cm x 8cm. Together with Baccarat and


Antique Delft tile with animal - nibbling hare - 18th century Friesland (1) - Earthenware

A hare nibbles some grain on an 18th century Frisian tile, a rare image! A hare symbolizes fertility. Jacob van Maerlant ( ca 1235 - ca 1300 ) wrote : The hare is a symbol of lust and is devoted to Venus and Love, because of its horniness and procreative lust. A proverb of the


Papal bull on large handwritten parchment of Pope Pius VI with lead seal. 1793 (1) - Vellum - Late 18th century

Rare- Papal Bull of Pope Pius VI in handwritten parchment with lead seal from 1793. Large open sheet 75x68.5 cm. The parchment, although it appears shiny due to frequent contact with the hands, is intact. Yellow and red silk cords (as a sign of favor) Rare with papal seal (bulla


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